"Didn’t find dangerous Xu Le you …"

"Then I can go?"
"There are things? How can I say that I am also a bachelor who returned from studying abroad and should not be treated like this? "
Xu Le said and took out his red.
"No, it’s okay."
Li Qing Orange looks a little depressed. Xu Le doesn’t know why she is depressed. Why don’t you talk to me?
Xu Le twist a head from what doesn’t even mean to speak.
And Li Qing orange can see Xu Le go back from her original Xu Le, but her expectation didn’t come true.
Xu Le just left.
"We really can’t go back …"
Li Qing orange didn’t chase her. She is a Zion law enforcer and can’t leave her post for too long.
After leaving the airship flat, Xu Le’s eyes became sharp
"The more familiar people are, the more dangerous they are."
First, he went to the bank and converted one gram of gold in his hand into nine dollars.
It takes 1% to exchange gold, except for Xu Le’s own degree certificate.
It’s not just banking procedures. It’s all over for a person with a bachelor’s degree in Zion to take public transportation.
Both steam cars and trains around the city can be used for public transportation.
If you buy airship tickets, you can also enjoy half price concessions.
Or you can take a third-class seat. Of course, no one will take a third-class seat with a normal bachelor’s degree.
The city of Zion has many small benefits for intelligent talents to the naked eye.
Xu Le bought a map from a convenience store near Airship Ping.
Although he remembers the general outline of Zion, it is too strange.
Xu Le took a steam bus to the gate of Zion University of Science and Technology.
According to many local people in Zion, if you are successful in your studies but don’t know where you should go to work, you can visit the University of Science and Technology.
The tutor of the University of Science and Technology will arrange the most reasonable job for you.
So Xu Le went with his lighthouse university diploma and bachelor’s degree.
The doorman of the University of Science and Technology did not stop after showing his identity.
Even sent a guard to follow Xu Le.
Although there may be some surveillance, their respect for scholars is really true.
Guards in universities are generally level 1 fighters.
They don’t feel superior to the lighthouse, which makes Xu Le feel very comfortable.
Although he is also a great genius, now he pretends not to be.
After Xu Le was taken to the career assignment instructor, the guards waited at the door.
Xu Le looked at the fat middle-aged man and nodded politely.
"Hello, tutor, my name is Xu Legang, and this is my degree certificate. I want to ask if there is any suitable job available for me?"