He finally rushed to the top of the monthly list on the first floor and was satisfied with getting some sacred fragments into the second floor.

Relying on the fusion of sacred fragments, he has a deeper understanding of his own field and received enough spiritual sources. He is confident that in a year or two, he should be able to break through the semi-sacred threshold again and become a fifteen-level destroyer.
At the moment, he heard that Su Li won the first news of the first floor of the sacred tower and felt his head buzzing.
Su Li? He naturally knows who it is. Isn’t it one of the five new people who just entered the first floor last month? I didn’t see his information at that time, so I took one more look at him and asked his name.
Now how to break the dark protoss Chineydy created before the ancient records became the first in the total list?
Chapter 771 Face war
When Duan Luochen knew the news, the whole people were mixed up in the crowd, quietly listening to the first sacred order of those people.
More than 3,000 old Terran saboteurs gathered together, as did the dark protoss, dark dragon, dark ghost and other saboteurs.
The first powerful vandals have reached the limit of fifteen in this level of cultivation, and they have also received sacred orders from the tribe to find an old Terran named Suli here.
The number of people on the second floor of the sacred tower of the dark protoss, the dark dragon and the dark ghost is close to 30,000.
The order was sent out, and soon the 30 thousand border breakers swept away in all directions like a black tide. They wanted to find the old Terran Suri at all costs even if they dug three feet in the second world.
Su Li made some changes in her mind after talking to Yuntang.
Their first floor rushed to the top of the total list, which caused the sacred attention of the dark tribes. It is very likely that the second floor of the destroyer will be ordered to find out their own test details. Once they prove that they are strong, they will not hesitate to think of various ways to open a sacred tower and enter the sacred tower by various means to kill themselves.
Although Yuntang said that they would try various ways to protect themselves, Suligen did not dare to give his life and death to the sacred family for protection.
He is not at ease.
On that day, Yuntang and old gods came out of the forgotten war. As a result, they were killed by different gods if they hadn’t arranged the cause before.
From this detail, he felt that the sacredness of the old Terran was a bit unreliable.
"Yuntang likes to pay attention to ostentation and extravagance, although she is a saint, but the means of doing things feel a little straight … It’s a good woman to contact her these times to see people. I don’t see any salt in the earth to make friends with such people … but I can’t count on her wily enemies to fight …"
Su Li shook his head slightly while thinking, but it involved his own life and he had to be careful
"This dark clan is sacred and untouched, but nine times out of ten, it’s also treacherous and cunning. If people want to win, they have to be more treacherous and cunning than them … Yuntang is not cunning enough, even not …"
"In this old gods heard that I don’t know how many years I have lived … I can die at any time. This situation is hard to protect myself, even if it is not crazy, I can’t count on him too much …"
The more Suri thought about it, the more dangerous he felt.
If you really want to be like Yun Tang, you need to think about it as if it were an impact on the general list, and the dark families are sacred to deal with them, and you are afraid that you will not know how to die when you die.
"Since Yuntang said that there are many ways to make the sacred enter this sacred tower, the greater the cost, the more powerful it is possible to play here, so … we must prepare for the worst."
Su Li has come into contact with Yuntang and seen her strength. Even if she breaks through the great boundary, she still has a great gap from the real saint, let alone the real god.
"Yuntanggen doesn’t know that I once killed hundreds of dark protoss in one breath on the first floor, and the other party will soon know the truth. It makes no sense for me to keep a low profile now. If there is no accident, a sacred tower will be opened, and the dark tribes will move, and it is very likely that they will enter this sacred tower to kill me …"
Su Li is more and more uneasy. Although he has four immortal bones, even if God kills himself, it takes four times, but he can’t pin his hope on this face. He is really afraid that even having forty immortal bones is not enough to die.
He has strengthened his brain for ten times, constantly calculating the white light emitted by the sun, the moon and the gods behind him, and soon he will be hundreds of kilometers away.
There are a lot of people in the distance, and the center of the crowd is the giant circle with a diameter of 100 meters.
Su Li returned here again.
But this time he restrained his breath and covered himself up in a mass of virtual reality.
As soon as the figure was swept away, he blended in with the crowd, and in an instant, when the scene in front of the array changed, he appeared again in the first giant. There were ten motionless sacred puppets, and a message appeared in his mind to show whether he was challenging.
He didn’t choose to challenge and ignore this message, but just sat cross-legged
Just before Su Li suddenly thought of this sacred tower, the second floor was nowhere to be found here.
If those dark people want to find themselves, let them look for them slowly on the second floor. What they need to do now is to seize the opportunity to break the boundary.
The world on the second floor of this sacred tower is very vast. Looking for an old Terran with a famous name is no less than looking for a needle in a haystack. The 30,000 strong people who broke the border went crazy and looked for Su Li everywhere. Soon, five or six days passed and these people got nothing.
These days, they have found many old terrans, but no one admits to being Soviet and Lebanese. On the contrary, there have been several fierce conflicts between the two sides, each with casualties.
Seeing that there is no result, the strong of these dark tribes have reached a consensus. Since no one knows who is Su Li among so many old Terrans, the simplest way is to slaughter all the more than 3,000 old Terrans who have broken the territory on the second floor.
The dark forces Terran is always at odds at all levels of the sacred tower, and there are often star conflicts. Both sides have restrained themselves, and the conflicts have controlled a small area. After all, once a large-scale conflict has evolved, no one will get much benefit, which will make its race cheaper.
This time, an unprecedented large-scale conflict broke out in Suli.
Even on that day, all the major races joined forces to strangle Chineydy, which also happened. The top leaders of all ethnic groups did not involve these border breakers.
Because of Chineydy’s entry into the sacred tower, the dark clans were already quite famous and seized the first floor of the sacred tower. At the first time, all clans didn’t doubt his disadvantages. They didn’t need to use these boundary breakers to test him, but directly tried to make moves and then evolved into a sacred fierce struggle among all clans.
Even if the dark clans gave orders to the clan destroyer, they didn’t expect that it would eventually turn into a large-scale melee among the dark clans.
With the decision that the three dark races will unite together, the number of border breakers is close to 30,000, and the first few hundred have crossed the semi-sacred threshold, and the fifteen border breakers have led the crazy slaughter of the old Terran.
On their way, they will meet the old Terran and do it immediately without asking why.
A bloody massacre finally kicked off.
There are more than 3,000 old terrans on the second floor of the entire sacred tower. If you resist this super 30,000 dark three-clan alliance?
Soon hundreds of old Terrans were slaughtered, and the scene was very tragic.
The news quickly heard that the old Terran was United by the dark tribes to slaughter the sacred tower. On the second floor, about 10,000 strong primitive Terrans organized themselves to help the slaughtered old Terran and took part in the battle to kill the dark tribes.
Then there are five or six thousand magic Terrans, more than two thousand winged Terrans, more than one thousand orcs and amphibious Terrans …
More and more races are involved, and more and more people are involved. Even if they are unwilling to intervene in the war to help each other, the old Terran, the Dragon Terran, the Forgotten Terran and the Undead Terran are caught by the strong of the dark tribes for the same reason, and they immediately rush to slaughter and be forced to endure, and they are finally involved.
This is an unprecedented ethnic chaos.