"What kind of method do you attack? 」

"If you want to knock off its chest armor, you will see a red chip, which is a weakness. Just break it," Aquinas said further.
"It sounds difficult …" Several people hesitated. "Could you please take us in to play? 」
"Your team number is not full? "Aquinas asks.
The number of junior teams is ten, and there are no more places for one of us to join.
"This ….." A few people have be reluctant to look at each other.
A soldier in "Shan Gui, please quit" said, "We have enough soldiers."
"…" The named soldier nodded silently without protest.
"Wait, what should he quit? Another sorceress protested and shouted, "Since we know how to fight, let’s solve it together."
"Yes, and Shan Gui, he just helped us a lot." Another priest nodded.
"We are a guild group and he is not from our guild," retorted the soldier.
"At first, I asked him to join because he had worked hard alone, but after he joined, Gen didn’t help me," another archer accused.
"What have no! "The sorceress retorted and shouted," Didn’t all of them stand in the end just now? 」
"He can’t cooperate with us." The soldier who was the first to ask him to quit the team replied, "Does he always rush to beat the rhythm alone?"
"And he’s not from our camp. He’s a neutral." Archers gave another reason. "Isn’t a neutral not hostile? You don’t need to know this. "
"You are really too much! "The sorceress angrily scolded," It was because of lack of combat power that she asked him to join, and now she says so again! 」
"Thousand Sakura, come on." The thief pulled the sleeve of the sorceress. "We are all in the same guild. Don’t do this."
"You can’t say that ||"
"… well, I’ve quit the team." The boy named Shan Gui interrupted the conversation.
"Actually, you can do it in two batches," Aquinas suggested another way, "so that all of you can finish it."
"That will be very tiring." A girl shouted, "We have called three times just now."
"Yeah, I don’t want to know this all the time," echoed the warlock.
"He has already retired." The captain of the other team directly interrupted the topic and invited "Which one of you wants to join in and help? 」
"Sorry, I’m tired." I just lay on the grass and closed my eyes to rest.
"Oh, me, too ~ ~" The new killer held his umbrella and I shielded him from the glare of the sun.
"that …" they will eyes yikui body.
"Sorry, please solve it yourself." Aquila also refused.
"You! "The other party stared at him with a little anger." Are you kidding us? 」
"Play? He chuckled, "I didn’t promise you, did I?"
"But you didn’t refuse! 」
"I refuse now," he replied stiffly.
"You are really too much! How can anyone do this? "
"It won’t be because we want him to quit the team that you deliberately say so? "The other side angrily questioned.
"The three of us are also neutrals. If we insist on splitting up, we are also different from you." The new killer directly quoted them as an excuse.
"eh? "The other confused one leng doesn’t seem to be white his meaning.
"You are right in fact," I said gently. "If you want to get along, you must have appropriate professional members to help each other. If you don’t get along, it is normal for the other party to quit the team."
"That you what …"
"Attitude problem" I point out the key points.
"I don’t know what you mean."
"It’s true that the other side didn’t quit because of tacit cooperation," the gangsters said one by one. "It’s also true that the other side didn’t quit because the guild wanted the non-guild to quit. It’s also reasonable that the other side didn’t have a place to quit. So which side felt strange? 」
"Abandon" attitude, "said Aquinas." If the number of people is full but they need help from others, they will be considerate of others’ feelings. People should ask one of them to quit the team first, others will finish it once and then regroup to help others finish it, but you think it is very troublesome. "
"That’s it," the new killer applauded. "Since you all think it’s too much trouble to do it twice, so are we. Why do we want you strangers to do it twice? 」
"Say so many useless talk? Forget it if you don’t help! We’ll solve it ourselves! 」
"But it’s done since the severe? Hum! "Don’t want to help each other angrily scold.
"I’m quitting, too," said the sorceress named Qian Ying. "Anyway, I’m a neutral, and my position is different from yours."
"Thousand Sakura, you …"
"Whatever! The captain, who was annoyed by her behavior, led the others to leave angrily.
"Sorry, they really went too far." Qian Ying bowed her head and apologized to Shan Gui.
"No" Shan Gui shook his head.
Sitting up, I looked at the soldier in front of me. He is a human race, but he has a figure that is not lost to the orcs. He is as tall as a basketball player. His face is dark and his skin color is bronze. Just looking at his appearance makes people feel very shocked.
I checked the other party’s basic data. Surprisingly, this person has not joined the guild, and he has not joined the guild since the beginning.
If it is normal for a person who has just entered the game not to join the guild, but this person has already played in the "clan" stage, even if he is very diligent, it will take three months to enter the game and practice every day. This situation is very special without joining the guild.
"Why don’t you join the guild? "I am curious to ask questions.
"…" There was no answer. He looked at me quietly.
"I’m sorry I ask this question is very strange? "I am embarrassed wry smile.
"No," he shook his head. "I’m not good at groups."
"Not good at groups? This sentence is really interesting. "The killer is interested." Does it mean that he is not good at getting along with people or that he is not used to a group of people? 」
"… both"
"You should not once upon a time to now is a person to play? "Aquinas suspicious asked.
"There are also teams" paused, and he added "When necessary"
"You’re amazing! "Thousand sakura suddenly cried out." I didn’t expect you to finish it alone! I can’t help it. I have to team up with others, and don’t you think it’s more fun to team up with everyone? We can chat, barbecue and hang up together. "
"…" Compared with Qian Ying, Shan Gui was in high spirits and responded silently.
"Want to solve? "I asked.
"Do you mean this? "Thousand sakura side head asked.
"Can you? There are five of us in all! "Thousand sakura not sure rhetorical question.