These are beyond this time, when the power has just entered the field of the true god, and the energy gained in just a few seconds was completely digested by Su Li in these three hours, and his strength has further increased.

But Su Li also found a new problem, that is, his body almost no longer integrates these newly gained energies.
He has a faint feeling that his body can now devour fusion energy, which is a temporary limit.
After all, even if the world of the true God has almost exhausted energy, everyone is like a vessel, and there is a limit to the energy that can be sustained, not an end.
Su Li, who just got all the energy, opened his eyes and prepared to do the same thing again to get high-dimensional energy from the real world behind this giant door.
Suri, who started the super-dimension, stepped in one step, and he had five seconds. When deducting the time when he entered and exited the giant gate, the true god world could not exceed four seconds.
In these four seconds, he didn’t dare to wave. This time, he failed to launch the limit and reached 65 kilometers. The sacred field further swallowed up more energy, and sacrificed the third talent to make the ancient city as large as possible and devour this high-dimensional force.
Soon after five seconds, Su Li immediately retreated again.
Falling back into the sacred tower, his mouth gasped and his forehead was full of excitement despite cold sweat.
Just after the changes in the sacred realm and the further strengthening of the ancient city, Su Li felt that she could enter the state of true god and extended it. Now she should be able to support it for about six seconds.
This time, the harvest is even greater than the second harvest. The sacred field is full of massive and higher-dimensional power, and the ancient city is also full of unimaginable energy.
With this enough energy, Su Li decided to make a good sacrifice of this ancient city, from Fangxing Universe to Fanggu City, including all the buildings inside, to refine it.
This time, Su Li practiced and integrated for five hours, and his sacred field reached an amazing kilometer.
There is a sacred power in the sacred realm, and it is more and more horrible. As he breathes and breathes, this sacred power turns into a huge illusion, which is looming than the illusion of the sacred dragon.
Su Li sacrificed the immortal furnace, the immortal bone sword and the immortal dragon into this looming sacred dragon, and constantly sacrificed it. He wanted to sacrifice the immortal furnace, the immortal bone sword and the dragon into a super-dimensional weapon beyond the current dimension.
If his ideal ultra-dimensional weapon is really refined, Su Li has a feeling that the ultimate god, let alone the Dafa God, can be pressed to death at will, fearing that even the Taoist priest can kill it with one blow.
In those four seconds, he swallowed energy in the ancient city and even went beyond the field. The ancient city is now more and more magnificent, and all the buildings in it are completely revealed.
The ancient sacred weather became more and more intense, and the change of the altar was the most obvious. Even if he didn’t summon this altar, the black figure would take the initiative to dance. This altar can now automatically sacrifice the consumed energy as a sacrifice.
This is not a good phenomenon for Su Li, but now he can stop it. Of course, now he is no longer afraid and will not deliberately stop it.
The altar’s desire to revive has gradually come to an end, especially after Su Li obtained the Transcendental Person.
When the owner of this altar is resurrected, he will have a battle.
The owner of this altar may be a fallen statue in the past, and now Suli has the confidence to challenge the statue.
Half a day later, his strength changed dramatically again, and he stepped into the ultra-dimensional state again and entered the giant door for the third time.
This time, Su Li’s ultra-dimensional state lasted for seven seconds.
The growth of body energy enables him to maintain the state of super dimension for a longer time. This time, three crystal nuclei of his vigor also change and actively absorb the energy of this super dimension.
The three crystals of his spirit were originally the ultimate sanctification level, and these days, he has been drawing on the power of faith. Now, when he regains this dimension, his energy has faint signs of becoming immortal and sacred.
Suri crossed his legs and sat in his sacred field, only two kilometers away from reaching the breakthrough standard.
This time, Su Li’s cross-legged practice took more than ten hours to completely integrate and digest all the energy gained from the higher dimensional world. His sacred field has grown to 1 km, which has reached the limit of senior gods and reached the standard of being promoted to the top gods again.
However, Su Li failed to break through the promotion to a higher level.
His Shinto is not perfect enough to reach the top level of God.
The first two promotion conditions, 30,000 spiritual sources and 1 km range, all meet the requirements, but the remaining is not perfect Shinto.
Perfection of Shinto depends on understanding, and Su Li needs to realize that Bai Cang-cheng, the king of the Dharma God, has a feeling for the top gods, the peak gods and even the ultimate Shinto. Bai Cang-cheng, after all, is his Shinto. Su Li does not need to understand, but also needs to make his Shinto break through to a corresponding level.
The ancient city overhead is floating and sinking in the rolling energy. Except for the altar and the mysterious stone house outside the detached ancient city, all its buildings are under the control of Su Li.
Those buildings can be born with the mind, and they sway at will, which means that the ancient and sacred atmosphere are intertwined, and the tower with the ancient banners has a tragic atmosphere.