At present, it can be said that 90% of the top level of the whole Wulin is gathered at the helm of the Beggars’ Sect, and the progress of Yunhan’s ability has risen to 3% just by brushing his face in front of them, while the impression of Shaolin Wudang has doubled and advanced by 5%.

Endless force flow limbs skeleton Fang Yunhan chest that kind of pain has almost been suppressed to feel.
The teenager maintained a calm look on the surface and his heart cheered.
After several weeks of running the force, Zen master and Qingyun Taoist priest have already left Zhao Dapeng to come over with their eyes open.
"You told me to say that in public and I was praised by two seniors."
Zhao Dapeng sat on the other side of the stone and said, "If only you were a beggar."
"This is some simple analysis and choice. You can do it if you are calm and think more when something happens." Fang Yunhan’s words are not modest. He really doesn’t feel like a wise man.
It seems that anyone who has completed the nine-year compulsory education and watched some detective martial arts dramas can do it these days, but he should be calm and careful enough.
However, it sounds to Zhao Dapeng that friends who have lived and died together are not more intimate with their expectations. Some of them said to the top leaders of the various factions in the former mourning hall that "we are going to leave at noon and join the Yi Institute to really join the escort team. The beggars’ sect Shaolin Wudang has one person each, while a few accompanying brothers of the Wuyue Sect Kunlun Emei are a little pale, and the Nanling Sect is broken."
"Starting at noon" Fang Yunhan nodded thoughtfully and looked Zhao Dapeng in the eyes for a moment. "Do you believe me?"
"Nature!" Zhao Dapeng tone no doubt.
"Good" Fang Yunhan held out a hand "Then give me the treasure map"
"Ah?" Zhao Dapeng one leng immediately figured it out, "Yes, everyone is looking for me, but I gave it to you for safekeeping, so it is naturally safer to have two dark places in the team."
Zhao Dapeng said, directly from the pocket a small bamboo tube handed Fang Yunhan.
Although we have known each other for less than ten days, Zhao Dapeng has really made friends with Fang Yunhan as life and death.
Fang Yunhan took the bamboo tube and took a look at the treasure map. "It was really given to me for safekeeping, but it was not the same team."
Zhao Dapeng opened his mouth to speak, and Yunhan raised his hand to stop him. "Don’t worry, listen to me. It seems that once I am found alone, it is absolutely dangerous, but I really want your team to dare not bet on whether it is doubtful whether it is a plan or not. They are bound to separate a large part of their strength to deal with your team."
"And I won’t be really alone." Fang Yunhan put away the bamboo tube and said, "You’re going to send someone to Yueyang City tonight. I’ll buy a good horse. Remember to send an old hand to all factions to falsely reveal that I have to leave the news first."
Zhao Dapeng mused, "You haven’t left before, and now you’re suddenly in such a hurry to leave them. You must be able to guess, but why don’t you just tell them?"
"Because I want to do it, except for you and me, no one knows exactly where the treasure map is," Fang Yunhan said. "Besides, the famous faction wants to meet you and discuss it. We don’t have to say that they don’t want to split up again in the decided big team, which means I want them to mobilize more people who didn’t come to worship this time to make our strength stronger."
Zhao Dapeng is still puzzled. "Why do you think they will try their best if we hide it like this?"
"For a sect, even if it kills a threatening enemy together, it always wants to make the partner lose more, but it is willing to take risks if it is a little confused for huge benefits."
Fang Yunhan’s meaning is simple
If the treasure map is to be escorted to the imperial court, the factions can’t do it.
But if Fang Yunhan was killed halfway alone, he suddenly found that the original treasure map had been secretly given to him and it was gone at this time, which would be unclear
You beggars’ sect didn’t discuss with us big sects. Of course, we didn’t know about it. He hacked to death and robbed the treasure map. Of course, he wasn’t one of us. We are all fighting against the mysterious man in the Wulin.
Zhao Dapeng thought for a while for nothing. "But in this case, aren’t you still equal to taking risks alone?"
"Triangle is the most stable shape. You have to believe that I have the ability to fish in troubled waters."
Fang Yunhan got up with a smile and patted Zhao Dapeng on the shoulder. "Get ready for the horse. I’ll leave tonight."
It turned out that his previous question was not whether Zhao Dapeng believed in others, but whether he believed in his strength.
Zhao Dapeng felt that powerful force coming from the shoulder just now. His hands clenched his fists and his chest touched heavily and nodded.
My path has wound, through a sheltered hollow knows birds and flowers.
Located in a courtyard with blue walls and mottled flowers in the deep mountains, outside the threshold of the Black King, the department of what happened in front of the Beggars’ Guild Treasure Map repeated it again.