Not only Ji Xiaotianming’s power, but also many masters in Chinatown also participated, and they played a very important role in taking over the Vatican.

"Ha-ha, Jack, this is really you. We didn’t expect you to put Chinatown staff directly in the Vatican. In this way, how the Vatican develops is our own strength, which can completely protect the entire overseas Chinese."
After a while, it was just a month. After everything was handled almost, Hu Yanlei came to visit again and laughed heartily. It seemed that the way he handled it made him feel very comfortable.
I have to say that Ji Xiaotian’s move is very clever. On the surface, David Beckham, a pure Englishman and a knight of the Chinese Round Table, is promoted by the new Pope to the whole world. Secretly, the real core of the Vatican is the Chinatown masters, including a few masters in the world’s first boxing hall.
This does not include the special advisory team, the Five Elements Team, because there are still more places to make them plan Xiaotian, and they are not going to formally include them in the establishment of the new Vatican, otherwise the new control of the Vatican will be even more severe.
"It’s nothing. You just came here, Huyan. I still have some things to talk about."
Xiaotian’s eyes are definitely not only on the western society, but he is just taking advantage of it here. If he does not see that the Vatican is too arrogant, overseas Chinese have no guarantee. Ji Xiaotian has not thought of overthrowing the old Vatican and establishing a new one.
The real purpose of Xiaotian’s plan lies in the eastern society, which is his root and also attaches importance to locality. Whether it is Laoshan School or Xiaotian, he should make a big move in the East.
"Ah, you, who are you to pretend to be Jack here?"
It was unexpected that an Englishman’s face suddenly became an Asian, or rather, a China and Hu Yanlei were as Chinese as them.
Such a strange thing appeared, and everyone repeatedly heckled them, except Wu Gui, but they didn’t know the true face of Xiaotian. Over the years, everyone was used to the face of the British in Xiaotian.
"Don’t be nervous. Didn’t you see that Wu Lao is a milli-response? Huyan’s predecessor, am I like this? Can’t you tell the difference? Hehe, some personal grievances have to be kept from everyone for so long. I’m really sorry!"
"The thing is-"
"Jack: Oh, no-it should be Xiaotian. Are you sure you don’t need our help?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Waiting for Xiaotian to reveal his true face and tell his true identity, Hu Yanlei and others were all surprised. Except for knowing that Wu Gui was early, everyone was surprised badly. Xiaotian was always cautious.
Today, Ji Xiaotian spoke out, which means that the secret has been kept in my heart. It is absolutely the greatest determination to insist on eliminating the greatest enemy of the Lushan Sect. This matter cannot be changed
Hu Yanlei didn’t ask about this either. He asked if he wanted them to help him in the past. Xiaotian meant that he didn’t take any horses except the five-element team, whether it was Wu Gui or Oliver Xiao Qi, he didn’t take them back.
Everyone naturally strongly opposes that no one wants to take so many risks in such a good situation, especially Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei, and others can not go. If they want to go, they will go.
"Xiaotian said that I don’t care if I want to go to someone else. You can’t leave me here anyway."
Wu Gui almost grabbed Ji Xiaotian’s collar and couldn’t wait to stick his head on it. That means that he wouldn’t let Ji Xiaotian dump him alone, but he and Ji Xiaotian have a servant seal. No matter how you think about it, you need to maintain Ji Xiaotian.
"Wu Lao, I’ve long wanted to do this. I’m strong enough alone. There is also a five-element team. It’s not two thousand five-element teams, but five thousand people. What are you afraid of?"
I am also secretly moved by the enthusiasm for everyone, but I think I can’t trouble everyone, especially Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei, who are about to cross the fairy tale. Can something affect them again at this time? It is not good for Du Jie in the future.
Afraid that Wu Gui will blackmail the master and servant again, Xiaotian simply reached out and took advantage of Wu Gui’s opportunity. The powerful force quickly poured out and slapped a dazzling golden light on Wu Gui’s head and quickly surrounded himself and Wu Gui.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Octopus monster
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Octopus monster
"No-Xiaotian, what are you doing? Do you know what you are doing?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Wu Gui struggled hard, but his mouth kept shouting. There are ten thousand people who don’t want others to know what happened, but will he not know Xiaotian’s mind?
"Wu Lao, don’t struggle. There is no way for me to remove the handmaiden seal before. Now I do have this ability! I didn’t want to accept this master-servant seal. I don’t want to get along with Wu Lao in this way. "
Ji Xiaotian shook his head. This is another big stone in his heart that binds others’ freedom and dignity, and so on. In Ji Xiaotian’s view, the seal of master and servant is so boring that he doesn’t need to rely on this way to gain the loyalty of others.
Not only did Xiao Tian not listen to Wu Gui’s meaning, but he continued to increase the output of immortal power here. Although Xiaotian has not finished transforming all the true yuan power into immortal power until now, there are also a considerable number of immortal power in his body. At least Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei can’t compare with them.
With so many immortal forces pouring out, it is not only impossible for Wu Gui to resist any more, but also impossible for Hu Yanlei to do something to stop Ji Xiaotian’s action.
Therefore, knowing that such things cannot be changed, Wu Guiyou honestly gave up the struggle and quietly waited for the plan for Xiaotian to take further action. At this time, Wu Gui did not know where the plan for Xiaotian would be. This is to break his servant seal by strong force.
"Well, Wu Lao, your feelings and mine remain the same. I hope everyone can get along on an equal footing. No one is really taller than anyone else."
