In this way, the first enemy to face is Su Yonglin and the rebels in Hebei under his command.

Zhao Shan doesn’t seem to have much fame and ability, but Su Yonglin is not simple. It is not easy to smash Yan Hong’s neighbor and his 20,000 cavalry.
Yan Hong’s neighbors are able to unify their troops, have meritorious military service and have excellent knowledge. Yan Hong Liang seems to be the leader of the new generation of young generals in Xu Guo, and such a leader was defeated with a powerful cavalry unit and a thousand heavy riders.
Now think about Wen Dunsi’s loyalty to Yue Fei. This traitor is not a joke. Maybe that’s how he really looks at Su Yonglin, and he really thinks that Su Yonglin is as threatening to Jin Ting as Yue Fei.
Yue Fei is a tough guy. Yan Hongliang knows very well.
Some secret sources have said that when Yue Fei’s Northern Expedition arrived in Fengfeng, the generals of 8 Jin Army were all ready to surrender and did not intend to resist.
A marshal-level figure with a high seniority who was crying also lost his confidence in resisting. Facing the surging army, he dared not stop his soft words and said that it was not too late to surrender when Yue Fei called.
It can be seen that Yue Fei had beaten them at that time and was not prepared to surrender. This is enough to see how powerful Yue Fei is.
Later, Yue Fei died in his own hands, and Jin Guo went to a heart attack. Only then did he finally reach a peace agreement with the Southern Song Dynasty and restore peace, and both sides were very satisfied.
After so many years, there will be no more people like Yue Fei. As a result, where did this Su Yonglin come from?
What’s so powerful?
He can’t figure it out.
Twenty thousand cavalry, forty thousand war horses, strategic level strength, combined with some signing troops, even the Southern Song Dynasty could become the main force all the way. As a result, World War I was defeated and suffered heavy losses.
When I came back alive, there were more than 3,400 cavalry and more than 6,000 war horses, and the war damage was extremely huge. Jin Ting was not well off financially and was severely torn by a large piece of blood.
Those officials in charge of economic accounts couldn’t wait to rush to Yan Hong’s neighbor’s family and wring their heads. The families of the soldiers who died were also in a state of turmoil, which almost caused great chaos, relying on the Beijing army to crush them.
What a loss!
Even Yan Hongliang himself is suffering from a pain in his heart.
Jinting’s military strength suffered a great blow. A strategic cavalry force was damaged, which made Wan Yanliang unable to come up with a reliable cavalry force to attack for a while.
Unless he sent his garrison out.
But then there will be no reliable garrison around him, which won’t work.
Now we can expect the Khitans and some female soldiers in Liaodong to come quickly and gather into a huge strategic force.
He will wipe out the rebels in Hebei and Shandong with such an army and then seal the forward base to attack south.
At this time, the Chinese army should also be prepared to enter the Southern Song Dynasty from the direction of Sichuan and violently attack Sichuan. Song Jun forces will try to attack the flank of the Southern Song Dynasty with Sichuan downstream.
In this way, the strategic detour was completed, and the Southern Song Dynasty was completely defeated to complete the unification of heaven and earth.
That’s simply wonderful
Yan Hongliang imagined such a future and suddenly felt in a good mood.
But returning to reality, he felt that even dealing with this Su Yonglin was not an easy thing.
This guy has a powerful and elite army, but he can confront the strongest part of the 8 Jin Army …
So Yan Hongliang feels that there is still some truth in what Wen Dunsi Zhong said, and he must not attack at will.
You have to wait until the mobilization is completed before you can crush Mount Tai. If there are not enough people, you will crush it. If you are defeated, it will be really dangerous.
Whether you can keep it is a huge problem 3.
Refueling tactics won’t work, nor will a small number of troops. We must wait until the mobilization is completed.
Wan Yanliang decided to temporarily take a defensive position against Su Yonglin in Hebei Province, not taking the initiative to attack, and not allowing frontline generals to attack at will.
So he made the female real soldiers of the mobilization department of Yizhou, Suizhou, Ansu, Xiongzhou, Bazhou and Qingzhou and signed troops of all ethnic groups to form an army to enter the wartime state.
The military resources and soldiers of the six States are under the unified dispatch of the Privy Council, which establishes a joint defense body to ensure that none of the six States will be broken through.
He wants to establish a line of defense in the six States around Zhongdu to protect Zhongdu Army and stop Guangfu Army North Road before the formal mobilization is completed.
However, it is absolutely forbidden for an army to take the initiative. No matter what the Guangfu Army has done, it is forbidden to take the initiative.
Moreover, the weapons should be kept in a formal attack order. Before the arrival, women real soldiers can have weapons, and the rest of the nationalities can’t have weapons and can do chores.
Tang Jieshi Lieliang and Tang Jiefu are in charge of this matter, but if they are negligent, Yan Hongliang will definitely blame them.
Therefore, Shi Lieliang and his servant scattered suddenly and worried about the mobilization order, but at the same time they had to worry about the six-state defense line.
The two simply divide their work, and Shi Lieliang is more familiar with administration and logistics, so they are responsible for the mobilization order.
