[This is the so-called’ magic’? 】

You don’t need to hold a spell and practice it like a spell. Pei Wende’s speed of playing the god’s foot is much faster than that of normal practitioners, reaching the point of heart curse.
This means that Pei Wende has a high degree of fit.
Or how long does it take Xu Bule to press Pei Wende to sublimate Shenzutong to the degree of heart mantra like Bodhisattva Buddha’s light?
By that time, Pei Wende will be able to truly tap the powerful potential of God’s Foot-and-Mouth.
Because Pei Wende knows in his heart that making himself as light as a swallow and greatly increasing his strength is only the most superficial benefit of "God’s Foot", and even the entry is not counted.
"Shenzutong" can be called the six magical powers of Buddhism because it deconstructs and strengthens the physical changes.
According to Zen master Lingyou, if the yogi can bring God’s Foot into full play to the realm of heart mantra, he can control his own physical changes to a certain extent.
At that time, it is a normal phenomenon that the limbs will be reborn and the body will not rot.
In fact, this is also the reason why many virtuous monks do not rot after their death, and the relics show themselves.
Even if you don’t deliberately pursue God’s foot, Buddhist practitioners will naturally show some physical wonders after opening three veins and seven rounds.
"Is it actually six magical powers?"
At a glance, I recognized Pei Wende’s body changes and informed. Chen Zhengdao was surprised to stare big eyes.
There are many different schools and branches of Buddhist practitioners in this era.
However, it is recognized that Buddhist practitioners who can practice the six magical powers must be "enlightened" in all aspects of essence, qi and spirit.
In time, once this "awakened one" grows up, it will surely become a Buddhist with several great virtues.
After all, unlike magic, avatar can’t be obtained through long-term practice and study, and it is more a symbol of identity and ability.
"I really want to talk. This is the entry-level six avatar."
I don’t know what Chen Zhengdao thinks, and it doesn’t matter what the other person thinks …
It didn’t take long for Pei Wende to quickly adapt to this feeling of being as light as a swallow and walking as fast as flying.
Of course, Pei Wende knows that this is not his real weight loss.
It’s that 40,000 thick muscle fibers in his body, and the hundreds of millions of cells spontaneously became active, which brought him the illusion of being as light as a swallow.
In this state, Pei Wende jumped out of a few meters away with a pedal.
Then the second and third steps …
The pace is getting faster and faster, and Pei Wende finally seems to be out of the bondage of gravity. Every leap spans several meters.
Pei Wende estimates that even playing those martial arts games before crossing may not be such an exaggerated and inhuman performance.
The only regret is that Pei Wende’s mastery of the mind is to strengthen his physical fitness, but he can’t strengthen his lag ability like real weightlessness
Otherwise, Pei Wende, who came from the 21st century, can definitely put this powerful leap into full play.
Rao, Chen Zhengdao is also amazed at Pei Wende’s talent.
"Entry-level six magical powers?"
"Do you think I’ll believe such a lie?"
Look for a long time stay PeiWenDe disappear back Chen Zhengdao a tone that the other party can’t hear muttered.
"If this can be regarded as an introduction, those practitioners who can walk hundreds of miles may not even touch the threshold."
Chen Zhengdao suddenly frowned at the thought of this-because suddenly he thought of a possibility, a very possible fact.
"And so on almost forgot …"
"If your master is really him, then what you call" getting started "may be really" getting started "."
Look a little rain or shine uncertain dim to Chen Zhengdao quietly clenched his fist.
"After all, he’s a … crazy monk."
Chapter 20 The town that never sleeps in the Tang Dynasty
Jingfan Town is one of nine townships, ten towns and one at the foot of Weishan.
At the same time, it is also the largest settlement except local counties.
According to official statistics, there are more than 1,000 permanent residents in Jingfan Town alone, which is close to the level of a sparsely populated county.
What makes Yu Jingfan Town so prosperous?
In addition to occupying a strategic geographical position, it has four access to township roads and official roads
The most important thing is that Jingfan Town is the interchange of Weishan and Long Mai. It is said that people living here will be promoted and rich, and their grandchildren will be blessed.
For Pei Wende, who has never studied geomantic omen, he doesn’t know whether this widespread statement has scientific basis.
But it is undeniable that Jingfan Town is indeed the richest town in the surrounding area.
Even Pei Wende often goes to Xinkang Town. In terms of simple prosperity, it is also the same as the law, scenery and numerous towns.
"It really deserves to be the most prosperous town at the foot of Weishan."
After all kinds of pedestrian tracks gradually appeared in the township road, Pei Wende slowed down his pace and ordinary people entered Jingfan Town.