On that day, Li Yan’s skill was absolutely enough to directly push the big fellow prime minister to a desperate situation. Now, this wise prime minister has a beast roaring in his heart, and it is possible to break free from the cage at any time.

After a short pause, Chunyukang and his men walked along the predetermined route again.
Time passed quickly, and another month passed unconsciously.
This month, Li Yan and Yingzhou army have entered the Tang Dynasty, but during this period, he encountered too many magical things. Three days after the initial split, he met a magical thing to build a city with 500,000 magical things in it, and there were hundreds of thousands of magical things in the army.
Because of oneself and others, the city was suddenly flattened without much cost.
However, seven days later, a more magnificent city appeared. In the eyes, it was the city where the chief of the Tang Dynasty lived. However, it has now been replaced by magic. The number of magic here is even greater, with a total of one million magic troops of 200,000.
However, the number of Li Yan still has an advantage, and the avatar in his own field still won the battle easily, but the army also suffered losses for the first time, and nearly a thousand monks died
After this time, Li Yan became more vigilant, but the vigilance was not because he and others took the initiative to fight or fight.
The third time was that Li Yan and others touched an army of magic weapons twenty days later. Obviously, once the news that they and others destroyed the magic weapons went out, the magic weapons had been reflected and organized to fight back.
Well, the number of this army is not far off the mark, and 500 thousand is still within the range of ourselves and others
With the end of a great war, Li Yan won again with his four satraps, but the army also paid more than 16 thousand monks’ lives. All this was because of him. If it were less, the golden flame covering 100 thousand miles would lose less than 200 thousand this time. You know, the strength of the magic army is not weaker than the big fellow’s troops
The battlefield really doesn’t play tricks, and the loss of each other should be half-to-half. Even if the monks have weapons and armor in their hands, they have to pay half of the enemy’s losses.
Li Yan Yingzhou’s army, besides, the monks who divided the army did not say anything more, and the losses were definitely heavier than him.
Then ten days later, he took the army to destroy several monster cities and stopped in a mountain range to rest.
Li Yan sat on a butted face with a hint of fatigue, and the mighty armor was also dyed. I don’t know what color blood was, and a scent of blood and ShaQi filled it as if it had rushed out of the sea of blood in Shishan not long ago.
"Where is the current army?"
A soldier next to him said, "General Hui has arrived in Dongchuan County, and two more counties will lead to the original capital of Datang."
"It seems that the March is quite fast, and it’s almost the capital of Datang in a month." Li Yan said that although the words were easy, his tone was full of dignity.
Because everyone knows all the way, it seems that the more you go to Beijing, the more magic things you encounter. Although all the magic things are wiped out, there are 50 magic handsome men in that army. If there are not more powerful people here, the losses will definitely be more than 10 thousand.
"If you can’t go like this, there will be more and more magic troops. Maybe it will be a million. The big magic commander will also reach one hundred, and even more troops will have to overtake us and wait twice as long. If we are ready for war, our department will be here." Embroidered bamboo came over and said at this time
Li Yan smiled lightly. "I’m not worried about a million troops. I’m worried about whether there will be a God near the capital of Datang. A monk named Ying from the royal family of Daqin gave me a map. There is a county called Ximu County near the capital of Datang. We have to go there if we want to go to the capital."
"What now?" Embroidered bamboo asked
Li Yan said, "keep walking, the army will not lose much. We still have 400 thousand troops. Don’t just turn around and leave?" Is there any news of his four-way army? "
"No, they lost their news ten days ago, but according to inference, they should also be about two or three counties away from Beijing. It is hard to say whether they can meet in Beijing at last." Yuan Fang sighed with emotion and then he picked up the jars around Li Yan and gulped them up.
Li Yan gave him a strange look. "This is the last few jars of wine in my ring, and I’m going to seal them up and put them back later." He had prepared a lot of wine before he came, but it was not enough to share some with others besides drinking it himself.
He now realizes that he has some regrets and should fill up the department of things.
