Su Li took her along the direction of this light beam and rushed away in the distance.

Big face and a pair of slender back, bald head is quite funny.
Su Li’s mind was always on guard against the disappearing crown giant.
The crown giant method was summoned against the altar, but it was really scary that it took advantage of the situation and fled to nowhere. This situation of being sacrificed by the altar and being attacked by the big hand in the sky was unprecedented
"The power of the monster summoned by the altar is estimated by the current method to be far more advanced than that of the crown giant …"
Su Li secretly speculated that the crown giant and the altar summoned strength while running towards the distance.
Before, he was not strong enough. I can’t see that now he is a Chinese holy war, and his vision is different.
After living for thousands of years, the top god is called the quasi-generation god, which is stronger than the top god, and that is the real generation of the peak god.
At present, the crown giant and the altar summoned are even more afraid than the quasi-generation god, and Su Li doesn’t know exactly what level they have reached
This piece of broken land is full of cracks. If it weren’t for the stone tablets and symbols guiding the direction, Su Li felt that it would be lost here, let alone looking for the roots of that magnificent building.
After about half an hour, I don’t know how far running all the way has traveled. Finally, Su Li saw the magnificent building, a blue palace.
Giant face suddenly jumped up with excitement, bouncing like a ball, surpassing Su Li and Xu Xuehui and rushing towards the distant palace.
Su Li can’t even see the appearance of this palace now. He can see the corner exposed in the broken front of it, but he can’t see the top. I don’t know how high the palace is, and both sides are covered by broken parts, and I don’t know the length.
Head-on is the palace gate, which is relatively normal compared with the invisible palace, about 15 meters high and 10 meters wide.
The palace is completely blue, and there is a palm-sized groove in the center of the Shimen, which coincides with the stone tablets in Xu Xuehui’s hand.
Giant face suddenly rolled and flew up before interest, and actually hit the blue Shimen.
Boom to a stone door motionless giant face croaking was bounced back.
Su Li took a look at it and shook his head, feeling that this guy’s personality was a little teasing.
He took Xu Xuehui to the front of Shimen.
Xu Xuehui jumped up and put the stone tablets in his hand into the central groove of the Shimen.
As the stone tablets are put in, a faint light immediately shines from the stone tablets, and this light spreads along the groove to all sides of the thin ditch, and the two cyan stone gates light up with a layer of white light covering the surface.
As this layer of white light appeared in the stone gate, there was a rumble, and the two blue stone gates shook and vibrated and slowly contracted to both sides.
Put it in the center, and the stone tablets will fall. Xu Xuehui reached out and caught the stone tablets. The original light on the surface of the stone tablets was dim. Obviously, it took a lot of energy to hit these two cyan stone gates.
As the stone gate shrank into the walls on both sides, Su Li saw a broken and collapsed cylinder and saw a large number of gear fragments falling into the ground, which was seriously damaged.
Hudi just flew out and the giant face bounced back. It opened its mouth with a face of excitement and rushed in toward the head-on Shimen.
Its giant face soon shrank by half and entered along the stone gate.
The giant face rushed in, and there was a loud rumble inside, and it didn’t know how many columns it knocked down and how many gears it dropped.
"How can-"
The giant face suddenly shouted, "How can it all be destroyed?"
Su Li looked at the giant face and shouted that he slowly walked in.
This is an endless gear world, and hundreds of millions of gears are simply exhausted. However, many existing gears are damaged and broken, and many gear fragments can be seen at a glance.
The giant face has shrunk a lot. These columns and gears are shuttling and making strange noises. It seems that it is shocked by the large number of gears damaged here.
Chapter 25 Awakening
Su Li took Xu Xuehui and went in.
He ignored yelling, holding Xu Xuehui’s face and flashing from all around, giant columns and those hanging pipes shuttled in and out.
Soon he took Xu Xuehui to see a huge gap in the blue ground ahead.
All those pipes extending from all directions lead to this huge gap.
Su Li put Xu Xuehui’s third eye in coordination with the ultimate sanctified eyes and constantly observed the four directions.
It’s different to enter here again.
I can see that these pipes are carrying energy, but now he can keenly capture the failure of energy transmission in these pipes.
Although this kind of exhaustion is very slow, it may take thousands of years to completely dry up.
Does it mean that the huge woman who looks like Xu Xuehui has almost exhausted energy, but has maintained the operation of hundreds of millions of gears after such a long time and finally entered a period of weakness?
Xu Xuehui silently watching seems to be crazy.
Su Li looked through the gap. Although it was the second time, she still felt shocked.
A face is as big as the sky, and it takes kilometers and tens of thousands of meters to calculate.
The darkness of the square seriously affects the line of sight. Su Li’s ultimate sanctification eyes can’t see clearly. What you can see now is a face that looks like Xu Xuehui’s face and is full of energy transmission pipes.
"Girl, let’s go and have a look?" Su Li wants to enter the party to see what happened.
Xu Xuehui’s little face showed some palpitations, and his hand pressed his heart.
"What’s the matter?" Su Li was slightly surprised. He saw that Xu Xuehui’s face was pale and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, which seemed painful.
"His heart … is very uncomfortable …" Xu Xuehui looked up at Su Li.
Su Li reached out and gently touched her hair. "I’ll be fine soon."