"This monster ….." Black House Luo frowned, and a big seal appeared in his right hand. This seal is somewhat similar to Su Lisuo’s seal, but the design is different. Su Lisuo’s seal shows that she is sitting cross-legged on the lotus platform with three heads and six arms, and this big seal shows that it is a perfect blue-black three-eyed and four-armed big black god.

This is exactly where the black house is dominated by the big black god. With the help of this big black seal, the distant big black god will be sensed, and immediately there will be terrorist energy surging out, which will soon manifest a statue that is bigger than the big black god.
"Monster you both die black ye into you-"
Black House Luo made a majestic sound to drive the arrival big black god to attack this horrible monster.
At the same time, Su Li also turned his hand and took out the seal of the old woman, sensing that the old woman was far away. With this seal of the old woman, the power of the old woman was manifested, and a statue was as great as that of the old woman, and she attacked this monster.
"Go" black house Luo took advantage of this big black god and the goddess to jointly resist the monster and immediately said to Su Li in a low voice and then turned to slip away.
Su Li followed him toward the distance.
Just two or three seconds after I escaped, I heard a rumbling noise coming from the distant rear. The big black god and the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess of the goddess.
With these two or three seconds, Su Li and Heilou Luo have already fled to the distant chaotic sea.
Su Li induction that monster didn’t continue to chase this just gently urge a sigh of relief.
Black House Luo also stopped and wiped his forehead with an exaggerated cold sweat. "The most terrible thing in the chaotic sea is this kind of monster, this kind of ancient god. The undead in this chaotic sea can’t live beyond life. After all these years, they have become stronger. It can be said that although they don’t have the name of the true god and the wisdom of the true god, their strength is not much worse than that of the true god. Once they touch it, they must stay away from the absolute irresistible enemy for the first time, otherwise it will become more and more terrible. Just now, its strength is equivalent to that of the general Senluo territory, but if we entangle it again
Su Li couldn’t help saying, "How can Brother Black know so clearly?"
Black House Luo wry smile way "I followed the generation into this chaotic sea a few years ago, I once heard the generation say that this kind of chaos beast, which was formed by the ancient gods who fell into the chaotic sea after their death, is generally called chaos. Although they have no wisdom and chaotic consciousness, they have almost real strength, except Senluo’s perfect god, but they are not their opponents against outsiders."
"It was also a good time to be dangerous. When the times were almost complete, Senluo was comparable to the true God. I still remember the World War I, and it was only after the descendants of World War I completely completed Senluo that I could meet the big black god."
Su Li nodded slightly, and now he has two major difficulties in crossing the chaotic sea for nothing. One is this violent chaotic energy, and the other is that it is comparable to the chaos of the true god.
My heart suddenly moved slightly and said, "Can Brother Black leave the sea of chaos without fear of this chaos?"
"Even chaos is not afraid of nature."
Su Li, um, thought that Magic Sumeru’s strength is much greater than Wang Qiang’s, so he won’t be afraid of this chaos, but what can’t leave this chaotic sea? There must be other reason.
"Brother Su, we will be more close to each other. If there is anything, we also have a care for each other. When can we come to visit our big black god?" Black Lou Luo said and gave Suli the coordinates of the big black god.
Su Li nodded and smiled and was about to give the coordinates and directions of the black house Luo Tuo Shen Tian. The black house Luo smiled and said, "I have already given it to me. I know the location of the goddess Shen Tian. I will go to your place later."
"Good" Su Li responded with a smile. After a brief chat, they left and left.
Su Li watched the black house leave and turned to return to the direction of the goddess.
There is a preliminary understanding of this chaotic sea, and his realistic power is not enough to fight against the chaotic method of crossing the chaotic sea.
There is chaos in this chaotic sea, and Su Li decided to return to the goddess of love.
Chapter 922 Successor
"It’s a good thing this chaos doesn’t invade God, otherwise it would be a great disaster."
Su Li thought that the strongest strength in the present goddess of love should be herself and Bai Cang, who really can’t resist the chaos.
"The most important thing now is to get together early. If you can get into it, you won’t be afraid of this chaos."
Mindfulness with immortal blood and the feeling of the seal of the mother-in-law quickly leaves towards the mother-in-law god.
Chaotic energy is surging, Su Li is constantly teleporting, and every movement is a world distance.
I don’t know how long it took for Su Li to feel a little tired and stop to sit cross-legged in this chaotic energy and huff and puff chaotic energy to draw the energy he needed to restore his physical strength.
An endless stream of energy surges into the body to moisten the body. As he practices, the seal of the mother-in-law constantly releases the energy of the mother-in-law and his three crystal nuclei fuse.
After recovering from physical strength, Su Li feels that she is improving again.
Now, he has achieved four steps of sacrifice and Taoist cultivation in less sacrifices.
Feeling the change of body energy, Su Li knew that this is the main reason why she can rise so fast.
According to this speed, it won’t be long before he can reach the perfect state of ten-step sacrifice
The figure swept away and continued on his way. This time, it didn’t take long for the thinking domain to suddenly sense the chaotic energy fluctuation of terror in the extreme distance.
My heart is fiercely white at once. This is chaos beast
"Bad" Su Li immediately accelerated and rushed towards the extreme distance.
There is an idea in my mind that I want to escape at full speed.
At this time, the power of the dream domain is exerted, and the stronger his obsession is, the stronger the power of the dream domain is. Suddenly, the speed of crossing the chaotic sea is beyond imagination, and soon he dumped the faint lock on him, chaos beast.
Can’t sense the chaotic energy, terrorist fluctuations and white dumped chaos beast Su Li, which was relieved.
Although it is hard to imagine that the distance between the black house and the big black house is the closest and the distance between them is still far away, even if Suli is now comparable to the general strength and speed of Senluo, it will take quite a long time to cross.
After that, there was no danger all the way. Finally, Su Li once again saw the black screen of the goddess.
The chaotic energy fluctuation in this area has softened a lot, and Su Li went through the black screen and returned to the goddess.
Back to the mother-in-law, the genius has regained the concept of time passing. Su Li found herself in the chaotic sea. It seems that the chaotic sea didn’t stay long. In fact, it has taken nearly 20 days, and now it has reached the end of December.
Through the light curtain, you can see the darkness. This place belongs to the "heaven" of the goddess, and then the heavens are different in size. The world is destroyed and a new world is born. The goddess goes round and round in the heaven.
Su Li silently sensed that on Sunday, he thought of the nine realms that were predicted by the great disaster, and the three realms of purgatory and darkness were destroyed, but the other seven realms were safe for the time being. He was not prepared to destroy which realm. He wondered what would happen next. If he didn’t make moves, one realm would be robbed.
A stride across the border darkness soon entered the human world and a sacred court appeared.
However, the divine court can’t sense him, and Su Li has entered the palace of the divine court.
Bai Cang is sitting cross-legged in the shrine futon. Su Li appeared opposite him.
Bai Cang leaned slightly towards him.
Now Su Li is a goddess, even if Bai Cang is a man of the world, he needs to salute him.
"Senior, I just came from the chaotic returnees."
Su Li played a big black god, a black house, and the most horrible chaos in chaos beast. He didn’t know how much Bai Cang knew about the chaotic sea, but according to his guess, Bai Cang was already in Senluo’s territory, and he must have entered the chaotic sea for so many years, and he must have some knowledge about the chaotic sea.
Bai Cang quietly listened to him and said, "I don’t know much about the chaotic sea. I’ve been to the outer edge of the goddess, and I haven’t encountered chaos beast. But I do know that we are not the only goddess in this marginal chaotic sea who can enter the chaotic sea. It’s dominated by all gods …"