How to fight such a wide gap!

"and! They control six star domains with one branch, and the terran metempsychosis pool can produce a group of powerful terran fresh troops to go to war at any time. "
"If you despise your enemy so much, you will be crushed by the Terran!"
Sanxiu people deliberately spoke very seriously in order to wake Zhuge Liang up
This sentence happened to be heard by Mulan who came to Zhuge Liang to discuss politics.
She pushed open the door, dressed in red, heroic and spirited, and her brow and loving mother were soft and gentle.
"Just god Terran also delusion stepping over my Chinese empire? Joke! "
"Those who dare to step into my yanhuang in dispatch troops should make plans to go back and forth!"
"Not to mention that there are thousands of sons and daughters who have never drunk blood. The Terran will come to a place where I kill one and a pair where I kill two. If I come to a nest, I will have a one-pot!"
"Chinese people broke the whole day with both hands and feet! We are not afraid of even the sky! "
Mulan stepped in front of the Sanxiu people and was full of domineering!
Rao is the body of his star field repairer. When he hears these words, his blood may not boil.
Chinese people can pierce the whole sky with one hand!
Even the sky is not afraid of the Chinese people, but only the gods and terrans!
No wonder Su Yu dares to do things so much that even a woman can be so domineering!
How can a country’s emperor act badly!
"The Empress is right. Hahahaha! My old grandson will still have a golden hoop in his hand to kill everyone who opposes me!"
"This day is like! I want my grandson to stir it up like this! "
"This place is like! I want my old grandson to be willing to sink into the abyss! "
Sun Wu laughed. He had noticed the arrival of these four scattered practices.
Breaking through the venerable is a big threshold to cross the gap. Although Sun Wu has the intention to break through, he can’t break through things in minutes.
After most of his practice, he paid attention to the palace or the movements outside the mainland
When Mulan finished talking, Sun Wu never wanted to hide.
When he appeared in front of four Sanxiu, he felt carefree and dripping with thoughts.
"The Great Sage is right. Every way changes, the Tao becomes its own."
"The God Terran in the district is yellow and afraid!"
Ginger teeth and white beard fluttered across four scattered repairs.
I was surprised when I saw that I couldn’t see through two people and four scattered repairs.
These two people are saints!
The gate of sanctification has long been broken, and there are saints in the Chinese Empire!
I want to see Sun Wu’s four loose repairs on Jiang Ya’s teeth and fell to the ground in fear.
The Chinese Empire is determined to be right with the Terran!
19 Chapter 19 Tianjiao Return
Back to the world around familiar with reiki and environment let Wang Chuan withered five people suddenly relaxed a lot!
Living a month full of dead ruins everywhere, in addition to maintaining the operation of physical strength, almost Wang Chuan withered and other tianjiao relied on Su Yu to give a panacea to ensure the consumption of the base
After a month’s absence, the aura of the human world makes Wang Chuan feel close to Tianjiao.
"This, this is the Quartet continent?"
The standard of people’s livelihood in the world is regarded as a special institute, where the network research institute strives to enter the network era step by step.
Energy train operation and artificial animal husbandry are booming.
Astonished by the scientific and technological strength displayed by the human world, the Tianjiao of Ziya Mountain were suddenly amazed.
If they remember correctly, that square continent is a low plane!
How can a lower plane have scientific and technological productivity!
"This is not a square continent, this is the human world and the new plane."
Wang Chuan withered toward Wang Chuanyi winking at four people and then said to the arrogant people.
Not the four continents?
Hearing Wang Chuan’s withered words, the tianjiao people immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
Not good, not good
It is simply impossible for a lower plane to have the technology of scientific plane.
"But this plane was created by the Emperor. We have to go to the four continents and find the plane door."
Wang Chuan withered words let forty tianjiao shocked on the spot!
Create a plane!
Only a saint can do it!
The emperor’s quasi-holiness can actually create such a plane!
And also has such scientific and technological strength!
"Oh, my God!"
I don’t know which tianjiao lost this out-of-control mood and infected Yu Tianjiao.
They are so shocked!
If Su Yu gets rid of the dead air, it’s due to the operation.
The appearance of that human world is a miracle!
The appearance of Tianjiao makes Wang Chuan feel proud. What our Emperor created is a cow! Fuck!
Showing off Wang Chuan’s withered face and gloating has not yet dispersed. "The human world is just that our emperor has gone to the four continents with little things. Do you know how powerful our emperor is?"
With forty tianjiao Wang Chuan withered that show-off expression has been hanging face.
See Wang Chuanyi four people keep shaking their heads. This Wang Chuan is dry and everything is fine. It is time for him to be unambiguous.
Anli and others followed Wang Chuan all the way to appreciate the scientific and technological level of the human world and then went through the plane door to the four continents
For convenience, I can report to the empress as soon as possible that my emperor is safe and Wang Chuan is dry. The choice is a plane door closer to the imperial city.
Most of the plane doors are hidden and heavily guarded.
Even if you don’t pass through the plane door, you will usually be taken to the Royal Guards for strict interrogation.
Five people in Wang Chuan have been following Su Yu for a long time, and naturally they have knowledge and access to most of the plane doors.
What’s more, when he came back this time, the Emperor also handed over the two venerable persons, Di Lao and Long Shi, to Yu Pei with him and gave them to Mulan himself.
Cheating the hundred families has long been exposed. Su Yu came back in person because of personal matters. The venerable man took Yu Pei’s hand with him. This home front of the Chinese Empire is always a strong guarantee.