Where is the other person’s shelter?

Lin Yue was preparing to continue to watch the video of the second place when suddenly I saw someone else’s comments in the video, which kept saying that Du Ping fell from the second place to the fourth place.
Du Ping Lin Yue has a deep memory, and he has also been paying attention to it.
And it’s not a trivial matter to fall from second place to fourth place.
Especially knowing that the grading system seems to have been graded since the disaster last night, and it was even more strange after the deadline in Lin Yue.
This gave him an idea. Is Du Ping in charge of points?
Because the top three will be filmed in short videos and don’t want others to know what is in their shelter, Du Ping controls his score …
Is this possible?
Lin Yue thinks more and more wrong.
If it is true, then Du Ping …
This man should be careful in the future.
Keep looking at the second video.
It’s also not long, but the information is quite large
Second place, this person can be seen from the video that he should be a good carpenter and a rather powerful hunter. At the same time, he can make a fireplace out of stone to keep warm.
Even this is all done by one person.
It can be seen that this person is capable.
Lin Yue carefully examined the various arrangements in this family and had some disputes in his heart.
Later, if this person wants to buy water to drink, he can take the opportunity to get some carpentry designs to add something to this shelter.
So …
Lin Yue sent a private letter.
This is what he can’t see.
After all, every time I read it, it’s 9999. Most of this information is rubbish and I can’t read it.
But at the moment, Lin Yue feels that it is not impossible to find a business opportunity
Especially when he has become a celebrity in this group.
Chapter 4 Self-strategy is OK
Before you know it, it’s getting dark again
As if it will never stop, blizzard has a shelter that seems to never be submerged by snow.
Two thick white smoke from two black chimneys also made this iron shelter warmer.
Part of the shelter is 4 square meters, and it is almost occupied by two huge fireplaces with a lot of firewood.
A woman dressed in toilet hit one fireplace, put a pile of firewood in it, checked the other fireplace to make sure there was no problem, and then hurried to the entrance of the central room of the house.
For 32 square meters in the room at this time there are seven people are doing things.
"There’s nothing wrong with the bass oven?" After seeing a woman coming, she was cutting a branch with a short knife. The glasses man looked up and asked 1.
"No, no," the woman nodded nervously. "I’ve filled in the firewood and I can burn it for almost five hours, temporarily, temporarily …"
See glasses man frowned, Beth hurriedly went to a layer of inspection.
At this time, Dahu, who had been making wooden boards next to him, came over and patted the glasses man on the shoulder. "Does Du want to be the first small shelter again?"
Du Ping smiled gently. "There’s a lot to study, isn’t there? Eliot "
"I don’t deny this, Du. I’ve always had a question. Instead of fighting for the first place in this group, we should change our plans halfway to the fourth place?"
"Eliot, you this statement is very strange, isn’t it enough? Du didn’t want us to expose our strength. There were so many ways to reduce the score … Although in the end, and the third place, that silly big guy was 2 points short, it was really thrilling. "The red-haired woman sat next to Du Ping and leaned closely.
"There’s nothing wrong with exposing our strength. Isn’t it just right for us to recruit more people to work?" Eliot spread his hand. "It’s no good hiding our strength?"
Du Ping pushed his glasses and glared at Teresa. "Fight for the first place? Do you think I haven’t counted? None of us in the shelter can do it together. Lin Yue is better than this! If you really go to the second place, you will be humiliated. If you are the first, it will be even more humiliating. "
"ah? Is that so? " Teresa is incredible. "I watched that video, too. It seems that it’s no big deal. Will our scores be insufficient?"
Du Ping pointed to the bucket with several liters of water. "We are all out of the box. What can we compare with Lin Yue for? What do we eat when he eats barbecue and instant noodles? He has plenty of food and water to keep a pet! Did you see a lot of things piled up in that basement or did Lin Yue put away a lot of back! "
Teresa and Eliot looked at each other.
Indeed, they have a reasonable division of labor every day, and go out every day to cut down trees, find minerals, chisel stones and hunt. Although they have worked hard, they still have few resources.
And the crisis of extreme water shortage is also limited to expand before this huge number of people.
Because of this, they have to exchange some things or things that are temporarily unavailable with Lin Yue for a small amount of water to maintain.
This also forced them to go to something better and exchange water with Lin Yue.
But the chances of killing mutant creatures to get the treasure chest are too low. Finally, they can explore the secret realm and find something special in it.
Now that the snowstorm is coming, the secret land is blocked, and it is impossible for them to exchange something good for water. Even Lin Yue, the most valuable bicycle design, bargained for two liters of water and replaced it.
"In another day, there will be many more people in this shelter, and then they will no longer look at Lin Yue’s face and beg him for water." Du Ping took off his glasses and took a deep breath. "We will go to the top of the standings once! Then let this group know who is the real king! "
At the same time, another "tiankeng"
Lin Yue is lying on the bed with the word "Lu", and Xiao Bai and Bergcock Brown are bargaining sentence by sentence.
Instead of adding these two people to his friends, he started a temporary conversation with them.
Who would have thought that he hadn’t come to attack them yet? The two brothers just delivered the door themselves.
Naturally, they all come to ask for water and sell it. Lin Yue, a profiteer, won’t let them lose their skin.
Berger has quite a lot of skins, but Lin Yue thinks it is his iron shelter design; Kirk Brown, an old carpenter, Lin Yue wants to make all kinds of wooden design drawings.
What is the most taboo in business?
People know your cards.
Lin Yue? There is no card or the card is almost limited. What about those two?
Take what you need and what’s left is the ultimate pull