"Have you two met?" Allow Xiang to ask tenderness after allowing him to walk

Being gentle and not talking is looking down at the table.
Chenchen had an idea when his eyes moved. Your brother must have blocked her.
"Good food is cold" gentle light way 1 don’t want to talk more.
"Don’t say that I won’t wake you, Yun Jian, but everything is done. You’d better be cold to him from the beginning, and don’t give him any hope, otherwise …" Yun Xiang said and picked up his glass and gulped it down.
Looking at Yun Xiang tenderly is a bit crazy. I can’t help sighing "I know what to do"
Allow Xiang to put the glass firmly and listen to the gentle words and turn to look at the gentle and shallow smile.
Chen Chennai sighed for a while, but what if a half-length thinking animal like a man is forced by our gentle cold knife one day?
"He dare? Unless he wants to break off with me and allow home "allow xiang immediately said a long hair on the right side of the neck.
"Look at me now. Are you sure he will have a strong idea?" Gently lean back a little, and let the sisters see her belly.
The two women finally smiled and the atmosphere was no longer so tense.
"But you should know that men’s animal hobbies are very funny. Maybe he likes you the way you are now." chenchen joked.
Section 96
"Didn’t you just ask my brother if he was so concerned about tenderness when he got married? In fact, he was fighting to the death with another organization that day, and when he woke up, tenderness was like a Tathagata, and he went back to the Tao as if nothing had happened."
Yun Xiang said that in fact, he was very unhappy because she was with Yun Jian in the hospital. The first thing he said when he woke up was that she was married?
After allowing Xiang to nod, he got up from the hospital bed, changed his clothes and left, with a little redundant expression and indifference as always.
"Wow, so your brother is still a sentimental species?" Chenchen actually moved after listening to it.
And tenderness is a little sorry, but it is also a little sorry.
Fate has always been such a thing.
"He is by no means a sentimental kind. He is a single-minded man, but he loves the wrong person." Yun Xiang said this and looked gentle.
Smile gently. "It’s a terrible thing to love the wrong person. I’m really hungry."
Gentle no longer say pick up chopsticks to eat.
Chenchen looked gentle and didn’t want to talk more, so he also picked up chopsticks to eat.
Now she and Yun Xiang both know that there is a person in the tender heart, but that person is by no means Yun Jian.
No matter what they talk about, no matter where they are, three women always seem to concentrate, but it is difficult to pull them out.
After dinner, Chen Chen drove her home and asked her curiously, is it bad to be pregnant?
"Why? Still don’t want to be born? " Gentle look at his belly smiled at surianoka asked.
"Hey, I feel that feelings are very unreliable now. He doesn’t love me. Why should I have children for him?" Chenchen sighed, his hands tightly holding the steering wheel.
Looking out of the window gently, remember that I thought the same thing as you.
"What about now?"
"Now? Now my heart is full of heavy … "
"Is there happiness?"
Gentle …
When she got home, Professor Yuan had already prepared a midnight snack for her, so she obediently ate Professor Yuan and went back to her room.
Later, when he came back, she heard the door go out with a bowl. Would you like some soup?
The soft one greeted him, and when he came back, he saw someone he missed.
Her eyes sparkled with the gentlest, lowest-key and most gorgeous light in the world.
At that moment, the man was full of heart and just came back before walking slowly?
Gentle smile a little guilty, and then two people sat down at the table together.
"Xiaochen’s husband sent a lot of people to follow her, and it’s getting harder and harder to eat together after the three of us." Gentle sigh
He chuckled and took a sip of porridge and then looked up at her. She looked at her eyebrow eye with a little nifty, and her lip was soft and fragrant, so she couldn’t help but want to block it.
"How was the talk today?" Gently changed the subject and looked up at him.
But was deeply attract by his deep eyes.
"The last 23 million price!" Teng always said lightly
Gentle but shocked by him, that really made him push the price down as much as possible.
"I’m afraid there aren’t many bosses like you in this world. I’m afraid that person is already angry?" Gentle joke
"Almost!" Tengyun nodded and smiled.
But who cares?
How many people in this world really care about others?
It is normal to put business interests first.
It’s just after eating and returning to my room, I’m just having a serious talk about things, but two people are hugging each other. When he is overbearing, kissing and gentle, he can stand on tiptoe to respond to manager Teng’s smile. Are you forced to wait?
The low and gentle ears are already red and hot. What?
He smiled and picked her up and put her to bed.
Gentle eyes gradually dyed ambiguous and looked at the man thinking about talking to Yunjian today. She suddenly raised her hand and hooked his neck and kissed him actively.
Tengyun, I miss you.
Those five words almost blurted out.
If it weren’t for a little bit of concern in my heart
Not much worse than love. That word is to think.
When a woman misses a man, then …
Later, the two men hugged each other tightly, but at the last moment, they were gentle and could not be gentle.
Two people went to class together early, and it suddenly occurred to me that Su Jin stayed in the office building for a long time yesterday and was about to tell him when she met a woman who ran to the flower shop.