Root is not going to do this. He gently hooked his lips. "Can I ask someone to come back and help me with this?"

Cheng Man laughed. "Of course, but I can also ask someone else to take care of us. Mr. Han Mengshen, how do you want to choose?" Even refused to cook a dish, how could she give Han Meng to his care!
I’m afraid such male chauvinism will hurt Han Meng!
She smiled again with a hook in the corner of her eye. "Mr. Shen’s expression is obvious, so he won’t help?"
Shen ‘an’s eyebrow eye is already heavy and can’t sink any more. This woman dares to threaten him! But when he saw Han Meng without saying anything, he got up, rolled up his sleeves and squatted directly to help. "What can I do?"
After Gu Jingke looked at several girls, Gu Jingyi gave him an excited expression of eyes, and he bowed his head and "helped me clean up this crab."
Pointed to the side, I don’t know what kind of crab tongs seem to be able to pinch off a finger. Shen’s eyes have changed a few times quickly. Can you really handle such things yourself?
Of course, eating will be, but how to clean it up … This is a big problem. I immediately took out my mobile phone and turned out the webpage to find out the crab cleaning method. After that, I knew how to look and took out the crab.
The corners of the mouth were smoked, and the tongs were severely clamped on his thumb. He held back and sipped the corners of his mouth to fix the crab. He sipped his lips slightly, and his face did not change.
An Cheng came over and put out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. It was meaningful. "You should take care of the pain, so don’t put up with it. See if my finger is swollen?"
Put your finger in front of Shen An and flash AnCheng’s right index finger. It seems that he didn’t dare to get it after cleaning up. It’s also a good idea to keep Shen An.
Shen An turned a deaf ear. An Cheng added, "Sure enough, I still admire some patience!" I just yelled at myself for a long time and directly got the crab legs, otherwise I’m afraid it will be more serious now.
"An Shao, if you don’t dislike many things, come and help me?" Shen An looked at An Cheng’s face and finally couldn’t help it. He lifted his eyelids and handed the crab to An Cheng.
The latter immediately stepped back and gently waved his hand. "This is still the case. I have something to do with crabs. This is you!"
Turned and walked to the barbecue grill to do cleaning work. Shen An bowed his head and continued to struggle. Han Meng looked at him and looked at Mu Ming and others and asked, "How many people in your family can do it?"
"Well," Mu Ming nodded gently, and Cheng Man naturally said, "You can’t learn and you can’t stop working, can you?"
Qi Shaochen is trying to study hard now. She is also happy to be at leisure now. Now Gu Jingyi doesn’t answer. Han Meng turns to look at her mouth and just prepares to move Gu Jingyi and waves.
"I don’t have him. Will he have nothing with me?"
Han Meng some confused eyes glanced at her gently narrowing her eyes. "Well …"
For example, Gu Jingyi immediately turned her head away from picking up the table and eating the fruit bowl. "This fruit tastes good. Do you want to try it?" She picked up a piece and handed it to several people.
Seems to want someone to connect him.
Muming bit "really good"
Four men here look at women so happy and continue to struggle with their own things.
It’s completely done. It’s about seven o’clock, and the sun has disappeared for a light night.
When everyone was about to move, a man came uninvited to look at the individual and said, "I wonder if you have any spare seats for me?"
Looking at the bearer An Cheng’s brow almost wrinkled into a mountain, how could this person come!
Suddenly looked at Gu Jingyi, two people glances from each other’s eyes saw something of surprise, and after thinking about it, I knew that this person would not be with them but chased after them.
"Mr. Allen didn’t expect to touch you here." An Cheng got up with a warning in his eyes. Damn it!
I was able to find it here. Allen also smiled and walked over. There were still a few people holding red wine behind him. "Yes, I didn’t expect to see it when I came here for a holiday. You also read it wrong. It really wasn’t something wrong with your eyes."
With a gentle and decent smile, he approached several people step by step and went directly to the table. "I wonder if I can sit down?"
Glancing at An Cheng and Gu Jingyi, I knew that they knew each other when I saw their different faces … Muming gently raised the red glass and didn’t comment, while others didn’t say anything.
How can you be nice enough if you don’t know each other?
An Cheng chuckled, "Of course, Mr. Allen, please sit down!"
I don’t know if it was intentional. Allen immediately went to the position next to Gu Jingyi and sat down. He held out his hand and gently shook it with a smile. "Jingyi, we are really destined."
Gu Jing smirked a few times just because he didn’t want to see him, but this man is too cheeky to see it like this. I really don’t know what to say!
An Cheng is about to pop his eyes out of his eyes. Does this damn man dare to sit next to her right in front of him? Is it true that he is not here? !
They obviously felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, picked up the glass and drank the wine, and pulled out the high-hanging cards, but although the words were said, the actions did not do so.
Everyone’s eyes are quietly staring at the bridge of the nose of a foreigner who just came to Allen. It looks very good, but this person looks at Gu Jingyi’s eyes and doesn’t look too * *. It’s expressed every minute.
I love you. Marry me!
On the other hand, An Cheng is somewhat backward at this point, and the root has no such meaning.
A few people sighed in their hearts. An Cheng ate this jealousy, but his actions were so slow. It’s no wonder that this Mr. Allen can make track for him from abroad …
Such sincerity is not something that ordinary people can have.
Cheng Man glances laughed, "I don’t know who is this gentleman? Do we … know each other? "
Although An Cheng needs to light a fire, today it is obvious in Allen that the good people don’t come and the unreasonable people don’t come. They all have to help An Cheng, don’t they?
Allen knew that several people were Gu Jingyi’s friends and smiled slightly. "I am Allen."
After that, I didn’t mean to continue talking. After all, it’s not like they can glance left and right and Allen Cheng Man and others bow their heads, but they always feel that this meal is a little unhappy.
Adding an unfamiliar person always tastes bad, doesn’t it?
Allen came with three bottles of precious red wine, and when the bottle cap was capped, he got up gently. The gentleman smiled, "I didn’t bring any gifts today. How about this wine as my gift?"
I don’t know anyone anyway. What can I do?
Cheng Man saw that this Allen was coming to rob people with Ancheng, and this was also slightly moved in his heart. "It must be good for Mr. Allen to bring it."
An Cheng also said at this moment, "How can Mr. Allen’s things be bad?"
Gu Jingyi glanced at Allen lightly and didn’t know what. She always felt that Allen looked at her today and her eyes seemed a little weird. There was something she couldn’t understand. It seemed to be-all?
But what?
Allen chuckled at Gu Jingyi and then looked at Ancheng Road. "Ann, it’s true that you said this less. This wine is fifty years old."
He got up and went to his entourage, gently unscrewed the cork, and poured the wine with his back to everyone. The sound was very pleasant. "This wine is a unique set of wine utensils to enjoy. Let me make it for you today."
No one answered him, and no one wanted to talk. He gently hooked his lips, narrowed his eyes and stared at Allen’s back as if he were looking at something.
But Allen is also sneer at continuing to move by himself. These two people dare to lie to him …!