That change is just the sudden movement of his body, and his hands are stuck in the soil as if to support his body. That movement seems to be extremely difficult, as if he had tried his last strength to survive.

Mu Nanfeng’s eyes were full of color. On the surface, he seemed to laugh freely, putting life and death out of the picture, but his heart was a little sad. His sadness was that young tianjiao, such as Lu Li, Qian Xue and Zi Yin, died in Yongzhou today, which was a great loss.
Why don’t you just evacuate the people in the main city of Yongzhou, or Mu Nanfeng will think he will become a sinner through the ages.
The blood shadow demon king tried to make a head start, but he was surprised. "It’s rare to be able to struggle when the physical load reaches that level."
The last flash of brilliance in the palm of his hand was the strength brought by his last belief. Besides, nothing can move the truth again when he looks all over.
No one did it, but they were curious and wanted to see what the dead would do.
People in the right way sometimes say some high-sounding words. Magic people also respect the strong. On how to behave in Alcatraz today, people hate it, but it is worthy of everyone’s admiration to fight to save their fellow people.
Everyone stared at the palm of their hand and held a kit, which was small but very delicate.
Slowly beating everyone is a distraction, and it is like exhausting your last strength. Generally, you may faint at any time.
The trick was beaten by him, but look inside.
Chapter 200 Assistance from All Parties
When the kit was just taken out, the purple Guanghua beat and flashed, which also aroused many people’s interest, but there was nothing or Guanghua presented again when it was away from home.
Even the brilliance of the kit is dim and fascinating.
Mu Jia’s two sword immortals were also stuck. They guessed that this trick might be the last thing to rely on, but was it that they were cheated by others?
Unexpectedly, he smiled indifferently, but the smile disappeared instantly, accompanied by a severe injury, and he fainted directly. He was seriously injured and his oil was exhausted, and his life and death were unpredictable
This twists and turns makes the three demon kings also the blood-intolerant shadow demon king in the lead, and the blood clouds are flashing and the magic strength is exploding. He is quite belligerent and directly wants to take the south wind’s head.
Leaving the trick is a game that makes everyone have different thoughts, but no one thinks about it anymore.
The demon king’s blood shadow magic cloud enveloped the whole center of Yongzheng city, and the masters of Alcatraz all retreated from their homes. The two masters also wore clouds with mortal beliefs and brazenly made swords!
The first world war, the clouds moved to crack widex’s roaring winds and days!
This battle, the magic cries blood and kills the dream!
In the middle of the class, it was suddenly the wind and the rain, and an inexplicable fairy aura swept through, which was surprising and surprising.
The evil shadow demon handsome responds very quickly, and a series of boxing shadows explode from the foot of the mountain, and the change of his boxing strength can produce illusory magic shadows, which makes people fall into the middle and outside. Even if anyone wants to break in, he thinks he can’t pass himself.
Unexpectedly, a light figure is like a flying feather walking on the sky, and the speed is fast. If the evil shadow demon handsome moves quickly, her figure will walk into the void.
With the whole body shaking, the Tao reverts to emptiness, and the sky wave knocks back all the evil shadows and demons in one fell swoop. It’s like a fairy girl descending from the sky, a fairy sword, Guanghua, bright as the moon, and a ray of radiance. It’s beautiful like a cold fairy, which makes people wonder.
That sound is as cold as ice, but it is unforgettable after being heard once, even if it will bring death to several magicians!
"Wan Jian Zhu Xian!"
A sword comes out of Wan Jian’s kendo change, and the meaning of the sword is derived. The sword of Qian Qian’s ten thousand swords is called Wan Jian Zhu Xian!
The sword man asked more questions?
"Today, I will help you solve the problem that the main city of Yongzhou is in danger!"
There is a hint in her voice that this woman is genkai’s dream-exquisite!
She’s a recruit Wan Jian Zhu Xian set off a huge wave, and this recruit is strong. Only when she really understands others can she know it.
The bloodthirsty magic handsome face was shocked. He ignored the illusion of many whole people’s blood fog and stopped the evil shadow magic handsome. At the same time, he said in a serious tone, "The sword of evil shadow retreating quickly is very sharp!"
The evil shadow demon handsome heart is very afraid of this exquisite, and when he wants to help, a thunder mountain breaks, but when he turns his eyes and looks at each other, the speed is like running a thunder disease, and this person has mastered the wind walking like running a thunder and angry wind, so it is better to let more magic shadows than him.
"Hum, evil spirits will kill if they fall down today!" This person is far away from home and almost became an enemy, but today he is also here to fight the demons.
It’s the wind family who is less master-Fengyunye!
"A group of Uzbeks sent several big families and Tianjiao to die today?"
The blood shadow demon king is furious, and the two demons, Gengetsu, live against the Mu family. The blood shadow demon king personally wants to shovel out all the rescuers!