The media are speculating about the destination of these Lazio players before the league is over.

It seems that everyone is used to the rhythm of winning the championship and selling players every time.
Moreover, Lazio’s current financial situation is the fastest way to get results by selling players.
Everyone understands.
So the media is full of rumors about the transfer of so-and-so Lazio players
What’s the successful upgrade? Juventus saw Melo, what Real Madrid wanted Zema, what Wenger said david silva was his dream player, and what Abramovich planned to pack half Lazio … and so on.
It’s dizzying to see people, and it feels like Lazio will be carved up by European powers when I wake up.
Some media also put price labels on players in Lazio teams one by one.
What Rocchi 10 million david silva 35 million Zema 25 million modric 30 million Melo 30 million Khedira 15 million Inle 10 million ledesma million cazorla million Sese Passareira 21 million Pa Wen 10 million balzaretti 10 million Wali Steiner 10 million … and so on and so forth.
Some media are not out of any psychology, but maybe they are always winning like sarcasm. They have changed a special issue called "Lazio Supermarket Shopping Guide" to introduce in detail the season performance of each Lazio player and give several criteria for scoring.
Tell everyone by scoring whether this player is worth buying for tens of thousands of euros.
Among them, david silva is the most expensive team in Lazio.
The media did not agree on his share price.
Some media said that he was worth 35 million, some media thought that 40 million might take him away, and some media thought that 20 million was enough.
Media speculation always wins, but this time it is uncharacteristic.
In an interview with reporters, he said that every player in Lazio is not for sale.
"We won’t sell our players. These players are excellent. They are the cornerstone of Lazio’s success. No manager will sell the team!"
Chang Sheng speaks best decission in the camera lens.
If you don’t understand people, you will always win and care for the players. Give a thumbs up and call them good.
But unfortunately, most people know who Changsheng is.
The reporters booed him when they heard him say that.
Mom! Is it your twin brother who used to have a jump sale after every season? !
No matter if the media reporters spit in their hearts.
Chang Sheng never let go, insisting that his players are not for sale or not.
And the attitude is extremely firm.
This attitude makes everyone very strange.
Has Lazio’s financial problem been solved?
But no!
Then how can it not be sold?
Selling players is their main source of income. How can they pay their debts if they don’t sell players? How to keep the club running normally?
There is still one round left before the end of the league, but I haven’t heard that Changsheng has finalized the transfer of any player.
You know, Qian Changsheng has always been vigorous and vigorous in the transfer market. It seems that he doesn’t need to investigate directly and then buy people.
The seller is also so decisive. He seems to know how much he should introduce and quote, and he can accurately grasp the buyer’s mind to the maximum extent, so that the transfer will not be shaken because of the excessive asking price.
In fact, Chang Sheng is right. Half of the players in his team are right and wrong, not everyone.
He is waiting for Juventus.
Of course, he will not take the initiative to promote players as before.
Now Lazio is doing well, and Lazio players are emboldened.
It’s not that we don’t want garbage players. If you want my players, just wave a check and I’ll see who bids the highest!
The season is not over yet, but Juventus’ signings have already arrived.
They want the team to prepare for the first division in the new season.
Almost the whole team will be torn down and rebuilt.
So they want to buy a lot of players.
Although Moggi and Giraudo played a very disgraceful role in the Gatewan incident and the GEA incident.
But I have to admit that they have a good eye for people.
Juventus have rarely made mistakes in buying players for so many years.
But things are different now.
Without Moggi and Giraudo, Juventus found a group of amateurs to do their former work.
Blanco is now the general manager of the team in charge of all the operations of the club, just like Giraudo at the beginning. Of course, due to lack of manpower, he also wants to be Sports director, that is, the former Moggi position.
However, Blanco is a beginner in football, and his strength is to manage clubs and discuss such business activities with sponsors.
Specific player signings are sports activities.
This requires high professional knowledge, because if you are not professional, you may be deceived …
Just like what happen to Juventus in that following year.
Everyone can see how amateur their team is from their promotion to Juventus.
Secco, who was scolded badly, was also boring at all, and the board of directors of the club didn’t have him on the list of club management members. Although some media said that he received Moggi’s debt, what was Sports director, in fact, he was more like an errand boy who was in charge of negotiators, a bit like Martin llorente when he always won in Valencia.