This time, it landed slowly and turned around the floating island, and its wings converged and landed on the floating island.

Chapter 272 Departure Leaders’ Meeting
There are many spiritual beasts gathered on the floating island, and they all dodge with the arrival of the magic pterosaur.
Facing four rare beasts, these spiritual beasts can feel fear, which is a kind of hierarchy and rank suppression.
"Monster has evolved a level 4 rare beast will? We have just advanced to level 1 "Ding Longyun murmured" This guy doesn’t know how powerful it is "
"I’ll know soon," said Su Lishen, staring at the magic pterosaur that landed on the floating island in the heavy rain, because he saw the violent surge of the water surface on the edge of the floating island, followed by a low noise and a thing emerged from the water.
This water surface is a giant octopus crawling all over and climbing the floating island quickly.
When its spiritual beast retreated to avoid the magic pterosaur, the giant octopus took the initiative to climb the floating island. Obviously, it was not afraid of the magic pterosaur.
All the corridors and windows of the building are trying to observe the floating island through heavy rain and look at the giant octopus climbing.
From a distance, it looks like a combination of human beings and octopus. The six tentacles of the octopus body are more than ten meters long, but there is a huge face in front of the body.
In addition to these six octopus tentacles that are ten meters long behind, this monster also has a pair of arms that look like human beings in front of its body, which are full of barbs and look ferocious and terrible.
It’s too far away. Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern" can’t capture the information of this humanoid octopus. Through the heavy rain, you can see this monster’s six giant tentacles climbing the floating island, and the minerals are constantly staggered, and the speed is extremely fast, rushing towards the magic pterosaur resting on the floating island.
It wants to prey on magic pterosaurs.
Su Li thought of just peeping into the data of the magic pterodactyl. The most eye-catching doubt is that if you can hunt this magic pterodactyl, there is a certain probability that you can get the rare spiritual source equipment magic dragon wing.
"magic dragon Wing’s name should be the spirit source equipment in the form of wings and wings. If it is acquired, will it be able to fly like this magic pterosaur?"
To think about Su Li like this, I was a little excited and jealous. I couldn’t wait to go to the floating island to slay the magic pterosaur and get this magic dragon wing.
But he knows his own reality, and he’s afraid it’s just like that level of rare beast, which is equivalent to the silver ghost scorpion, while the magic pterodactyl is a level 4 rare beast, which will be imaginable. It’s powerful and less than he can deal with now
"I hope these two guys lose each other. Maybe they can take advantage of it."
Su Li secretly looked forward to watching the humanoid octopus monster on the floating island, but behind it, six ten-meter-long giant tentacles were drawn like stripes.
The magic pterodactyl fluttered away before climbing the floating island, but the magic pterodactyl didn’t fly away as if waiting for it to appear.
When it attacks, at the same time, the wings of the magic pterodactyl spread out to a fan, and a hurricane rain was slapped and splashed in all directions. It rose and then swooped down and grabbed it out with two claws with inverted hooks in front of it.
The magic pterosaur rose, pounced and poked its claws. It can be said that a series of movements were as fast as flashing, and it seized this humanoid octopus’s wings and rushed toward the square.
The humanoid octopus was grabbed by Ling with six tentacles like giant snakes and pythons, and immediately wrapped around the body and wings of the magic pterosaur and suddenly contracted.
The magic pterosaur spread its wings and was entangled to vibrate. It just flew less than 20 meters high and fell down again.
They entangled with a heavy fall, and the magic pterosaur rolled over and flapped its wings. The claws of the humanoid octopus grabbed a deep ditch and immediately spilled blood.
The humanoid octopus did not show weakness. The tentacles became tighter and tighter, and the neck and wings of the magic pterosaur were completely entangled. Seeing that the magic pterosaur was in danger, its long mouth suddenly pecked into the face of the humanoid octopus.
The humanoid octopus can’t bear to entangle the magic pterodactyl when eating dysmenorrhea, and its tentacles immediately loosen.
The magic pterosaur took advantage of the situation and soared to the sky.
"What are the strange birds and octopus monsters with faces in Suri?"
Ding Longyun witnessed the floating island. These two monsters just flashed and killed each other. Although they were in contact with each other, it made people feel thrilling in their eyes.
Su Li said, "That bird is called the magic pterodactyl. It is a rare beast of the fourth grade. I don’t know about that octopus monster with a face, but it should not be weaker than it if it can fight the magic pterodactyl."
The floating island is too far away from here, and Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern" can’t capture the information of the humanoid octopus. According to the fighting between the two sides just now, this humanoid octopus is not weaker than the magic pterosaur, and it is also a terrible monster of level 4. It is very likely that it is a rare beast of level 4 like the magic pterosaur, and it may of course be a higher-level elite or leader monster.
The magic pterodactyl flapped its wings into the sky, and the humanoid octopus stretched out six tentacles and bared its teeth like provocation.
Although it is powerful, it can’t fly. The magic pterosaur rushed to the middle and it didn’t resist.
The magic pterosaur slowly rotates around the floating island, locking the humanoid octopus on the floating island in a circle, looking for a suitable attack opportunity.
When the magic pterosaur circled several times in the middle, it finally suddenly converged its wings and swooped down quickly.
Su Li looked at the magic pterosaur, which rushed so fast that he was dazzled and sighed in his heart. This is not the kui. If he were in the position of the humanoid octopus, he might not be able to react by diving and attacking himself this time.