Take the most basic’ Jing Dian’ as an example. It is all the top achievement methods in day order, and it also includes many magic achievement methods, demon achievement methods, even ghost achievement methods and spirit achievement methods!

Malaria and blood shura are also welcome. I immediately found a method that is most suitable for me. I plan to try it as soon as I have it.
Besides, in the "Dan Dian", there are all kinds of prescriptions, Wang Dan medicine and Dan Fang, and there are many Xiao Fan’s root methods to check the prescription, which must be the Zundan medicine and Dan Fang!
Xiao Fan grabbed a’ nine dead metempsychosis Dan’ prescription and looked at it and was immediately attracted.
After the quilt, if you have experienced nine frequent death experiences and arrived at the last time, you will be thoroughly remoulded, and your qualifications will be improved several times.
"Gee, what a nine dead metempsychosis Dan. I’ve almost died nine times since now, haven’t I? How high will it be if I can take one of these pills the most? " Xiao Fan left his mouth and looked at the materials needed for refining this Dan medicine, then conveniently put the prescription back in the distance.
I’ve never heard of the joke noodle material myself. Maybe it’s unknown whether it can still be done now!
However, with these alchemists, it means that if you have the opportunity, you can try to refine a higher and better Dan medicine. It is a challenge and a pleasure for him as an alchemist!
Xiao Fan was overjoyed to be in the "Hall of Instruments".
The refiner is even more depressed than an alchemist in the immortal world today.
Many refining means and methods have been lost for a long time. Someone can refine the magic weapon. There is already a generation of refining masters.
In the present day, all the holy magic weapons and even the magic weapons of Wang are ancient. Today, no one can have the ability to refine these magic weapons from the roots of Yunhe mainland.
There are not only many refining methods, but also many ancient refining experts’ experience and experience, and there are also several magic weapon refining methods of various orders in the whole’ Hall of Devices’.
Xiao Fan hurriedly immersed in a little understanding, and then I got a boost.
It turns out that the principle of the refiner is similar to that of an alchemist. If you know it deeply, it is estimated that it will not be long before you will know a way of refining the refiner. After some repeated practice, it is not difficult to refine an ordinary magic weapon by your own practice!
I tried to think that if the backbone of Qingyang League had a few magic weapons, when people were overwhelming against the enemy, they would have to run away!
"By the way, now that you have a higher limit of malaria, can you let more people enter here to practice?" Xiao Fan hurriedly asked
"Hey, hey, it’s natural to bring in a horde, and now I can slow down the time to a thousand times, which means that the outside year is a thousand years, which can be compared with the time flow in the underworld!" Malaria pride ratio said
"But the resources and cultivation conditions here are hundreds of millions of times stronger than the Yin boundary. There is no need to worry about the support of the boundary stone mountain!" Xiao Fan eyebrows a pick excited to laugh.
"Ha ha, the conformal predecessors really gave me a gift! I can’t wait to see what’s in his sub-hall. With these things, I don’t need to pay attention to what the magic alliance teaches me! " Xiao Fan has already seen a picture in his heart. Here, he practiced the scene of the Qingyang League middleman holding the magic weapon and abusing the enemy.
"Xiao Fan, come and see this sub-hall. It’s a little interesting that there will be such a thing!" Go out before blood shura suddenly turned back and said to Xiao Fan with a full face of surprise …
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