"Lin Qi hasn’t come back yet. It should have been an accident."

In the first chair on the right side of the conference table sits a man about thirty-five years old. He is physically strong, and even if he sits there, he looks taller and stronger than everyone else.
Opposite him, in the first chair on the left of the conference table, sat a young man in his early twenties, who looked fashionable with yellow hair, earrings and leather clothes.
He was wearing a ring, his left index finger tapped on the desktop and then looked at the most square position in the conference room table. "This time it was really interesting. Brother Feng and I went to Tianhualou, and I was so angry that I almost got into a fight with that guy named Su on the spot, and Lin Liang Ping was even more funny. As a result, I was beaten in a panic and fled back, losing less than a dozen people. Hey, this is not exaggerated enough. I simply went to the’ new district’ and Lin Qi simply disappeared. No one came back.
The man who looked at the chair the most was Lin Liangping, the last of the nine leaders of Genesis.
Lin Liangping slightly lowered his head and seemed a little ashamed to hear this.
"Don’t blame Laojiu, sir and minister."
The man in his thirties who sits in the first chair on the right is the fourth LAM Raymond among the nine leaders.
And this is very fashionable. Young people with earrings and rings are ranked third.
LAM Raymond also looked at the first Lin Liang Pingdao: "Laojiu, please tell me in detail what forces there are in this’ Changfeng District’. You just said that you almost didn’t escape back. Is it true that you met your opponent so badly today?"
Lin Liangping gently heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. "I took my brothers into Changfeng District and soon met a five-person team. We arrested these five people and learned through coercion that they came from Block B of New World Center, which is a 63-story building."
"These people have also organized a new world, and these five people belong to this organization called New World, and the headquarters has set up this New World Center Block B. According to these five people, this New World is the largest force in Changfeng District, with hundreds of people, but they don’t know exactly how many people are relatively low-level people because of their weak strength. They know that there are mainly three people in the New World who are the most famous and the three leaders in it."
"After I knew the news, I decided to let these five people take us to the’ New World Center Block B’ to have a look."
Lin Liangping’s face showed a wry smile here. "I could easily take this’ new world’ with our strength at that time, and I could sound out the details of this’ new world’ when I came back, but I didn’t expect that we met a small group of people on the way before we arrived at Block B of the New World Center."
"There are thirteen people in this group who took the initiative to stop us on the water. I didn’t look at these thirteen people but didn’t think that one of them was the three leaders of the’ New World’ …"
Lin Liangping took a deep breath here and his face was particularly nervous.
LAM Raymond frowning slightly "beat you is this man? What’s his name? What’s his ability? It’s not easy to beat you. "
Lin Liang said, "This man’s name is Gao Shengyi, and his ability is very strange. I can’t tell him exactly, just like he can predict the future. No matter how I attack him, I always know it first. The more I fight, the more afraid I am …"
"predict all your attacks first?" Lin Liangping’s words caused others to look at him in succession.
Even that has been tapping gently on the desktop this way "really someone has this ability? Lin Liang Ping, you won’t talk nonsense because you feel that you can’t beat others and feel humiliated. "
Then the second chair on the right is a short, fat, round face. At this moment, he suddenly said, "It’s not strange to have such ability. It varies from person to person. It’s strange and not without it."
This saw his one eye and laughed. "Li Pang, you are right."
There are seven people sitting at the conference table, except for the first one that can pronounce both men and women. Six people are sitting in the first chair on the left, and the second chair on the left is a young man of about twenty-five.
He was dressed in black clothes and kept his eyelids down. He put his hands on the table and rubbed a piece of paper.
He kneaded the paper into a ball, then slowly and carefully unfolded it, and then kneaded it into a ball again and again.
He is Chen Mo, the fifth leader of Genesis.
The third chair on the left is a young man with a simple and honest face and a silly smirk. He keeps looking at the people in front of him without saying anything. This is the iron pillar of the seventh leader.
The first chair on the right is LAM Raymond, the second chair is Li Pang, and the third chair obviously belongs to Lin Qi who has not returned, while the first chair is Lin Liangping who ranks ninth.
LAM Raymond frowned slightly. "Although Laojiu lost a dozen people, he escaped back with most people. But what happened to this guy? Forty people entered the’ new district’ department and disappeared."
