It’s simple to buy one person. How can those venerable elders all bow their heads and go home later to ask for confirmation? It’s impossible for the village chief to lie in front of so many people. Shi Hu relaxed his heart and softened his tone.

"You gave me a chance to say it earlier?" Village head counter-question Shi Hu embarrassed smiled and scratched his head.
Raise your hand over your head. Shi Hu said loudly, "The village chief said so. A few people went to the head’s house to ask."
Someone immediately ran out of the team and the thin figure disappeared instantly. This sent someone to a line of people, but no one dared to relax, even Muming several people could not move.
Shi Hu was afraid that someone would tip him off again. He took the lead in showing people that he could not fly a fly.
The atmosphere was so depressing that Ishida moved towards Xiao Qiang and was immediately reprimanded by Shi Hu, "What are you doing!"
"What are you nervous so many people still can’t see me? What happened to me! " Ishida didn’t good the spirit replied that he was obviously angered. The village chief had politely explained that Shi Hu was still guarding him like a thief. Don’t be so bad.
If he wasn’t from Xiang Town, he probably wouldn’t have much emotion, but he is!
Shi Hu gritted his teeth and was ready to say it again, but he was stared at by the village chief and shut up consciously to suppress the words again.
Mu Ming’s eyes moved to Xiao Qiang with Ishida’s back. Xiao Qiang was unconsciously clenched into a fist because Ishida was close to his fingers, and his forehead was tight for a while, and his body was full of sweat, showing a tense state.
This is to have a guilty conscience and scare yourself!
"Xiao Bureau, you said who wrote this note? Why is it so vicious? Actually, dirty water was spilled on Jose police officers and Gu police officers." Ishida tut sighed. "They were all wronged with me and Erpang."
Mu Ming heard Ishida’s question, and the corners of his mouth were bent. Ishida was also a clever advocate. After talking to him last night, Bai Xiaoqiang had a problem. Maybe he is still not sure to talk to Xiao Qiang, but he is just asking the witness if there is any problem!
Xiao Qiang hangs up his smile, and the more he looks at it, the more hypocritical he feels. Ishida since last night to see xiao qiang eavesdropping line in the mind more and more doubt this shaw bureau morals how more and more don’t understand.
"Ishida, I think the person who wrote this note must be up to no good to drive the two police officers out of Xiang Town." Xiao Qiang paused and wondered, "But how can we find the writer with so many people?"
This sentence woke Ishida up. He exclaimed, "Yes, we can find out who wrote the note by excluding it!"
Xiao Qiang asked blankly, "What’s the exclusion method?" His mind is uneasy, his eyes are enlarged, and if he wakes up Ishida, he will vomit blood! But there is such a coincidence in the world … Ishida’s sight glanced at Muming and seemed to be waiting for her mouth. The two of them were like rehearsing for Ishida to talk about Muming’s observation.
But there is no such thing. Ishida suddenly realized the IQ. Muming glanced at the crowd and took over the conversation. "Exclusion means excluding people who can’t write. I think there should be not many people who can write in Xiangxiang Town."
Shi Hu was not happy when he heard this. He snorted, "Do you mean that you are suspected of writing?"
"It is suspected that you can write!" Mu Ming’s eyes swept away, calm and self-sustaining, and she spoke there, attacking every word in everyone’s heart. A force without hesitation passed through her heart, and no one could say anything to refute it.
Throw the hoe stick to the ground and "pa" Shi Hu sat down on the hoe stick and didn’t want to say anything. He found that the female police officer was too biting to talk, but he didn’t say anything at all.
It wasn’t long before the man ran out, panting and running back, rushed to the front of the crowd and wiped his sweat.
"Sure. Several leaders said there was such a thing." They looked at Muming. "They didn’t lie."
Li Yuan came in from Yemen and said, "You still don’t believe this letter, do you?"
And Erpang and Ishida also made a beautiful turnaround with a proud face. Who can be unhappy?
Shi Hu brought the group of people with different faces, but none of them held hoes and farmers’ knives in unison. They all loosened up and moved their throats to say an apology, but the words stuck in their throats could not jump out.
Shi Hu patted the palm of your hand and saw that everyone’s eyes looked up. This cleared his throat. "Now it’s okay to write and leave the rest of the people scattered."
