GongSunYi people heart suddenly gives birth to a strange feeling look up to heaven.

The cold wind rolled in the long twilight, and the clouds surged like lead.
Hum! !
Suddenly, Fang Yunhan’s eyes reappeared, and the strange flashing of the martial arts character template seemed to be accompanied by a slight oscillation.
A mysterious induction made him realize that when he saw this change, he looked at the lotus flower and drank it without thinking.
At the same time, Fang Yunhan’s body was like a broken knife, and the gas in front of him knocked out a piercing scream.
When he had already landed on the corner wooden platform, the rapid surge of air behind him blew on both sides to blow a nearby military tent.
Liu Qingshan was engrossed in trying to explore the magic magic magic method hidden in the lotus stone carving, and suddenly he felt a strong wind brush past him and a shadow appeared in front of him.
The old Taoist with a gray beard couldn’t help staring at the boss’s face with a pair of old eyes, and a terrible sense of crisis emerged from the crack in the stone carving before he could finish showing it.
At that moment, the figure in front of him was limited to fade away. He seemed to see the red-violet carved stone through the man’s body. An evil beast with a scrawled appearance and an indistinguishable head and tail, eyes emitting flaming light and two rows of sharp teeth were particularly clear and angry.
Then the old Taoist priest and the evil beast, the illusory figure, raised their hands and regained the original feeling department, which exuded a powerful evil spirit that no one could ignore.
At that moment, it seemed as if everyone watching in the barracks could clearly see Fang Yunhan’s hair flying by his ear and his hands waving out the golden brilliance.
The crimson golden glow is like a cover that covers the lotus stone carving that was covered with hundreds of cracks at some time.
The original seven golden flames surrounding the lotus stone carving were directly extinguished by Fang Yunhan’s hands, and the strong breeze with a little spark scattered the young Taoist department in more than seven directions on the wooden platform.
As soon as seven young Taoist priests landed on the wooden platform, a crimson halo exploded. Recently, Fang Yunhan was immediately swallowed up by that light.
The deadly crimson came to my face and really felt the crisis of life and death. Liu Qingshan changed his perfunctory posture and devoted himself to it
His body suddenly leans back to hide his trouser legs, and two spells light up, making his body float away like the water. A reed flies backwards from the wooden platform.
Half-middle-school old Taoist put his five fingers in his left hand and smoothed the green dust from the handle to 3,000 pieces of green hair. The tail-end green dust silk made his five fingers in his left hand cut many fine wounds, and the green dust was mixed with this newly added bright red and pumped to the ground.
"The willows spur the wind and thunder!"
Before, before, before, before …
Hundreds of branches of willows, which seem to be real and unreal, burst out of the ground and swayed to the sky, and one by one fell to the spreading crimson light.
Hoo-hoo ! !
The red light is fleeting, and the violent airflow spreads around.
The fallen leaves mixed with dust float in the sky, and the onlookers were blown out of control, raising their hands to block their eyes, retreating step by step, and leaning back, and the seven military tents around them were blown unsteadily.
In this chaotic situation, no one noticed a little dark red and sneaked into Fuhu Town.
The old Taoist priest fell to the ground and stumbled back a big step to look up.
He just gave birth to the hundred wickers and neutralized some of the evil spirits in the red-violet stone carvings, which have turned into crimson colors and scattered repeatedly. The green floating and stained blood has disappeared, but the dust shine has faded, and many of them have become rough, forked, messy and fluffy.
And the stone platform in the center corner of the crimson light explosion has been completely shattered, and the wood chips scattered all over the place. I am afraid that the stone carving has also left a deep muddy pit with fossil powder floating.
Buried side YunHan still stand there slowly take back your hands.
There are many transverse tear marks on his clothes, and a pair of sleeves are tattered, but there is no blood left.
Gong Sunyi hurried to his side and said, "How are you?"
Fang Yunhan saw a blood dripping from his mouth as soon as he took a bite. After he raised his hand and wiped it off, his eyes still stayed in front of his body and he didn’t know what to look at.
There is an interface that he can see-
[Start a new crossing progress by 6%]
Liu Qingshan also came up apologetically at this moment. "Being original never expected such a situation. You are almost tired. Thanks to Mr. Fang’s vigilance, you are afraid that even these brothers who are original will be hurt."
"It’s hard to meet some accidents in life, and several Taoist priests have to make arrows that can target ghosts as soon as possible. Since they have not been damaged, they are all happy."
Fang Yunhan said, clearing his throat, feeling that the smell of blood in the chest and throat was very strong, and he frowned unconsciously. His right hand caressed his heart and silently moved his skill to adjust his breath before saying, "Taoist, let’s go and see if there are any pathogens left after this stone carving is destroyed."
Liu Qingshan swept his head around the dust in his hand and said, "This ruined the evil spirits in the multiplier but spread it more cleanly."
He looked down at the pit left after the red light broke out and turned to look at the sky.
At that moment, the old Taoist priest vaguely felt that there seemed to be a vast and somehow surging force in the void, like he was going to shoot it down.
But the feeling was so vast that it was almost the same as the whole day, and it passed quickly and did not really appear. Instead, it made him wonder if he was unstable in distress and had an illusion.
Fang Yunhan accepted the character template and looked at the hole.
The two changes of the martial arts character template were linked to the jump through the progress bar just now, and 6% made him feel that the instrument broke out unexpectedly. Maybe it had something to do with himself. "That’s good. Although the process is different, fewer stone carvings are still destroyed."
The two of them didn’t notice anything wrong with each other, and the sight of GongSunYi people swept his face around him and showed a little impatient expression and took the lead in turning away.
As Fang Yunhan said, although the process was different, the stone carvings were destroyed and there were no extra casualties. The people quickly dispersed in Feng ‘an according to the original steps. They sent the selected arrows to several Taoist army accounts, and Fang Yunhan also returned to the tent arranged for him.
As soon as he entered the account, he coughed up a small mouthful of blood and silently felt the injury. First, he sealed several acupoints for himself and was ready to change into a complete suit and take a good breath.
The curtain of the chancellorsville was lifted, and if it was light, it would step in.
"Huh?" Fang Yunhan turned to see that Gong Sunyi was ready to untie his waist, and suddenly he was a little embarrassed and let go. "Why are you here?"
"Medicine" GongSunYi succinctly took out a bag and put it on the table.
"Ah, I almost forgot that there is a medicine for treating injuries." Fang Yunhan knew that he would prepare some medicine for treating injuries when he crossed, but he didn’t prepare it when he came in a hurry this time.
He stretched out his hand to untie the baggage and saw nine medicine bottles marked with trauma. "I can’t see that you are so careful in preparation. Thank you very much."
"If you go out to fight, you may get hurt. Since you are injured, you must take medicine. This is human nature."
Gong Sunyi’s arms are surrounded by his head slightly tilted, and his ponytail hangs down to the left side of his head like a dark cloud, and his white neck is pointed. "I don’t understand why most people who practice martial arts are getting rougher and rougher, and gradually don’t treat themselves as people who are injured and don’t want to cure them. No wonder they think that others are not afraid of pain when practicing martial arts."
Fang Yunhan chose a bottle of beneficial medicine for heart pulse injury, and Naidao said, "I just put up with it consciously."