Thinking about thinking about his face, a smile appeared.

A staff member next to him hurriedly said, "Sir, pay attention to your expression!"
Next to him was a worker carrying a camera.
At present, all communications in Fusang are completely paralyzed, and reporters don’t know where an emergency desk is still running. This worker is a temporary guest.
How can you show such a smile at this time? Of course, show a firm expression.
This is going down in history!
Baishi hurriedly held his head high and looked ahead.
That expression should be as firm as it is, as bold as it is.
As the ship staggered forward, the fog gradually evaporated around it.
The nearby sea area was heated by a volcano, and now the temperature is higher than that of other places, and the humidity is very high.
But you can vaguely see something approaching.
Close, close!
Baishi took a deep breath and held Fusang State Flag. His hands were a little sweaty.
The horse is about to make history. Should the boat take the left leg or the right leg first?
Just then, the captain of the warship suddenly came to report, "Sir, the radar detected that there was another ship approaching ahead! It is the Nut State Fleet! "
Their voice did not fall when they heard a loud bang overhead and several fighters roared past.
Baishi looked up at the whistling fighter and suddenly felt bad.
He slowly bowed his head and saw a huge ship leaning over in the light fog ahead.
That’s an aircraft carrier.
There are also many warship guard sides behind the aircraft carrier.
At that moment, Baishi turned white.
This is the nut state aircraft carrier formation!
"Sir …" Next to the entourage are consulting eyes look up.
"warn them at once!" Baishi suddenly took a deep breath and looked sad. "This is our territorial waters in Fusang Prefecture. Let them show their intentions!"
The captain was ordered to leave when a soldier came to report that he had received the information of the aircraft carrier battle group in Nut State.
"What did they say?"
"This is the territorial waters of Nut State. Let’s leave immediately!"
"What?" Baishi felt that he was slippery. How can this be the territorial waters of Nut State?
Will you stop being so cruel!
Baishi picked up the telescope and looked at the other side. He saw that there was also an official in a suit and tie at the bow of the other side carrying a nut state flag, and there was a Pse there.
"Communicator" Baishi waved the flag in his hand and handed it to his entourage. He took the communicator and yelled at the other party. "According to international conventions, the newly emerging islands within 12 nautical miles of our Fusang coastline are all our territory!"
The opposite side also handed the state flag to the officer next to him and yelled with a com.
"Yes, we respect international conventions. This reef is yours." The Nut State official reached out and pointed to it.