There aren’t many relatives since I got married, except my parents, and several cousins of Lin Jin have come to my grandparents, uncles and uncles. Those people have not recognized Lin Jin until now.

Even so, there are still many people coming to the scene.
Lin Jin, the third floor of the newly opened store in summer, and a group of relatives and friends on the stage in summer witnessed and wished that the master of ceremonies presided over the most important ceremony in their lives.
Get married …
Lin Jin always thought that getting married was a common thing and should be no different from getting engaged, but when she became the heroine of the wedding, when she wore a gorgeous wedding dress, she was still excited in a romantic atmosphere.
After yourself, no matter in name or anything, it will be a summer man.
Sure …
She smiled slightly and endured the joy in summer and said in her ear, "You are mine!" "
"Okay, okay, I’m your man."
In the summer, Nai touched Lin Jin’s head in a wedding dress and walked over and said, "But you are also mine."
The wedding was not simple, except for the ordinary engagement of friends and relatives in summer, which attracted many fans.
Nowadays, the fan base has become more and more huge. This time, hundreds of people simply signed up for the event. In the last summer, they chose those fans who have grown up and have independent finances to come to their wedding scene.
And the wedding live broadcast was synchronized live.
"Congratulations to Lin Jin in summer!"
"It’s so touching to watch them all the way from being a couple to getting married!"
"All shall be well, jack shall have Jill!"
The live gift brush flew up and the barrage almost covered the whole screen, which made people unable to see the picture clearly.
Lin Jin smiled and glanced at the barrage and followed the summer walk to propose a toast to those relatives and friends.
There are many more people coming to this wedding than this engagement. Even if Lin Jin had a drink at each table, she felt a little tipsy and dizzy.
In the summer, I saw that Lin Jin was a bad drinker and quickly helped Lin Jin to the table and then ran alone to continue the toast.
Lin Jin’s table is for both parents, brothers and sisters, so there are fewer people at this table, and there are a lot more dishes on the table than at his table.
Mom is a little distressed that Lin Jin is drunk and gently holds her back for fear that Lin Jin will fall to the ground.
"Have some soup?"
Mom asked Lin Jin.
"I’m so happy today ~"
Lin Jin looked up and smiled at his mother. "I want to propose a toast with summer when I get married today …"
"You are drunk."
Mother took a small bowl and put some table flower clam soup in front of Lin Jin. She continued in a low voice, "There are other things to do, such as sober up first."
"Is there anything else?"
"It’s a wedding room." Mom nai shaved Lin Jin’s nose. "Don’t worry, I said hello. They won’t go too far."
"Wedding room ….."
The house where Lin Jin used to live has been bought in the summer. He said that it is impossible to rent a wedding room.
As a result, he just opened a new store and bought a house. Now he is once again poor, and most of the house money is still bought by loan.
Lin Jin suddenly remembered his home.
She suddenly turned to her mother and said, "Buy that home in our county again?"
Mom can’t understand.
"That house was bought by my father and sold by him … for him, it may be nothing, but for me, I have lived at home for many years."
Mother looked at Lin Jin’s face and rubbed her head after a long silence.
Although Lin Jin didn’t say much about living alone with her father in the past, my mother also knew that Lin Jin must have had a hard time at that time
"All right, then."
Chapter 592 57 Drunk Lin Jin
The wedding is over.
After a busy day and drinking a lot, Lin Jin is sleepy and lying in bed.
In the summer, my parents and I began to be busy cleaning up. Just now, a group of people ran home to make a mess in the wedding room, but fortunately, Lin Jin paid more attention to the bedroom, and not many people came in to make noise, so at this time Lin Jin could lie in bed in a daze.
Although sleepy, it may be because of too much wine, but her head is unusually clear, and she always feels as if she can lie in bed and play with her mobile phone all night.
She turned over and looked at the open bedroom door, which was mopping the floor at this time in summer, and her parents were each cold-faced to help clean the house. In summer, one of them wiped the furniture and the other cleaned Lin Jin’s wedding dress outside the door.
Wedding dresses and dresses are bought directly in summer instead of renting them as most of his couples do.
Summer thinks this wedding dress is very memorable, so I plan to put it at home and take it out from time to time to have a look, even if I may never wear these two sets again.
"I’ll do it"
In summer, my father wiped the furniture and took over the mop in summer’s hand and gestured at him.
In summer, I walked into the kitchen without hesitation and poured a cup of hot water before I came to the bedroom and closed the door behind me.
Lin Jin, who was slightly drunk, had already slept, only to find that Lin Jin was looking at him with a pair of big eyes.
"So don’t sleep?"
Summer smiles gently.
Lin Jin yawned and put her head on her summer thigh. She opened her bright eyes and asked Xia, "Is the sanitation finished?"
"Almost the parents can handle it." Summer walked over and rubbed Lin Jin’s head, put the cup of warm water on the bedside table and asked her, "Would you like some water? Jiejiu "
Maybe it’s because drinking beer this time is relatively high-grade. Some Lin Jin didn’t feel headache even after drinking a lot. When drinking a few times before, because it was inferior beer, drinking four or five bottles of beer every time would make Lin Jin’s head ache more than cause him to fall asleep.
"When do you go to bed?" Lin Jin found a comfortable place to sleep in the summer, and she snorted, "I’ll sleep when you sleep ~"
To tell the truth, it’s rare to see Lin Jin talking in such a coquetry tone in summer, and with that confused face, there’s an impulse to smack her.
Um …
"I won’t sleep until my parents are gone, or you can play video games for a while?"
Lin Jin yawned again and turned over, rolling his head from his knees in summer, and then lying on the bed will put the bedside game machine in his hand.
"It seems that there are no more games to play. I know everything."
"Beat those bosses …"
Although Lin Jin has a good command of the game, it seems that he doesn’t care too much about the racing game. Plus, there are too many bosses in this game line. It’s normal to touch one or two games in one game. If Lin Jin doesn’t get the first place, she will hardly get any sense of accomplishment.