Ye Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard Bly’s words, and he nodded excitedly, saying, Good, 3 Jin, good. Do you have the goods now? Take a look.

In the face of Ye Tian’s request, Bly waved his hand at once, and soon four guys came with a big box to play the black wooden box. Suddenly, a set of dark heavy armor appeared in front of Ye Tian.
Hao Hao looked at the black armor in the box. This is my most successful tunnel this year. It took me a month to forge it. Its composition includes four kinds of rare metals, namely, Xuantie Bird, Gold, Ink, Copper, Black and Silver. Hardness theory can withstand a holy attack. Of course, the other magic weapon is another matter.
Speaking of which, Bly turned to look at Ye Tian and continued, this armor is a perfect heavy steel armor except for its weight. He can not only have strong protection ability, but also effectively raise the three auras to the fourth order.
Looking at this set of black steel armor, Ye Tian asked the price directly without saying anything. After some discussion, Ye Tian finally paid a high price of 40 thousand yuan.
In Bly, the man helped Ye Tian to change this black and shiny armor, and soon a warrior like an iron can appeared, but I have to say that this can is very prestige and cool.
Tried to take two steps, Ye Tian frowned. This guy is too heavy to start the aura of strength. 3 Listening to strength almost makes it difficult for him to act. Every step is very difficult.
It’s hard to turn around in the room. Ye Tian suddenly found that it might be a good choice to wear this armor at ordinary times if he wanted to exercise. When Ye Tian got used to the weight of this armor, his body strength went away.
But now Ye Tian doesn’t plan to wave too much. He took a deep breath. Ye Tianqi took a halo of strength. This halo is aimed at the physical effect and does not produce it to the outside world. It can be 4 hours a day and 365 days a year.
After buying the armor, Ye Tian came back here by sending it back to Europe and Belik because Ye Tian wanted to take it as early as when Ye Tian was going to the hospital, and he would send it to Europe and Belik to let him practice. After all, it’s not cost-effective for Ye Tian to take care of him and spend money to buy food for him when he is around Ye Tian.
Outside the city, the grass leaves his throat and a series of melodious whistles go straight into the sky. Ye Tian told me that every night is when he is hunting, because there are fewer pedestrians. Even if he is resting in the daytime, he must stay near Europe and Belik and wait for Ye Tian to call at any time.
Accompanied by Ye Tian’s long whistling, a huge sword and shame tiger suddenly sat up from the grass in a dense forest outside Belik, and listened carefully to what moment suddenly jumped up and ran in the direction of whistling.
At the end of the whistling, Ye Tian touched his voice with a wry smile. It seems that if he wants to keep shouting in a more secure way, his voice will be broken sooner or later. Ye Tianke doesn’t want to be a rock singer at all.
Roar in Ye Tian regrets that the earth-shaking tiger roared from the Woods not far away. Looking at it, a turquoise tiger taller than a horse and stronger than a calf roared and rushed to the Woods in the direction of Ye Tiandi.
Looking at the saber-toothed tiger Ye Tian, who seems to be more robust, couldn’t help laughing. Although this time, the saber-toothed tiger is not long, that is, the ground rise will not be too big, but Ye Tian is already very satisfied
It is worth one thing that the strength of the saber-toothed tiger after being swallowed will not increase, so the body of the saber-toothed tiger is so alien that the energy of nourishment has to be said to be a parasite from some angle.
Now the sixth-order saber-toothed tiger is rising at a crazy speed. You know, the attraction of quarrelling with each class is greater. The cultivation effect of the sixth-order saber-toothed tiger is definitely several times stronger than that of the fourth terrace. This is as fast and solid as the sixth-grade niche doing the fourth-grade problem.
Soon rushed to the front of Ye Tian, probably forgetting his own weight. Suddenly, he swooped down at Ye Tian, and Ye Tian felt an overwhelming force and was thrown to the ground.
I threw Ye Tian to the ground and tried to lick Ye Tian’s face. Unfortunately, Ye Tian is wearing a closed heavy armor now, just like a tin can, so he can lick it.
With a wry smile, I looked at Ye Tianyan, who put himself under pressure. This beast is a beast. It is more beautiful than a horse and stronger than an ox. The guy’s power is absolutely earth, and the power of heaven and earth is rooted in resistance.
The hand patted the big head and Ye Tian didn’t turn over and get up, but hugged the tiger’s head and patted it. He felt that Ye Tianchong was bored to move the huge tiger’s eyes and narrowed happily. If it wasn’t too big, it was like a domestic kitten.
Affectionate for a while, Ye Tian finally rolled over and sat up, smiled and patted his head. Just now, you can press me hard enough to pick me up. It’s my turn to press you to be short.
Hearing the command from Ye Tian, I clearly know that Ye Tiandi intends to crawl on the ground with his limbs short and straddled by Ye Tian, and this just started to get up lightly.