But then Xiaoru whispered, "Handmaiden, there are still many children-in-law here. If they are not enough, you can ask them for it." She knew that children-in-law are excellent and have no shortcomings, but they like to drink and get drunk when they are happy. She always intends to keep some for future use.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-seven War breath
"Ha-ha, it’s all your own things. Don’t be so stingy. I’ll pay you back a few hundred altars after razing the monster city." Yuan Fang didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He continued to gulp down "I didn’t expect to be able to take the army to fight in the sky in the end. Isn’t it a little poetic for you? Don’t you write two sentences at this time?"
As soon as his words were finished, embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru looked forward to looking at Li Yan.
There’s no woman who doesn’t want her man to be brilliant in literature and capable of writing and martial arts.
Li Yan got up at this time and looked at the mountains and rivers in Wan Li in the distance. "I thought that Jin Ge iron horse swallowed Wan Li like a tiger," but he frowned when he was about to read it.
"A good word swallowed Wan Li like a tiger" Yuan Fang clapped his hands and smiled "I told you you were the first scholar. If you go to be a student, I will see that those princesses in Datang are not allowed to tie you home to be a son-in-law."
Embroidered bamboo and Xiaoru’s beautiful eyes are flashing with obsession. They are all literate people, and they can’t taste this poem. Although there is a short sentence, it is full of heroic feelings.
"There is a situation." Li Yanshen said that his field never recovered for a moment, and he felt a momentum that was slowly rising. The momentum was formed by the gathering of several magical things, just like the gathering of troops. The momentum was so great that it exceeded 400,000 troops on his side.
"What’s the situation? Won’t have a magic army again? "Yuan Fang asked quickly with a mouthful of wine.
Li Yan said, "It’s almost not the first time to meet an army. This feeling can’t be wrong, and the momentum of gathering the army has surpassed us in just a moment and is increasing."
"No, more than us again? Didn’t you just destroy the 500 thousand magic army the other day? " Yuan Fang got a fright.
Li Yan replied, "This time, the number is more. Go and command to prepare."
"Really want to fight?" Embroidered bamboo face with a hint of concern
Li Yan said, "If you don’t fight, you can just gather the army. We won’t fight now. When their army is finished, it must be us. They have just joined the army and should not have assigned a commander yet. We have a good chance to beat them off guard."
"I know that I’m going to prepare." Embroidered bamboo hesitated and soon left Yuan Fang’s side, and several generals also turned to leave the army.
"Are the children all right?" asked Xiaoru with a complicated face.
Li Yan looked at the distance and said, "This world war I is more determined than before. If we can’t lose, we will be wiped out."
"We will win if we have children," said Xiaoru with a face of conviction.
Li Yan ha ha smiled and slapped the girl’s ass through the armor. It didn’t feel good. "It’s good to say that I will win this battle." When I said this, I felt a strong self-confidence. If the coach doesn’t have self-confidence, then I can win with the army.
Small shavings charming body a shock gently hum beautiful eyes suffused with colchicine beautiful and charming looking at the children seems to have no shi children for a while …
Li Yan was in a good mood when he saw that the servant girl was so charming. Is it true that when he molested the servant girl, he pulled out the painting halberd and drank a "white jade unicorn?"
"Hey!" Not far from the mountainside, the white jade Kirin smashed the mountain peak and rushed out.
Kirin likes to play with water, and white jade Kirin is no exception.
In the middle school, the white jade Kirin oscillated the water stain on her body and then flew to Li Yan’s side. Li Yan jumped and sat down again and flew in the middle school.
At the moment, the army is ready.
Li Yanshen said, "Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose this battle. Everyone has to die, including me. However, the magic army is not endless. After winning this battle, we will join forces with the capital of Datang. At that time, most of the magic weapons in Datang will be killed by us, and the plan of killing the Han emperor will be completed. Half of the big fellow can also be destroyed by Paul and other family and friends. Maybe we will die sooner or later, but not today. Maybe we will all get back to the big fellow alive, but not today because we are fighting with 400 thousand troops."