Zhang Guangfa is not an easy generation. After returning to the Daping, he immediately set out to arrange for the guys to find Taiyufeng’s financial resources, but before the guys returned Li Qin, they rushed to find it.

Uncle Zhang, I understand the ins and outs of this money.
Li Qin’s news is very accurate. It was revealed to him in bed yesterday afternoon when he intended to have a tryst in a small house specially packed in the south of the city.
I didn’t expect such a skill. I really underestimated this Guping. In fact, Zhang Guangfa had long been alert to a criminal’s escape from the outside. In less than a year, he made several big business deals that shocked the business community. Not to mention that he recently sold grain and made a lot of money with the Sangrinchen Cavalry battlefield. Zhang Guangfa asked the Beijing businessmen that he could not choose such courageous talents.
However, Li Qin is not angry that he regards Gu Ping as a thorn in his side. This gentleman of the Li family always talks about smiling faces everywhere he goes in Beijing. Who doesn’t greet him everywhere? But after he came to Shanxi, he turned out to be unhappy everywhere. He loved Su Zixuan twice and helped Gu Ping. That’s all. Although he has been intimate with himself, he usually brought a touch of reluctance in his eyes. He told himself that the news was to crack down on Gu Ping, and Li Qintai understood that hating a man is often just asking for love. Gu Ping.
Thought of here, Li Qin clenched his fist. Uncle Zhang, you take care of the business. You give it to me, and I will definitely finish the business of Taiyufeng.
Can you do it, Zhang Guangfa? I can’t believe it.
Look, well, Li Qin left his seat and hurried away.
A few days later, Guping received a report from the guys who ran the street, saying that the Daping people followed them everywhere to grab business positions. The method was also very clever, which benefited the villagers’ love to take advantage of small things, needles, needles and brains, and brought a car full of groceries. Anyone who set up a silver discount on the Daping immediately gave a gift, although it was not worth a few dollars, but it seemed to the people that it was greedy to break half a penny.
Guping asked a few more words, knowing that the leader was a young man who was addressed as a master, he knew that it was Li Qin’s idea. This was also hurting others. Li Qinlai couldn’t help it, but it didn’t hurt Zhang Guangfa. In the end, it seems that pulling positions is the second to break Taiyufeng’s financial path.
Seeing that all the guys are eagerly looking forward to making up their minds, Gu Ping smiled easily. Doing business is just like fighting. Your sword and your opponent are also fighting with you. In fact, the final victory or defeat is in the slightest. Don’t panic. Let’s prepare for it early.
He got up and took a few steps and suddenly asked the bank what it was most afraid of.
It’s very quick for a guy to pick up the phone, and Guping reforms the rules and regulations. These guys are the biggest beneficiaries. Seeing that the white flowers and silver in their hands have increased, the hostility towards Guping has long since disappeared. Guping is now saying that these running broker guys are forbidden to obey.
If you ask me, the lack of money in the bank is a big trouble. An older man nodded at Guping’s interface, but have you ever thought that if you don’t pull the position, you can’t avoid it? That’s a bad position
For the rich man’s family, the bank is full of money, which is a good thing, but it is not the case for the bank. If you can’t find a home to earn interest back, the bank will be in vain when the interest is due.
I’m afraid I can’t get the money or I won’t get it back, but it’s also a problem if I don’t get the money. The profit of the ticket number is putting the interest difference one by one. Today, we are more than anyone to pull the position, but in case the money falls into my hand, it’s not gone.
Guping’s analysis is clear-headed, and the man can’t help it. The third shopkeeper really doesn’t listen to you like a new banker, but looks like an old shopkeeper
Guping smiled. When he hit Wang Tiangui and became an enemy, he was always not paying attention to the trade of banks. When Deng Tieyi settled Guping, he realized that it was extremely difficult to move Wang Tiangui without pinching the banks. So he read the rules of banks in the middle of the night. He was a three-shopkeeper and was willing to ask people to teach Guping. From this, he learned that he had been able to recite the manuscripts of exchanges between the three capitals for a few days.