It’s the first time to do such a thing. I dare not literally and seriously mobilize almost all the immortal forces to completely break that little bit of weakness. After that, I nodded my head with satisfaction. In fact, it’s just a few minutes. Xiaotian and Wu Gui are as long as a generation.
Wu Gui there is naturally unwilling to draw a clear line with Ji Xiaotian. Although this was humiliating for such a scattered fairy belt as Wu Gui, it was possible to really get along with Ji Xiaotian. Wu Gui was not wronged at all, but he felt that he had never had family.
If we can freeze this time, Wu Gui hopes that these few minutes are really a generation.
Yu Xiaotian is an important matter, and the spirit of the Ministry is devoted to it. It is not only the first large-scale expenditure of Xianyuan power, but also more important. A slight difference between himself and Wu Gui’s safety may lead to uncontrollable things. He is nervous and feels that it is a long time.
Now it’s okay. Wu Gui doesn’t want to also lift the servant Fu Yin Ji Xiaotian. Another stone has also fallen. With such a thing here, whether Wu Gui or Hu Yanlei are good and honest, Xiaotian led the five-element team back to Chinese mainland alone.
"Xiaotian, don’t worry, there are two old guys here and a new generation of Pope David. You don’t worry about western things at all. When you let go, you will keep such a base in the west."
Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei, since there is no way to accompany them, clap their breasts when they say goodbye to Ji Xiaotian to ensure that there are two scattered immortals sitting on the throne, which should be enough compared with the fact that there are no masters in the West at present.
In this way, in addition to the five elements of the team of two thousand people, even Oliver and Xiaoqi did not take a group of people to take a super luxury cruise ship and make rapid progress in the direction of Asia.
It’s really a plane that doesn’t include a special plane. Even if it is installed, it will be very crowded. In that case, let everyone go by boat
Anyway, it’s not urgent to wait for so many years at this moment. Although Ji Xiaotian is eager for revenge, he doesn’t want to let the five elements of the team suffer at random. They are Ji Xiaotian’s office, but they can make them do it at will, but it’s not Xiaotian’s style.
Even Ji Xiaotian didn’t really relax to appreciate the scenery of Haiti. He has been practicing and practicing again. Now there is such an opportunity to relax a little. Xiaotian is willing to have a good rest here like everyone else.
The scenery of the sea is absolutely wonderful. Looking at the distance, the sea is even connected with the sky, forming a unique scene of water and sky.
No matter how narrow-minded people are, when they come to the sea, they will have a sudden feeling of being wide. It is a small day, and those of them who have a special feeling about heaven and earth have a deep understanding.
In particular, all the members of the Waterway Team come to make sure that when they reach the sea, they are almost at home, so don’t feel comfortable. Many members of the Waterway Team simply fly from the boat and float on the sea to taste more Waterway Power.
Even more exaggerated, I simply plunged into the sea and moved around there as if it were my own swimming pool instead of mysterious and dangerous sea.
Their activities naturally drive the wooden team members to sit still. Although they are not as natural and unrestrained as the water team members, they can control the sea freely, but Shui Mu is living side by side. They can benefit the sea and increase their self-repair.
So they are not to be outdone, flying to the sea one by one, simply floating in the middle of the practice, and strong green light spreads out from their bodies in circles, which is very beautiful.
Thanks to Ji Xiaotian, the ship where they are located has sailed for a certain time and entered the depths of the sea early. Ordinary people can’t see what they are doing here, otherwise they don’t know how to cause a sensation. After all, people who can be so free in the neutralization sea water are already first-class immortals in the eyes of ordinary people.
"Is this too arrogant?"
Ji Xiaotian looked at it and became quiet in an instant. When the big ship came to more than 2,000 people, he was left alone. Now the technology is developed. This big ship can drive automatically like a passenger plane. Otherwise, it is really troublesome for Xiaotian to pick up this big ship alone.
Xiaotian didn’t hire outsiders to come and spend a lot of money to get a high-tech cruise ship, but it saved trouble. If I had known this scene early, maybe it would have been enough to get a small yacht in a small day.
"Oh, there’s something in the sea. Be careful!"
Just as Xiaotian shook his head and laughed at himself here, there was an exclamation on the sea. Obviously, his brother was hurt a lot, but after listening to what he said, his life was not in danger. The degree of shock was far greater than that of injury
Just now, everyone was still playing, and they immediately took action. At this moment, the strength of the five-element team was most vividly reflected, so everyone screamed for an instant and quickly formed a team.
First a group of five people, then a group of fifty people, finally 500 people and 1000 people, and finally two different five-element teams were formed, including the injured brother, and the members of the five-element team quickly surrounded a monster that suddenly appeared.
A big monster
Even if a small part of the red appearance is exposed, it is still like a hill. Both eyes are about the size of a head. It is conceivable that its body is as huge and the most terrible is not these, but that its body extends out and several thick tentacles are dancing in waves.
The first injured brother was attacked by one of the tentacles and smashed a heavy tentacle. Although the soft bone was smashed, people were very painful.
"Octopus? Is there such a big octopus in the world? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Ji Xiaotian’s brain is also full of chaos. Of course, he is not scared but surprised. To say that he has passed through two people in the sea, but he has never encountered such a terrible thing. Even if he has encountered a thousand-year-old clam, he is not as terrible as this exaggerated octopus.
It’s too big. If it’s really an octopus, I don’t know how long it will take. According to the plan, it’s estimated that the octopus doesn’t have 10 thousand Jin, and it’s no big difference. Looking at the water, there is still a big shadow. I’m not worried about it. I’m a little nervous. I’m coming by boat