Two people looking at just like the dead Gu Qingshan have some worries.

Suddenly two swords appeared in the void.
This is Gu Qingshan’s sword.
They turned a circle around Gu Qingshan’s body and suddenly hummed in a certain direction.
Two swords disappeared in a moment.
"What is this situation?" Ye Fei bizarre way
"I guess they probably went to the grave with Gu Qingshan," Zhang Yinghao said.
Gu Qingshan eyes closed.
He felt a black body shaking involuntarily at the moment.
First of all, breathing is broken
The heartbeat is getting slower and slower.
Lingli huddled in dantianzhong
cardiac arrest
At the same time Gu Qingshan involuntarily open your eyes.
He got up from himself.
But there was another one who sat cross-legged and motionless.
Gu Qingshan looked around.
Tong Tong looked at the ground and he showed a surprised expression.
Everyone speaks.
However, everyone’s eyes fell cross-legged and sat on him.
Gu Qingshan waved before Zhang Yinghao.
Zhang Yinghao, unmoved by anxiety, looked at the cross-legged man and sat on him.
Ye Fei was obviously nervous that he couldn’t leave to see the lotus flower flashing on his body.
No one can see Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan came here for nothing.
I’m already dead
Now I am in a state of soul.
A strange tactic power wrapped around him and suddenly broke a gap in the void.
This is the secret law, the power to return to the soul
It will drag Gu Qingshan into the virtual turbulence.
In the virtual turbulence of the yellow channel
"So now I can go to the grave" Gu Qingshan murmured.
The sword suddenly jumped out of it and rumbled, "I’ll go with you. After all, the situation is very chaotic and you are in danger."
"You can go, too?" Gu Qingshan asked
As soon as he asked, it suddenly occurred to him that the sword had been to the virtual turbulence and passed by.
So the sword can really follow yourself!
Gu Qingshan immediately relaxed some mood.
For a swordsman, there is a bottom in his heart.
"It’s not my tidal sound, it’s a weapon forged by the gods, and it can also be" Kendo.
Sure enough, the sword of tidal sound also shows its shape in vain.
The fish jumped out of the blade of the tidal sound sword and swam around Gu Qingshan.
"Tide sound also go? Great, I’m a little confident. "Gu Qingshan smiled.