Bad positions are taboo for everyone, but shopkeepers in the market are not stupid. Banks will never pay interest for nothing. It is easy for us to pull positions. The biggest headache is to take positions to running broker. Guys all know this deeply.
But as far as I know, money is easy to borrow in the market now, and I can’t borrow a penny even if I don’t have the money. That’s why I just said I was worried about eating bad debts, not to mention running broker’s buddy, even the shopkeeper at the bank, is helpless about it
Leave the money alone, and wait until the interest can be picked out, because they don’t have to worry about paying off their money, but why do people borrow money from you? This is a solution. Guys nodded after listening to this. Gu Ping said for a long time that the key is in the face. I think the method of paying off accounts should also be changed
I want to change this time again, but the guys are not afraid to hear it, because I know that Guping will change the rules without the benefits of the guys.
Guping nodded slightly and was about to continue talking. When he looked up and saw the man on the first floor carrying a box and entered the door, he smiled and greeted him with a big smile. Only when he was full did he have the strength to think about things and things. Let’s eat slowly and think about this meal. I am the three shopkeepers.
Guys have long smelled the fragrance in the box, and when the lid is lifted, there are four Guping. This meal is not finished for nothing. It is really necessary for the guys to work hard. This meal cost thirty taels of silver to catch a table of swallow wings.
I saw that the main dishes on the table were all Qin Jin-style Zhanxiang fish fillets, half-furnace chicken money, seaweed, three silk milk soup pots, fish Dali with elbows, three large plates of beef, and the aroma was overflowing. Shanxi people loved to eat noodles and smooth pasta, so they put half a table of noodles, fish, noodles and sorghum noodles, fish, chips and tips. In Daoxiao Noodles’s table, there was a pot of Liang Ji’s old vinegar, which had been frozen for ten years in the spring and autumn, basked in the sun, and froze the nose.
This meal ate the guys to their hearts’ content, and wolfed them down, which was more fragrant than the meal of the God of Wealth at the end of the year. The short-legged tiger and the white snake hid in the next room and smelled the fragrance. They looked at the side without saying a word and wrote accounts. Wang Chi swallowed and looked at each other with a little regret.
Have you all eaten? Guping cherished food and cultivated himself. He ate a few shaomai and saw the guys touching their bellies and drinking tea. He asked with a smile.
Have a good meal. Thank you, Mr. Zhang.
Pay for my restaurant buddy.
Then he called a man to pay the money, and then he called another man to settle his account separately.
We all know this man. Four people named Wei put a cake stall at the door first, so I asked Boss Wei. I said that the cake tasted familiar just now, but I didn’t see you these days. I also withdrew the stall and went back to my hometown, which made me wonder how the shopkeeper called you here.
Wei Siyi smiled. The shopkeeper is a living bodhisattva. If he doesn’t come to me, I’ll come to honor a few boxes of cakes.
Guping smiled without saying a word. The man was curious to ask Wei Si. Today, he just wanted this property vendor to tell the story in detail.
I was setting up a breakfast stall that day, and suddenly a box fell directly into my arms and almost knocked me over.
That’s a box of copper coins. Look at it again. This young man Wei Si feels familiar. Later, he remembers that this was a few months ago. He insisted on borrowing a copper coin from him. At that time, he said that he would pay interest, but he also ridiculed that he should take a box to hold it. Today, it is true that a copper coin gives birth to a box of interest.
Of course, it is Guping who pays back the money. He told Wei Si bluntly that this box of money is full of feelings, but it is not the interest of the bank. However, Wei Si still wants to taste the taste of one money and can borrow money from him. Guping has pointed him out a way to make money.
This way to make money is to set up a stall on the first floor of a big restaurant. Guping thinks that Wei Si’s cake tastes full of repeat customers, and there is no profit in setting up a stall on the street. He helped Wei Si to pull the fiber in the middle and become the guarantor. Wei Si borrowed a stall on the first floor. He negotiated the division and signed a contract, and hired two thugs with borrowed money. It’s really not to mention that he sold the cake on the first floor for several times as much as the street.