Looking at Ye Tian across the land with admiration, shaking his head, Ye Tianshen’s weight is getting heavier and heavier, adding 3 kg of armor. Ye Tian now has a total weight of 5 kg, but even if the weight is on his back, he seems to have no feeling of easily bumping his ass in the direction of Europe and Belik.
Looking at it easily, Ye Tian couldn’t help but think of the words of the old professor in the hospital. The world’s most powerful force is not fire creatures. Although their destructive power is the highest, when it comes to power, it has to be Warcraft. If you don’t believe me, we can just find Dan Fan’s power colors.
Curious patted his huge head and Ye Tian inquired through his heart. From there, Ye Tian learned with horror that it would not affect the sixth-order saber-toothed tiger to drag a few tons of heavy prey. It is common that it didn’t make the effort. Is that still called a tiger?
In order to shape a person’s strength in this world, it usually comes to this shape: tiger power. Yes, tiger power is beyond the limit that human beings can reach, although it is not like Bi Meng or Momma.
Really a person’s strength can be tiger resistance street, then add his quarrelling. This is definitely a terrorist series predator, but such people are really too few to be one in one hundred.
Ye Tian, of course, doesn’t sit directly behind his back. Since he came to the earth, the saddle horse is indispensable. Although he can ride without it, these riding places can be more comfortable, flexible and convenient. The most important thing is that once he fights, he can make his body move steadily in the tiger without the saddle horse, and he can’t do a lot of movements.
Riding a leaf day, I went directly to the slave Duglide, and then I found a luxury hotel next to the delivery and lived in it.
To do this, Ye Tian is thinking about saving West Asia in Bias, the capital of the hospital. It is simply a delusion to judge from the news that this time the Tianfeng Empire sent a thousand-person knights, among which there are many masters of the ninth order. Once Ye Tian dares to break through like this, even if he is now a holy level strength, it is also a holy level. Although severe, it is also extremely rare to be able to fight against one thousand.
According to the judgment of Ye Tiandi, West Asia will finally be escorted to Tianfeng City, the capital of Tianfeng Empire, and if you want to return to Tianfeng City, you will definitely arrive in Bias by sending it to slaves.
Maybe people will wonder why it is necessary to go to Tianfeng City directly. In fact, there are only 18 cities in the world. Although there is more than one city, there is absolutely no one in other cities.
This is a legacy left over from ancient times. I don’t know who made it. It’s always been everyone’s. Of course, people are studying it, but it’s obviously not studied.
Maybe someone will ask again, why didn’t Tianfeng Empire build its capital in the delivery place? This is easier to say because it is too dangerous.
Because it is an ancient legacy, the ancient people know Kai, but they don’t know whether to refuse others to send people to the capital of a country to shuttle at will. Wouldn’t it be too dangerous? The imperial capital has always needed absolute dominance and absolute security.
Therefore, Tianfeng City is actually located about kilometers west of KanBias. Ye Tian is going to save West Asia on the way.
Sitting silently by the window, Ye Tian, a piece of animal skin, gently wiped his weapon, and beside him, he painted halberds, swords, daggers and longbows, all of which were polished and shiny.
It’s worth one thing. Ye Tian spent a lot of money on this operation, but he didn’t need the material department to clear the ring. Ye Tian installed a black iron arrow. Besides weapons, tents and food, Ye Tian’s four rings were stuffed all over the ground.
Finally, after waiting for three days in Ye Tian, the light flashed, and then a group of people came through the dimensional gate. Ye Tian found a dozen deputy armed guards escorting pale West Asia at a glance.
If you send it and then send it off the ground, I’m afraid there’s no way to find it even if the Tianfeng Empire is no matter how powerful it is.
Hesitated for a good half-day, and finally Ye Tianmeng turned around and drove all the way to the delivery. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to save West Asia now, but he didn’t want to do anything.
Ye Tian knows clearly that West Asia has fallen into their hands, and there should be no danger or bad luck for a short time. After all, this matter is too big for anyone to think about West Asia at this time.
I went directly to the Brady blacksmith’s shop in Longue. I came here because Ye Tian has decided that he can’t just watch West Asia get involved. From one point of view, he must save West Asia.
In terms of weapons, Ye Tian has nothing to pursue. The mysterious iron halberd epic dagger epic emperor bow has returned the magical sword base where there is no lame leg.
However, in the armor, Ye Tian finally lacked some cool armor, but did he dare to wear it? Once he wore it, his identity would probably be revealed, which would involve his other identity, the mysterious boss of Pizza Hut.
See Ye Tian unexpectedly again, and now Bly is puzzled with a full face. In recent days, Ye Tianji comes once a day, and the flowers are unusually large. This is definitely a super-large guest.