The butterfly is coming.

"Let’s go!"
The monks were in a panic and left without turning their heads.
Howl, howl-
This time, all the chain worms suddenly rushed to a monk. This time, it was a tree-man, and his huge size was tens of millions of kilometers, nearly twice as high as that of zombie Zhang Yang.
This is the largest monk, but he can’t escape being entangled in chain worms.
A face on the trunk shows fear and looks thick. The limbs of the trunk are long and the arms are short.
Directly hit the butterfly, and the huge power will directly smash the fat body of the butterfly.
More split butterflies are shaking their wings to attack, and the virtual fluctuations are surging towards the tree people.
Zhang Yang sighed, and the original step was taken out, and the palm of his hand was taken.
The curve of destruction!
At this time, you have to play cards to destroy these butterflies in the shortest time.
When the power is strong, the distortion is one level higher than the butterfly attack.
Bang, bang, bang!
The butterfly is huge, and its attack is sharp, but its physical defense is weak. It is only by its huge size that it can not be killed by a single blow, and then it needs the continuous assistance of medical aphids.
However, Zhang Yang’s destruction curve attack is sharp and instantaneous, covering a huge void.
When it passes, it distorts the huge body of the butterfly, and every cell instantly explodes as if it were at a different time.
Chain worms around, medical aphids, etc. are all turned into dust
Zhang Yang deliberately controlled the Shuren, although it was also affected by the wave, but the attack was much smaller, and he respected the strong defense of the main environment. This attack wave was physically harmful but did not fall.
Seize the opportunity to step and flee to a virtual calm place and tear up the past.
Zhang Yang nature also fled at once.
Howl, howl-
After they left the virtual residual fluctuation chain worms immediately locked the position and followed.
"Thanks to Zhang Yangdian for saving his life. If it weren’t for the temple, the temple would have fallen and died like the jaw temple." The tree people thanked him while swallowing hundreds of drops of life fluid and taking the opportunity to restore the body.
"The temple is really powerful. The scope of that blow just now was completely destroyed, and the attack power made us all feel heart tremble!" Aaron Keith sighed with emotion
"Yes!" It is also a monk nodded at Zhang Yang eyes full of admiration.
They are all strong people who respect the main environment and communicate very quickly. These words can be completed in one thought without delay.
"You’re welcome. Just now, the temple was forced to attack power like this. Although the horse consumes mana and is extremely dramatic, it can’t be used many times. What will the butterfly horse do next? Let’s decide quickly!"
Zhang Yang a word SIRS a slight silence.
The appearance of the butterfly and the explosive outburst of the chain worm made the original escape plan a joke.
Zhang Yang just rescued the tree man because he saw that if he didn’t do it, the monks would be killed separately, and when he finally chose himself, there would be no helper, and it would be almost impossible to live among the insects by himself.
They haven’t made up their minds yet, and a chain of worms around them is crawling and turning into wormholes.
"Hum! Hate guys! "