Into the dark, small white and small fierce constantly alert around.

Lin Yue lit the torch on the wall and lit up the vast.
He found that the stone wall at the hole he had built before had been broken in half, and the broken stones were scattered all over the floor.
Lin Yue looked at the gouges where whole pieces were missing when the stone wall was chiseled out, and accidentally found that it was actually made by pickaxes.
strange thing
If we can destroy this stone wall pick and not destroy it, will he block the stone wall of Shimen?
With doubt, he put the hand barrel into the object and walked with Xiaobai Xiaomeng.
"This is … blood?" From time to time, there is some blood on the ground in the passage, and the area is not small
Is this a survivor or a lizard man?
The hand-barrel lights keep exploring the road, and there are not many flames left on both sides of the road. The whole passage is left with him and his two partners.
"Ga blare ….." Finally came to the fork in the road where Xiaobai called out to the mine, which seemed to awaken Lin Yue to go there first.
Lin Yueshi is thinking this way.
He really wants to come to the mine before he finishes exploring this F area.
Although a lot of ore was searched at one time, the amount of ore obtained at that time was not much because the object was not so huge as it is now.
But now it’s completely different.
Carefully moving in that direction, before long, he entered the familiar mine hole, and Xiao Meng, a fierce warrior, also killed four gold stinging horned spiders, and Lin Yue also harvested 4 ml of spider venom.
Spider poison, a monster pterodactyl, has already achieved considerable results. Lin Yue thinks he can have as much of this as he wants if he can.
Even if you add some water to neutralize it, the effect is estimated to be very strong.
"Ga blare ….." Small white is called a look at the cave.
Lin Yue felt a burst of cold wind blowing from the inside, and this time it was nothing
Cold wind … Are those ice lizards out?
Hand-held lights flashed across Lin Yue and he stepped into the cave, but he also saw that there were many rocks on both sides.
Bloody handprints!
Has anyone been here? Besides, blood fingerprints …
"Uh-huh …"
Suddenly there was a man in front and M19 in Lin Yue’s hand was lifted.
"Ga-blah" unexpectedly, Xiaobai didn’t give any warning, but calmly called out as if the man had just heard voices.
Lin Yue hit the infrared aiming and continued to move slowly with doubts, but Xiao Meng slipped past him and ran to the front.
He chased Xiao Meng forward and just then the faint sound rang again. At this moment, Lin Yue also smelled a smell of blood!
In front of the small fierce also stopped at this moment.
The lantern shone on Xiao Meng and the black shadow in front of Xiao Meng.
"People … people?" Lin Yue found Xiaomeng didn’t move, but waited for his order to stay next to the man leaning against a stone with his eyes closed.
The man’s body is still slightly undulating, and his face is pale. He has a dagger that is deeply plunged into his abdomen, and his right finger is gone. There is a smell of blood around him.
"Well …"
In front of this person, it seems that he felt the light of the hand tube, and his mouth mumbled something again, but his eyes did not open his left hand and trembled slightly.
Lin Yue looked a little at this man’s pants, which were stained with blood, and the blood was all over the floor.
Seriously injured …
He shook his head hopelessly.
Minor injury is a good thing to say that serious injury is a dead word in this different world.
Lack of medicine, doctors and environment
Although Lin Yue has some medicine and bandages, he is not a doctor, and he has no dressing technology.