I am more familiar with the former Hebei war, so I am responsible for the six-state defense line.
Jin Ting’s move did not escape Su Yonglin’s intelligence forces. The intelligence forces quickly informed Su Yonglin of the news that six northern States were mobilized, fortified and defended.
Chapter 264 Extremely adapted
Su Yonglin is not surprised that Yan Hongliang adopts defensive tactics.
If Yan Hongliang immediately sent troops to attack him again, he would feel strange instead.
Twenty thousand cavalry have been dried up, and Yan Hongliang is not an idiot no matter how grumpy he is. He will definitely not refuel, and the tactics will not be delivered one by one like a gourd doll to save grandpa. He will definitely join the army and call again.
The mobilization order will take quite a long time, amounting to hundreds of thousands, which is definitely not easy to solve.
It takes at least half a year to mobilize the army to launch a national war with a scale of 100 thousand people.
In order to formally launch an attack, in addition to logistics materials preparation, there are also attack route planning and materials delivery before.
The so-called three armed forces have not moved grain and grass first, and the grain and grass will be dispatched before the main force of the army is dispatched. As the army’s forward route continues to extend, it is required to pass through the grain stores designated by the state governments along the way, which can slightly reduce some logistics consumption.
One hundred thousand soldiers need more civilian workers and mules and horses to help transport grain, otherwise they will not be able to meet the needs of the army.
It will take another month or two to prepare diligently, otherwise once the logistics of the army goes wrong, the army will be at risk of collapse, let alone fighting and marching into the road.
Now it is not easy for Xu Jin Guo to mobilize him once. Once this mobilization fails, he will not want the whole Central Plains, but he can go back to his hometown in Liaodong directly.
Su Yonglin can clap breast to say this.
No matter how fast Yan Hongliang wants to launch a strategic attack, it will be this autumn and winter.
It is better to wait until the weather is colder and the main rivers in the north are frozen, so it is more convenient for the strategic attack of 8 Jin Army.
Of course, Wan Yanliang didn’t take the initiative to attack, which is why Su Yonglin wanted to see his fighting capacity restored by relying mainly on winning the victory, which was seriously damaged in the short term.
Even though a large number of wounded soldiers have returned from injury for more than a month, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored to a good opportunity, but as far as Su Yonglin is concerned, the combat effectiveness of the Victory Army has been restored before the war.
If you come for another month or two, the fighting capacity of the victorious army will definitely exceed that before the war.
With the increase in the number of troops, the army has become more professional and more fighting will and self-confident.
The defeat of 8 Jin Army cavalry in World War I directly cleared the soldiers of Victory Army of their fears about 8 Jin Army cavalry, especially armored heavy riding. The victory of World War I completely made them no longer afraid of cavalry and heavy riding.
Su Yong and Xin Qiji, two fighting heroes who defeated the heavy riding and turned the tide, led the troops and were widely respected in the Guangfu Army.
Therefore, Su Yonglin established the system of war honours and the title of three-level combat hero after the war.
Each level has a definite award standard, which stipulates that those who have won the title of combat hero will be given priority to the opportunity to be selected, and their families will also receive more generous treatment from their families.
Su Yong, the soldiers who resisted the fierce impact of Tiefu and the Red Axe Battalion led by Xin Qiji were the first soldiers to be commended.
They stopped the Jin army from attacking the Tiefu, and their fighting spirit was not afraid of sacrifice, which turned the situation around and inspired the army’s fighting will.
All these soldiers who fought against the iron pagoda head-on, or died or lived were awarded first, second or third class fighting heroes respectively, and their families will also be properly taken care of.
If the uprising is to last for a day, we will never forget these war heroes and their families.
After the war, Su Yonglin also repaired the Monument to Heroes and the Hall of Martyrs outside the county seat.
He led the soldiers to send the memorial tablets of the dead soldiers to the Martyrs’ Hall to show their respect and eternal commemoration.
Their fighting and heroic fear made the Victory Army clear away their fear of the Jin Army, and they would never feel fear again. They would hate those Jin Soldiers and never want to take revenge on their comrades-in-arms when they defeated them.
Xin Qiji got Su Yonglin’s permission to expand the Red Axe Camp from 300 to 1,000 people, and he kept training and waited for a larger strategic decisive battle.
Xin Qiji is full of blood now. Every day, he fights hard with the soldiers to exercise his muscles, thinking that he will fight to the death with more real armor.
His body is getting stronger and stronger, and he eats more and more meat. His whole body is as strong as a sculpture, and his abdominal muscles have already taken shape.
And the whole Red Axe Camp is as fierce and muscular as him. Every day, in addition to military technical training, Su Yonglin specially approved a large number of horse meat and chicken to supplement them. protein is looking forward to their victory again.
Su Yong was injured by the command of the Huben Battalion, but he hasn’t returned to the team. The deputy commanders Ding Siyuan and Geng Xingwen respectively commanded the expansion and training.
After the original war, there were less than 2,000 people left, and the samurai camp quickly recovered to the establishment of 5,000 people. Although the number of people has increased and the number of horses has increased, the combat effectiveness may not be enhanced, and the training is still very heavy.