In such an environment and situation, it is impossible for Xu Le to have an army that does not follow its own requirements, especially if this army will accept Zion progressives to send them ancient sound and multi-tech weapons.

If these people don’t obey orders, it will be very difficult to get Xu Yuegong from them.
So he must control the team and grasp it in his own hands, let alone his uncle, even if his father comes.
Xu Weiwen clearly understood what Xu Le meant. He is a veteran.
However, he did not expect that Xu Le had changed so much in just a few months.
The whole person has a strong circle, and his brow is full of self-confidence and strength. This is a gesture of a person.
In the recent period, there has been a lot of publicity in Xu Le and news of his campaign. Xu Weiwen thinks that a great man may really appear in the Xu family.
"Veteran Xu Weiwen promised to follow orders"
"Be sure to follow orders," said Xu Weiwen, a law enforcement soldier behind him.
It can be seen that although uncle Xu Weiwen has retired and it is not short, he immediately established absolute prestige after taking over this team.
This should be a manifestation of strength, right? He showed a strength when he returned to the team?
Fighters’ physique will decline with age, which fighters can’t avoid.
Xu Le remembers that Alley once had a discussion with Xu Weiwen, so how much strength does he have left in Xu Weiwen’s age?
"I’m relieved to have uncle’s guarantee, because you may not have the same weapons and equipment as you originally imagined today, and all of them are made by our Zion progressives.
And the way of fighting will change, so I hope you can understand. "
"is to ensure completion"
Xu Weiwen’s momentum is very high and there is no such thing as putting on airs, which is a good thing for Xu Le.
After a brief meeting, Xu Le took the whole team here to the equipment room with Xu Weiwen.
Although the players are curious, they all show enough quality. After all, they are all law enforcers.
When Xu Ting passed by Xu Le, he only wrote a novel.
"Brother Xu, when you run for parliament, I will definitely vote for you."
"Well, thank you." Xu Le was stunned by her, but it’s not over yet. Xu continued
"Why are you polite to me? Don’t worry, I will not only help you canvass, but also despise those who are not prepared to vote for you, such as my brother."
Xu Le was almost numb by this girl. I just wanted to educate her that Zion parliamentary election is not a rice circle culture.
But when the words came to my mouth, Xu Le suddenly stopped.
"why should I persuade a person who is ready to vote for me, cheer me on and like me? Is there something wrong with me? "
With this idea, Xu Le nodded to Xu Ting’s novel way
"Thank you, too. You must be a great fighter in the future."
"Ha, that’s a must"
Really? That’s how positive energy infects each other instead of nagging oral education
After greeting Xu Ting, they finally came to the weapons room of the light soap factory.
Because the news has been passed out, the weapon room of the once-polished soap factory has been renamed as the melting furnace science and technology equipment room.
The weapon in front of the three-person team is that they will use the standard equipment tonight.
"The ancient sound multi-disciplinary (red moon crossed out) technical gun-Aidida blade was developed by Zion progressive Dr. Aidida"
That’s right. The original weapon is a standard Lunatone concept weapon, which consists of a polymer Lunatone energy double-edged weapon and a conventional ammunition heavy pike.
Although its main projectile is a conventional projectile, it can achieve almost the same power as a warlock’s skill through the impact of Lunatone energy temporary reinforcement projectile.
This is a simple but imaginative weapon for melee fighters.