He came last because Chen Mo was autistic and was not good at communicating with others, which led to the ranking of Jun Chen and LAM Raymond.

Su Li was able to hit Chen Mo hard in a very short time, but for the black robe figure, he had been beheaded by Su Li, which surprised Li Pang.
Li Pang thinks that his strength is no better than Chen Moqiang, which means that he is no match for Su Li.
"Who is this guy who can hit Chen Mo so quickly? I’m afraid that Ding Shi’s brother and sister will be able to beat him in the whole Genesis."
Li pang silently looked at Su Li and then at Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuijue.
Su Li was attracted by the people in the black robe in front of him. He told him that there were two people in the black robe, but what did he think of it? There was also a person in the black robe that didn’t look like it could hide two people.
"Who are you?" Su Li hasn’t asked this black robe. Ding Yang’s male voice took the initiative to ask, "Can you hurt Chen Mo? Are you a little capable of killing Lin Qi? Just that guy although strength is not weak but can’t kill Lin Qi "
Lin Qi is very strong. He just watched Chen Mo play Wu Feng and found that Wu Feng’s strength is good, but it is difficult to kill Lin Qi.
It seems to him that Su Li has such strength.
"Yes," Su Li nodded openly. "Did Lin Qi kill you or was it the second leader Ding Yang in Genesis?"
He had heard from Genesis that Wang Hong and Yang Dazhi described the nine leaders. Wang Hong and Yang Dazhi described in detail the appearance and characteristics of several leaders, including Ding Hui, who ranked first, and Ding Yang, who ranked second. They had never seen them.
According to the comparison of appearance and characteristics, he can guess Li Pang and Chen Mo, but in front of him, the figure wrapped in a black robe is silent on the characteristics of his leader, so he guesses that the other party may be the second leader Ding Yang.
"Yes, I am Ding Yang. Who are you?"
"Su Li" Su Li took a deep breath and reported his name. Since Ding Yang can rank second, it is natural.
Of course, the most noticeable thing for him is that this "peeping symbol pattern" shows that there are two people in this black robe, which makes him full of curiosity and he can’t help but want to pull this black robe to have a look.
"Su Li is? It’s rare to kill Lin Qi and hurt Chen Mo. You should be the leader of the Golden Eagle Alliance. Finally, you have met a decent opponent, which is worth my shot. "
This Ding Yang suddenly ha ha a smile tone can’t hide the excitement in his right hand stretched out to his chest before a mass of energy appeared to show the handle.
He grabbed the handle with his right hand and pulled it out, then pulled out a knife from it.
This is a perfect white knife. His right hand holds the knife and vibrates slightly. The surface of his right hand suddenly shows gray gloves, which is a spiritual source equipment.
Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuixuan are almost at the same time.
Jiang Shuijue showed thunder gloves, and Gong Xiao took out the unblemished spear and pointed it directly at Ding Yang coldly. "Su Li, we don’t need to talk about morality with them."
Want to come to the other three people again strong Chen Mo has been hit hard, there is no resistance, so it’s just that Ding Yang and Li Pang embrace them and naturally can be easily beheaded.
"Yes, we killed them together!"
When others heard this, they also showed that weapons were coming forward.
Li Pang’s face brightened slightly when he heard this. He saw that both Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuixuan had spiritual weapons, and their strength seemed to be not weak. So many people really wanted to hug and he would feel the danger.
Wearing a black robe to cover his face, Ding Yang laughed.
"Want to ou? Ha ha ha-"he laughed that Reagan didn’t hear the slightest fear, but he became more and more excited." Then you can get together, Li Pang. You can take Chen Mo to the back of the black scale turtle and leave these people to me. "
"Good brother Yang, I knew you would be excited. So many people will definitely let you have a good time."
Li Pang picked up Chen Mo with a big smile and ran to the giant turtle with black scales on the other side of the pontoon bridge.
This Ding Yang tone big order sellout and all the people showed amazing look.
Gong Xiao didn’t say a word. Suddenly, a shaking spear slammed out, but instead of stabbing Ding Yang in a black robe, she attacked Li Pang who wanted to hold Chen Mo away from here.
Li Pang didn’t pay attention to the spear she stabbed. She was holding Chen Mo and ran to the giant turtle with black scales. Seeing that the spear was about to stab him in the back, Ding Yang finally moved in a black robe.
As before, when he stepped out, his figure seemed to teleport, and suddenly there was an ember spear and a wave of Li Pang’s white long knife in his right hand.
Su Li noticed Ding Yang’s speed with a slight frown. Obviously, Ding Yang has an acceleration mode similar to his "spider walking" and "shark ghost step", otherwise it would not have caused this teleport effect.
This kind of acceleration is the top special effect, and it is only by slaying the leader monster that it is possible to comprehend and gain the ability.
"Dang" to the ground, this snow-white long Dao contains an amazing power. The impaled spear made Gong Xiao’s right hand numb, and five fingers shook. The impaled spear almost flew out.
Her heart was startled. She Su Li had seen such a spirit source of earth power.
Jiang Shuixuan said nothing, his fists were raised together, and suddenly he shook one point and two points, and he used his ability of "fog in two places" to attack Li Pang left and right.
She doesn’t believe this Ding Yang can stop Gong Xiao and stop her again?
Although Su Li didn’t take a step, he actually locked Ding Yang in his mind.
Through two women to test him, he also wants to see if this Ding Yang has the ability to dare to stop them all by himself.
Almost Jiang Shuijue cast "fog busy" to pounce on Li Pang’s instantaneous black robe, and suddenly Ding Yang laughed.
Right hand holding a snow-white long knife can’t shake the spear. At the same time, step forward and slay it toward Gongxiao. Left hand suddenly appears clouds of white light every other move. This white light is elongated into a series of roads about two feet long, which are condensed by ice cubes to form an ice cone.
Even the landing of the howls covered the face, and Jiang Shuixuan was in two fog places at once.
Su Li felt the spirit source art breath immediately white, which can summon an ice pick to attack. It is this Ding Yang spirit source art.