"Blare blare ….."

"Why are people crying?" I turned around. "There is still one day’s journey to Lanshiye Manor. Don’t cry. You will love this place when you see it for yourself …"
"Wait, chief, this cry doesn’t seem to come from us …" Next to a Zhuo humanity.
One leng, suddenly an ominous premonition came.
"Not good!"
"Speed up …"
At this time, the war dog is crossing a sparse asteroid belt.
This is the shortest road from Songlin Town to Lanshiye Manor. I don’t know how many times I’ve been there, and I’ve never had a problem. I can’t let my guard down.
But at this time, I heard a similar cry, and my heart jumped.
Looking out from the mouth of the giant dog of war, he saw a shadow in the asteroid belt, and something was rapidly coming from the rear.
That kind of cry "whoops" is actually its action sound.
See the shadow and face change dramatically.
If coming is still an ominous premonition, now is the deepest nightmare!
"Predators! Speed up! Speed up! Accelerate immediately! "
"bang! Bang! Hey! " After several explosions, the fuel was desperately thrown into the combustion furnace, and the steam core was overloaded, and the surging power was output. The giant dog accelerated desperately.
The overwhelming predators in the rear are reaching out like shadows and grabbing at the war dogs.
"run! Run! " The sound has changed, sharp and thin like a whistle.
But it was too late when they found the predator.
A black shadow entangled the right hind leg of the giant dog in the last battle.
"Go, go!" He directed several war dogs to run fast, but he ordered the war dogs to turn around.
"Boom!" At this time, I didn’t dare to be stingy. The giant dog of war carried only four burst spears and shot out.
"Shout" a burst spear will be entangled in the black tentacles, and the war giant dog hurriedly escaped.
But the shadow that has been entangled in the war dog has not disappeared, but it has changed its shape rapidly.
It seems that it is rapidly being assimilated by the giant dog of war and turned into something similar to a robot spider.
"Click click ….." All four feet of the predator turned into sharp metal claws and seized the shell of the war giant dog, which crawled quickly.
"The … damn it!" All the burst spears are finished. At this time, the giant dog who can control the war grabbed it with one claw.
"Bang" took off the remains of the predator.
"No leader! It hurts your feet! "
The war dog bowed his head, and sure enough, the predator clung to the war dog’s right leg and climbed up quickly.
Even a predator with a part of its body seems to have wisdom. It soon found the entrance-the mouth of the war giant dog.
Its mouth is knocking and trying all kinds of cracks, but the mouth of the war giant dog is still tightly sealed, and it can’t find the entrance
In the face of this strange biological war, the women and children of the giant dog department cried with fear and huddled up.
"Don’t … don’t worry about it! Let’s get rid of it! " Zhuowan avenue