Su Li stopped and suddenly turned to look at the old man’s right hand and caught the two.

"If this building is seven-dimensional … then these two are also the seventh dimension of the seven-dimensional product …"
Su Li looked at the two books in his hand and lost in thought, and then a series of ripples appeared around him, and then slowly converged, and the two books were shrouded in these two ripples.
Su Li decided to try to refine these two books or even learn from them.
The original force combined with the second talent to control refining in the six-dimensional force field.
Soon Su Li sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. He felt that it was not easy to refine these two books. He needed to work hard.
As his eyes closed, the two books immediately shook violently, and Su Li’s power became stronger and stronger.
The old man, who was less than half a body, saw all this in his eyes and saw Su Li enter a state of meditation, refining his credentials, and his chance came.
Although he lost to Su Li because of his weak body, his real strength did not just show such a huge gap compared with Su Li.
He lived too long. Once he found out that he was defeated by Su Li, he immediately deliberately showed weakness and let Su Li relax his vigilance.
Sure enough, after Su Li ripped off half of his body’s metal machinery, he abandoned him and didn’t continue to treat his hand. He also pretended to be more and more old and weak, and it seemed that he couldn’t even move, which made Su Li lose his guard.
See Su Li can scruple to meditate and refine directly. Two old people immediately made moves quietly.
This is an excellent opportunity for him to save up for so long and launch the strongest blow, but to seize Su Li’s meditation power and refine his books. It can be said that he is absolutely confident that this blow can severely damage or even directly destroy Su Li’s soul and then seize his body.
At that time, the strength of the two men became one, and he was confident that he would be promoted to a higher form when he was far beyond the present dimension.
The power of this blow is his real strength. In the meditation of closing his eyes, did Su Liguan fight back? The old man grew back flesh and blood, and his left hand and mechanical right hand actually patted Su Li’s forehead on both sides.
The old man’s metal face was twisted to reveal a ferocious look.
"Su Li, although you have mastered the power more powerful than me, what about that? You are so naive that you can cheat you … "
The old man wanted to laugh, and suddenly he felt something was wrong. He patted Su Li’s forehead with his hands. Su Liyuan closed his eyes and I didn’t know when he had opened them. His eyes sparkled and it looked like black and white were clear without any impurities.
The old man went in and the terrorist force didn’t break Su Li’s soul, but disappeared like a mud cow into the sea.
Not so. With the old man’s hand, Su Li was unscathed, but the refining on the top of his head suddenly accelerated the refining, and there were faint signs that it would be refined
Su Li actually passed on the old manpower to his strength to refine these two books.
"How … maybe …"
The old man’s eyes were wide open and hissed, thinking of changing tactics to attack Su Li again. He raised his right hand suddenly and lightly, stretched it out before, and inserted it into his heart, where the flesh and blood were combined with metal and machinery.
Five fingers stuck in and emerged from the middle of the old man’s back
The terror ripple appears again and contracts towards the center, thus attracting the old man to the core of the ripple.
The old man twisted and contracted in this ripple.
"Although you are old … but after all, it’s six-dimensional life. How can you be so vulnerable? You mean to show weakness … I knew it. "
Su Li smiled faintly. "I wanted to give you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it."
Five fingers contracted and the old man was horrified to find that his two books were sucked in by the ripple and his body melted.
Su Li actually wants to refine and suck him together with these two books.
With the faint signs of refining these two books, Su Li gained a new strength, which made him cultivate the realm and enhance his six-dimensional strength, and it was this strength that made him particularly relaxed in refining the elderly.
Su Li looked at the old man and found that his body was peeled off layer by layer, as if all the secrets he had hidden were seen through by him one by one.
In Su Li’s eyes, the old man turned into a cocoon that kept spinning, and each silk represented a destiny.
"This is fate line … seven dimensions … and this is the seven-dimensional power …"
Su Li whispered to himself that he had seen the old man screaming and struggling, stripping and extracting all the lessons from the old man into his own body, and he had reached the peak of the ancestor emperor. He immediately broke through his mind again, and soon he was promoted from the peak of the ancestor emperor to the highest level of the true ancestor emperor.
Su Li, the ninth-order ancestor, suddenly found that he could have lived for 1.572 billion.63 million years. Shou Yuan grew again and became 3.1 billion years, 6.2 billion years and 13 billion years …
This Shou Yuan growth seems to have stopped at the end, and it has been summarized in detail. There is no life limit in his concept
Su Li understood that the ninth-order ancestor emperor finally realized the real longevity limit.
Of course, limiting life does not mean that you will never die, nor does it mean that you will not age.
If you are attacked by a stronger force, you will still die and be old.
After all, even the old man who transcends the ninth-order ancestor is decadent, but his soul has long lived forever.
Su Li was stronger than the old man, and now he has been promoted to the ninth-order ancestor emperor. His strength has once again risen to a higher level. Compared with the old man, he has finally realized the real crushing of his strength.
The speed of his power to devour the elderly increased immediately, from the initial breakthrough of the ancestors to the middle, late and then reached its peak.
Become the peak ancestor emperor, and then go beyond five dimensions to become a real six-dimensional creature.
The two suspected seven-dimensional products were gradually absorbed by Su Li.
With these two nationalities and the old man being digested and absorbed by him, Su Li felt that he had made another breakthrough. Now he has really surpassed the true ancestral realm and broken the shackles of the ninth-order ancestor emperor. When he arrived at the ancestor emperor, there was no specific realm of cultivation.
Of course, the old man called this realm six-dimensional life.
But now Su Li’s life form has really reached the six-dimensional life level, and his combat power has been completely estimated.
Watching the old man and his two books disappear cleanly, Su Li gained all the strength of the old man and his two books. There was a bright light in his eyes, and he got up solemnly and strode towards the towering building.
Now he has understood what this building is.
Beyond the six dimensions is the seven dimensions interwoven by several fates. This seven dimensions should have seven dimensions of life similar to that of the old man. Just now he tried to attack the building in order to find out the hidden seven dimensions of life.
Now, with his integration of the two books, he realized that he had always wanted to find seven-dimensional life, and it was always in front of him.
At present, this skyscraper is the only one in this seven-dimensional world. If you can’t see the top or the bottom of this building, you can’t figure it out by other means.
It is both living and non-living, neither alive nor dead, or there is no concept of death or living for it.
"It is too narrow for creatures or individuals to think about you … or you are seven dimensions and seven dimensions are you …"
Although Su Li has become much stronger, this time he didn’t attack the building in front of him again, but he talked to himself like this building.