This way, "No matter how much, I think we should solve the problem of Tianhualou first. Su Haoshi is too arrogant. If we solve it, we will be able to devour Genesis, and then we will really monopolize the whole Qinhuai District. It’s not too late for us to slowly plot to develop in other areas. Before we are too impatient, I actually don’t agree with too many enemies. Now we haven’t even solved Tianhualou, and we have provoked Changfeng again."
LAM Raymond said slowly, "If we can solve the’ Tianhua Building’, it would have been solved long ago, but this Su Hao … still can’t find a way to restrain him from making a move."
He said that the man sitting in a black robe suddenly uttered a male voice. "This Su Hao is very troublesome. His ability is directly related to the human spirit. This is our only weakness. It is not too late to clean him up after I have worked out a method to counter his spirit. If you don’t agree to merge, you will temporarily release him. Except this Su Hao, no one else is afraid. Any one can easily clean up. We can turn our attention to other forces."
Hearing this, the monarch and his subjects nodded slightly and stopped talking.
LAM Raymond said, "Since Tianhua Building was released in advance, our best goal at present is Changfeng District and New World. It should be easy to take over and strengthen the strength of Genesis if Laojiu said that the three leaders of the New World were either killed or killed. Besides, we should also investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of forty people who kept entering the New Area."
LAM Raymond turned to sit in a black robe and said, "Hui Jie Yang Ge, tell me whether we should deal with the’ new world’ or go to the’ new area’ first to find out about the old disappearance?"
Apparently, he said that Sister Hui and Brother Yang were Ding Hui, the great leader of Genesis, and Ding Yang, the second leader.
"Of course, it’s to find out the old disappearance.’ New World’ means that three leaders want to deal with them and can solve them at any time. I’m still more interested in the sudden disappearance of the old forty people." A female giggled in this black robe.
LAM Raymond’s spirit cheered. "So, Sister Hui, are you going to do it yourself?"
Ding Huiyin chuckled, "Of course it’s such a fun thing that I have to take a trip to see what the hell is going on with this group of Lin Qi."
LAM Raymond said, "In that case, I will accompany Hui Jie and Yang Ge to see you that day."
"No" There was a male Ding Yangyin in the black robe. "You and your subjects need to sit here. We want to merge other forces to develop Genesis, but we also need to prevent others from coveting us. In case we all leave and someone steals our home, that’s a loss of wife and soldiers. Chen Mo and Li Pang will accompany us early in the morning."
"Know" Li Pang is busy responding to the fact that he is vaguely afraid of this sitting in a black robe.
The silence is still silently rubbing the paper ball in his hand, but he still listens clearly to Ding Yang’s words and then nods slightly.
"That’s all for today’s meeting."
At this point, Ding Yang’s male voice stretched out one hand in the black robe to hold the cup placed on the table in front of him, while he drank water while the other hand held half a bottle of coke and drank it.
"Gollum" everyone else sat silently listening to the sound, watching the people in this black robe holding water cups and coke bottles in both hands and then drinking warm water and coke in the water cups.
This scene seems a bit weird.
Golden Eagle Alliance Floating Island
After a day, there are more cracks on the surface of the floating island, and the plants grown in these cracks have grown to 10 meters cm, which is amazing.
What look like a barren floating island of ore has become a vibrant full of green.
In order to protect the floating island, the floating island has always been guarded by people in turn.
It’s late hunting time, and there are many people on the floating island tonight, well over 100 people.
There was no special situation in hunting tonight. Su Li didn’t even see a monster with a general level last night. He hunted some monsters with a level of 10. After hunting for more than an hour, he gained 51 spiritual sources, which made him have 71 effective spiritual sources. He needed 2 spiritual sources to break through, and he was 129 short of them.
Golden Eagle No.1, Building B, is full of people hunting on floating island, while Building A and Shimao Center are two people away from the nearest building, 30 floors above the building, and the total number of people hunting in three places exceeds 250.
There are many monsters of Grade 9 among the monsters appearing tonight. The whole Golden Eagle Alliance successfully broke through and rose to Grade 1 tonight, reaching five people, namely Gong Xiao, Ling Yi, Wu Feng, Jiang Xiaodong and Wang Xu, and the number of people who rose from Grade 9 to Grade 9 exceeded 100, making the elite base in the whole Golden Eagle Alliance reach Grade 9.
Su Li has changed the red crescent sword into an ice python sword.
The extra moon belt was given to Jiang Shuixuan’s floating boots and to Gong Xiao.