When the gods move, they give orders, and the whole swarm of individual nest units disperse and flee in different directions.

There must be a worm nest in the zerg’s difficult place that will not be destroyed. Once sufficient resources are obtained, it can turn over completely in a short time.
After the first world war and the energy loss in the sea for decades, the number of insect nests dominated by Siming is not much, but there are more than 30. Even if one of these insect nests is not destroyed in case of enemy, this means that the population continues its vitality.
Looking at a worm’s nest swimming like a giant centipede, quietly disappearing into the darkness, Si Ming’s master is also relieved.
The mother nest is more cautious to stay in the opposite direction of the battlefield. Look for an opportunity to quietly lurk a floating meteorite not far away.
Although it is stable here, it is very common that there will be some floating meteorites without violent energy turbulence in the universe.
The hidden breath on the attachment surface of the insect nest is extremely inconspicuous and slowly swims with the meteorite floating.
The wormhole behind him is getting bigger and bigger, and the breath is getting more and more obvious.
This is the reason why the master of Siming dare not stay here, otherwise the wisdom of the star beast is very low. Once the attention of those huge ships is attracted, it is not enough for people to kill these insects.
The zerg’s greatest advantage is its huge explosive capacity and desperate worm sea tactics, which is the magic weapon for the zerg to defeat the enemy.
Si Ming dominates this zerg. After repeated destruction, it is at its lowest ebb. Without the number advantage, the roots dare not confront a powerful man head-on.
Sure enough, the swarm dispersed, and soon a group of warships came in this direction.
Shining warships are as beautiful as art floating in the sea of the universe.
Among these warships, there is an extraordinarily large black hull with a prismatic shape, which is as big as the earth. Around its center, warships form a huge battle group.
A huge glass wall at the forefront of this prismatic warship can clearly see the hull. A group of green-skinned creatures dressed in uniform, with big heads and long arms, manipulate buttons in an orderly manner, sitting or in their own posts.
There is also a robot walking around the cabin doing some sex or auxiliary work.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Zerg explosive growth
In the direction of the warship command room, a green-skinned creature made an epaulet just like other creatures, and a glittering six-pointed star marked his commander’s identity.
Seeing the commander with a dignified expression, he projected a three-dimensional picture through the big window of the spaceship.
"Forward coordinate position Юг 65432 wave analysis Wormhole is being generated" is the universal Haitong language.
"Wormholes are being generated?"
The commander’s dignified expression showed shock and pushed the chair up directly.
"Displacement wormhole! It turned out to be a displacement wormhole! "
"quick! Report to the Imperial Army immediately that we have found the displacement wormhole! This is a great achievement! Great work! Ha, ha, ha. If I’m lucky, I’ll be knighted and get rid of my civilian status! "
The commander was soon pleasantly surprised.
The title of Moyun’s Fifth Reich is extremely valuable. Even though he is a fleet commander and a middle-ranking officer in the army, he has won the title of nobility despite his military achievements in the battle. This is his heart disease.
Seeing the opportunity coming, how can he not be surprised?
"It’s the commander!"
Someone immediately promised a neat chest-length ceremony, turned around and manipulated the precision dashboard to give instructions.
"The 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th squadrons immediately accelerated to occupy the coordinates around the wormhole."
"The body fleet is moving fast!"
The commander skillfully issued a series of orders.
The imperial fleet has a perfect charter, and what kind of reaction should be made in case of any situation is exactly stipulated. It is only necessary for commanders to issue orders in accordance with the charter, and special reactions are needed only under extremely special circumstances.
"It’s the commander!"
In the neat promise, all the personnel in the whole fleet are busy.
Soon a large number of ships buzzed and twisted around … Jump! The whole fleet has appeared around the wormhole by disappearing for a moment.
In the distant battlefield, more and more fleets leave the battlefield and turn around when they are far away from those star behemoths, that is, jump immediately.