The sword god hummed, "I have never heard of peace talks since Emperor Mao came to China. Come on, though. No one here is afraid of death."

ZhuQing way "words don’t say too full this Longchuan hundreds of thousands of people life and death can all you think you can keep this city until what time? God? Or the day after tomorrow? It’s not I ZhuQing who created this situation today, but An Wendi. "
Blade master was about to say that when the other side of the wall suddenly sank, "You don’t care about your family’s life and death?"
Blade master, looking back in the dark, saw a soldier in shining armor who was curious about his identity when ZhuQing laughed. "I didn’t expect your life to be so big! "Shadow assassin" Zhu hates life. "
I was listening to the waves and my heart shook, but I was too tired to jump over the wall and shouted, "I will wish you a clear autumn."
Everyone is listening to puzzling!
The shadow assassin was stunned and immediately laughed. "Are you from Zhuqing?"
As soon as he spoke out of the wall, everyone threw a strange look at him.
The Shadow Assassin continued, "It’s all Zhu Qing who did this to you. If you don’t kill this person, you’ll know and hate."
The sword god looked up and smiled. "I know this brother has been killing the enemy from morning till night, but is it your intention to gossip as soon as you come?"
The crowd burst into tears and said coldly, "If you don’t hand over my disciple today, I wish clear autumn can’t leave alive." Then he said, "God’s immortal brother?"
In an instant, one after another responded to the wall, and the wall sounded at the same time.
Swish!’ A phantom has been indistinguishable to the naked eye, and the speed is swept away towards the’ shadow assassin’ Zhu Hate.
Before he could react, the sword had already put his neck on.
The pastoral garden exclaimed, "It’s an ancient scholar."
Tears wonder, "When will Brother come?"
Gujiang Road "Longchuan City exploded, and even my clan door sensed that the leader was coming with his troops. I came here to sound out the situation first, so I met this wonderful drama unexpectedly." Then I said to the people’s avenue, "The three major factions have been sent out in an emergency to make all the troops go to Longchuan, and the savage must go back."
There are less than 4,000 people in this temporary garrison, but all of them are smiling for the rest of their lives.
Zhu Hensheng said unhurriedly, "Since you love being good people so much, I will give you as one pleases, but I want to see who you will save?"
They remained unaware that the Shadow Assassin’s words were intentions?
But the waves are white in my heart.
Zhu hate life continued, "I wish clear autumn is your immortal disciple, and I think her life is naturally higher."
The sword in Gujiang’s hand increased one point and sank, "Cut the crap!"
Zhu Hate raised his hands and said lightly, "I wish a broken courtyard in Qilixiang, the east of the clear autumn, and another ordinary girl of similar age, the West Wharf Warehouse." Then I looked at the crowd and continued, "But when you want to get less than a lamp of tea, the firearms there will explode."
The ancient river one leng way "what girl? Who is she? "
Langtianya glanced at the tears and asked, "Who is the fairy going to save?"
Tears frowned and cast a glance at everyone around him, saying, "Save both."
Wave Tianya nods, "Then go to the west of the city and I will go to Qili Lane in the east of the city."
Tears were just about to thank you when I saw the shadow flash in front of me, and the end of the world was already flying from the wall as high as thirty feet to the west of the city.
One person exclaimed in surprise, "This man can fly!"
With the help of the airflow, the energy of the stone hovers around the east of Qili Lane, constantly looking for possible hiding places. I feel that this complicated lane method finds a person, and suddenly my mind flashes and I press a button on my helmet.
In an instant, a figure appeared quietly in his field of vision. After scanning it several times, his heart was happy and swept away in the direction of the corner and the alley.
He couldn’t wait to kick at the gate and shouted "Little menstruation!"
But then it was a shock to his mind that tying the seat turned out to be a fuse for Yin Sanniang, and it was coming to an end.
Wave Tianya grabbed a full face of tears Yin Sanniang flew towards the outside.
At this time, there was a slight explosion from the west.
When the waves and tigers shake, they feel uneasy.
As soon as they ran out of the alley house, the firearms were lit, and the two men were washed to the ground by the huge air billow.
Wave Tianya heart rose up and looked at the house. After being silent for a moment in the fire, she carried Yin Sanniang and hurried towards the west of the city.
Yin Sanniang didn’t say a word from beginning to end, and her eyes were full of horror.
The figure at the dock is so large that it is full of flammable materials. The fire is fierce, and the residential buildings along the border are all in the fire. Everyone is rushing back and forth in the fire with buckets.
Waves at a loss, a ruin, picking up the blackened sword of Yin and Yang from the broken tile.
The teardrop garden walked behind him, and the former whispered, "I’m sorry we couldn’t find her in time."
Chapter 10 Ten Years (the end of the first volume)
At night, the walls of the city all held their breath when they looked at the wild people like short mountains attacking again.
Early warning soldiers sounded the horn of "death" again, and people got up and ran to the tower.
The offensive and defensive war started again.