It’s because after cutting hair and washing pulp, his magic power is not natural enough to practice, and he dare not spend too much time offering sacrifices and refining utensils to delay his practice.

Therefore, until now, in addition to the previous five wild symbols selected in cooperation with the cultivation of wuqinxi, there are also a few handles that have been sacrificed to half a cloud bamboo sword.
"Lord, this is …" At this time, seeing such a cloudy number of bamboo swords gathering pace, the Taoist priest couldn’t help zheng.
"The original brother repair is not inconvenient and distracting enough, and it is very safe and does not need to be distracted.
But nowadays, Daoqing’s view means that Daoxiong should improve his strength as soon as possible.
Practice must accumulate over a long period, but the art of war is also the best way to improve strength. "Ling Qingyi beckoned the hovering white clouds to call his hands."
"and the two can complement each other. With five hundred soldiers and brothers, the magic weapon can be refined in the future.
Whether it’s by borrowing mana to sacrifice in person or by offering these sword embryos to them separately.
Then there is the Taoist art of war. You can also use mana to cut hair and wash pulp to increase your practice speed. "
This is the most important thing for Taoist soldiers to help their masters practice.
Having a qualified soldier is equivalent to carrying hundreds of mana bags with you.
And I’m not worried about mana incompatibility.
You know, even if two initiates share a skill, their mana will be slightly different.
The Taoist soldiers are the basic refining mana of their own spirit master mana.
To put it bluntly, although this mana is his hard work, CNNC is the master.
In this way, the hard work of refining mana is saved, and this speed has stopped rising several times?
Not only that, but the master of Dao Bing’s sacrifice refining instrument is different from his own sacrifice refining.
"Thank you, Lord!" Road flyover gathering pace thanked him and did not refuse.
He knows that he will be the first facade of Daoqing view in the future, and his strength will be looked down upon by people. Is it Daoqing view or Lingqing face?
In addition to the 3,000-mouth cloud bamboo sword embryo, there are still some pills in the kit bag, which were refined by Zhu Guangxin this time.
There are also many prescriptions that need to go to the sea in his achievement method, and he just took the opportunity of this trip to the sea to collect materials and refine them several times.
Among some ofuda, the most powerful is that Lingqing carefully refined a congenital charm.
This is a Zifu Lingwen-level rune. Although it is disposable, it has the power of a spiritual strike.
In this way, even if you meet the average fairy, you can suppress it with a charm.
Even if he meets the master of the fairy peak, he can take this opportunity to stall and then take the opportunity to escape.
There are also some wild symbols, spiritual rice, spiritual fruit practice and refining materials.
These things belong to Ling Qing’s gift, which belongs to Taoist Yun Sheng.
The materials in Daoqing concept can be roughly divided into three categories. One category is Lingqing private storage, mostly in tiger skin bags or Qinglingge private storage.
Second, the Taoist temple warehouse is supervised by Taoist Yunsheng.
Both the east and the west are desirable, but they can not be transferred to others.
Third, it belongs to a person, mostly given by some spiritual youth.