Those people left without complaining, but before they left, they didn’t have any meaning. Looking at Mu Ming and Gu Jingke, their eyes seemed to have heavy doubts. It is easy to trust a person, but it is difficult to trust a person.
After this incident, Xiang Town people will definitely not stop handling the case again, and they will probably learn to be suspicious until Xiao Qiang is strong!
Sparse away some people, this farce is over, and the village chief can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and his face is full of relief. The villagers are finally not stupid enough to drive the savior out.
There are three people left, one is Shi Hu, the other is an eleven or twelve-year-old boy, and the other is Shi Hu, a short boy. Even Shi Hu taught him how to read, and the other is a tall, thin man named Shi Jun.
"Everyone is gone. Tell me, are we like note writers?" Shi Hu stared at his right hand holding his son waiting for a quasi-sentence.
Shi Jun was a little embarrassed next to him, as if afraid of being involved. He pouted his lips. "I didn’t write the note. I can’t write such beautiful words."
You don’t need to write and communicate in Xiang Town. Even if you can write a few words, you can’t write how neat it is. The words on that note are neat and clean. It is often written by writers. From this perspective, Shi Jun is telling the truth
"I didn’t say you were like" Muming evoked lips and corners of the mouth with a Gherardini radian, and the two masters couldn’t guess what she meant by looking at one leng.
☆, 13 tail is too cruel to pay attention to attitude.
Shi Hu Zhang Er monk is puzzled. Since the exclusion method keeps them a few, now she tells them that she never doubted them at all. Isn’t this shooting herself in the foot?
"Then why did you leave us?" Shi Jun’s attitude changed again because the village chief softened his tone. "Let’s go if nothing happens. There are still many things waiting for me at home. If I don’t go back to my house early, my wife will have to find me noisy again."
Muming bent his lips. "But I didn’t say you weren’t alike."
Shi Jun and Shi Hu almost spit out an old blood, and even Shi Hu stared at Muming with poor eyes. Although Muming was good-looking, the playful tone was understandable by children. After all, teenagers knew how to think.
"Don’t insult others too much!" Shi Hu popped up a beautiful word and didn’t know where to learn it.
The village chief knocked on the ground with his cane. "Pay attention to attitude, attitude!"
Shi Hu reluctant to shut up, but his eyes are still firmly staring at Muming. It seems that he has to stare at a hole before he can stop. His eyes are as hot as poison, and he is angry. Three pairs of eyes look at rhinoceroses, old and young.
After pointing his finger at himself, Mu Ming pointed to Gu Jingke and finally pointed to Xiao Qiang with a shallow smile. "We are all suspected, and the elders in Xiangxiang Town are also suspected. It depends on who you want to believe!"
Xiao Qiang’s body trembled and Muming pointed at him, making him uncomfortable. Worse, Shi Hu’s eyes also swept his side, which was simply "on pins and needles". His back was cold and he did not move, and his palm was cold sweat.
For a pretence, he coughed and saw Muming take back his hand with great meaning. It was that smile that made him miserable.
Shi Hu some stupid how to pull the elders again? How can this female police officer say that she is also a suspect? Shouldn’t everyone be crazy about it? How did you get here? It’s the other way around … How complicated!
"Jose police officer, can you make it clear? My brain doesn’t understand what you said about those twists and turns. "Shi Hu was a little embarrassed to say that when he didn’t understand, his face turned red. It was because he was simple-minded that he was easily made an own goal by others.
If he had been smarter, so many things wouldn’t have happened, and the murderer would have been driven out of Xiangzhen long ago. Unfortunately, if he was born stupid, how could he have become smarter unless he returned to his mother’s womb for reform?
"The note is neat and tidy, I think you have all seen it." Mu Ming took a step forward and got closer to Xiao Qiang. "What do you know about this? How can you write so neat and tidy if you don’t always write with a pen?"
"Even if you write well before, but you often don’t practice it, it is absolutely impossible for you to write so well." Mu Ming’s eyes are faint and there is no specific target. "Unless someone secretly practices from time to time or often needs to write."
The voice just fell from the rocks and the army was full of excitement. He took off the words himself. "Officer Mu said that according to you, it is even more impossible for me. My family Lian Bi didn’t practice calligraphy secretly?"