Bear with it!

Anyway, this guy is retiring soon! Maybe in a couple of days, I’ll change my job and go to retirement.
I endure
Not far from Zhuang, he dumped his uncle by unloading and came to the conference room next door
Everyone in the meeting room has been waiting for a long time.
Push the door and go in to meet everyone’s eyes. Zhuang said, "Recruit volunteers."
There are many cruelties in clinical trials …
Not only is medical treatment not necessarily effective, but there may be serious side effects or pain.
What is even more cruel is that clinical trials must also have control groups, and sometimes even double-blind experiments.
A new clinical medicine must evaluate the drug and safety at each stage. The control group is not an experimental preparation or a dose experimental preparation, or the drug order is very different, and some of them are placebos.
A small amount of medicine is also effective, even placebo is also effective, because the human brain is the most powerful organ, and the mental state has a great influence on the condition.
But for this terminal disease that may die at any time, the dose is insufficient, the order of drugs is wrong, or placebo is a deadly poison.
What the hospital can do is to design better controlled trials as far as possible to minimize the injury.
What Zhuang can do not far away is to write a check silently.
"The trial period is not for patients’ medical care and family care expenses, but also for me."
"Master Zhuang, this new medical method can achieve 100,000 yuan in a single day. I can apply to the health department for some, and the hospital can also bear part of it …"
"I can afford it," Zhuang said silently.
Everyone is unique.
Everyone is someone else’s husband, wife, son and daughter.
When one person intervenes in the fate of another person, the heavy pressure makes Zhuang not far away a little breathless.
Zhuang didn’t go far for a long time. I thought that although I often came to the hospital recently, I rarely went to see my grandfather. I always didn’t show up and went back to the ward.
I heard my uncle talking to my grandfather before I entered the door.
"His old banker is really worthless."
"When I was a child, I thought he was worthless, just like his father."
"Guess what he is doing now? I also told my family that the cultural company actually delivered goods to send vegetables! "
"If you say it, you will lose our family!"
"What’s the difference between doing this kind of work and sweeping the streets to send express delivery!"
Zhuang is not far away. What happened to my work?
Then I thought, mom, I’ll unload it. Why is there such a sequela?
Wait, I’m unloading. What’s wrong?
Even if the courier brother’s family is diligent, the monthly income can exceed 10,000. Eat with your own hands, don’t beg, don’t rely on it, don’t lose your family? It’s not like you pay people!
What are you worried about when you eat carrots?
Your family is so noble, do you have a throne for me to inherit?
Hey, wait, just right!
Look at it this way. I don’t have to save myself. Am I in trouble?
It’s just right to show up and leave. It’s a shame that you still have more contact with me.
If I had known, I just said I would move bricks.
Not far from Zhuang, I simply slapped my clothes like I just finished my work, pushed the door and went in.
"Grandpa, I came to see you."
"Xiaoyuan is coming" Grandpa immediately smiled.
At this time, the big uncle said, "Xiaoyuan went back and immediately quit your job. I helped you find a job. There is a recruitment clerk in our department. I signed up for you. Come to me every day."
“wha? Wha f got a k? " Zhuang was surprised not far away.
Oh, my god, I’m scared to death. Shit!
Chapter 536 I also helped you find a job.
Not far from Zhuang, it is simply defeated and fled.
I’ve never worked so hard in my life
I think he won every battle, and the shopping mall is not far away, and the enemy is fighting hand in hand.
The era of exile is also a siege and territory expansion.
But he found that he and his wonderful uncle couldn’t finish a class.
What can he say? The phrase "I’m tired of my present job" always seems to be very powerful.
Zhuang is not far away. What do you care about my job?
Mind your own business first. If my mother wasn’t related to you, I would have slapped you to death, okay?
But he can’t really slap it like his father.
Can run away in despair
When I got out of the door, I saw that van just unloaded the goods.
"The owner back to the manor? I just went back to pick you up! " The driver’s eldest brother waved warmly.
Looking at Zhuang not far from the ward window, I saw the van again. Uncle felt sick, as if he were crawling with insects.
How can the relatives of the old stone family be so reluctant to make progress? Integrity!
It’s interesting to chat with the driver’s eldest brother. Drivers go to various places all day and have very well-informed delivery information. All kinds of hexagrams come to Zhuang not far away, and they are stunned and laughed.
Chatting, chatting, not far from Zhuang, the phone rang
Not far from Zhuang, he picked up the phone and glanced at it, but it was one leng.
"How did Uncle Zhou call me?"
It is said that Glory Anzhuang is not far away and respects this retiring old man. Without him, there is no virtual city. These two big tunnels can hardly be said to have no current manor situation