They rushed through the corner of the stairs and had an attack distance, and then the military personnel department threw the hand Lei Zhen explosive bomb all at once.

At the same time, a group of action teams outside the villa rushed into the second floor along the wall rope.
The two sides were finally attacked on the second floor, and Xin Lei was shot in the leg and fell to the corner of the stairs while covering Xiaozhao.
The whole second group was injured except Hai Wang.
The Chinese male secret in the hall followed Rogge when he was preparing to run to the attic, and was blocked by everyone.
"kneel down! Hey! " Hai Wang pointed a gun at the crowd and kept shouting.
"Fight back!" Rogge also shouted, but I turned around to see that only five guards had chosen to surrender, kneeling straight with my head down and giving up resistance.
Two military personnel in the building who are responsible for covering the seventh district wander around the area where they have just fought with guns, and decisively replenish guns on the cheeks of those comrades who have died.
The secret bomb hit the comrades’ bodies on the cheek beyond recognition, so as to avoid the intervention of the military intelligence department of Area 5 and verify the identity of these people.
The periphery kept praying to his mother, but the little white tiger still couldn’t escape the gun battle that was destined to come. He found two police patrol cars coming over at his own pick-up point.
"Report that two police patrol cars were found at the No.3 pick-up point of 2 groups …" Little White Tiger shouted with a walkie-talkie.
"The room has been finished. Stop them with your gun. Don’t let them in." Kehua sounded. "The villa action team is moving closer to point 2, and his car is also heading this way."
"Yes …!"
The little white tiger replied with trembling hands holding an automatic rifle and hesitated for a long time, then hugged the fire at two police cars.
Across the street, Xiao Qinglong, Lao Wei and others also carried automatic rifles to the periphery.
After the Chinese male secret was kidnapped by the military personnel of the Seventh District, he kept shouting, "Comrades, I am a secret … I am an errand boy. You don’t need to arrest me, Comrades … I am as worthless to you as a bodyguard. It will be a burden for you to take me with you."
"Bang bang!"
After Xin Lei was injured, Xiao Zhao became extremely irritable. He punched the male secret face with two punches and the latter shut up on the spot.
"He’s right. He didn’t collapse, did he?" Hai Wang ordered 1 at Xiaozhao.
When the male secret heard this, he almost didn’t frighten himself into pulling his trouser pocket and shouted again, "Don’t kill me, I have …!"
Rogge saw that the other party was going to kill himself and shouted in English, "I promise the emperor that you will kill my brother-in-law … there is nothing to talk about."
In a word, the male secret dodged a bullet and was taken away by the seven-zone staff, but his guards had surrendered, and the situation was still getting sudden by Wang Hai.
After everyone succeeded, they quickly evacuated and informed Ke Hua that the point was close. Some members of a group also went to the meeting point to cover the evacuation.
Villa periphery
Xiao Qinglong, Lao Wei, Xiao Baihu and others have patrolled the police to catch fire, and the streets on both sides have fired hundreds of shots at each other.
After a group of support personnel arrived, Xiaoqinglong shouted "Withdraw!"
When the little white tiger heard the shout, he ran with his ass pursed, and the guns rang wildly behind him, and there were splash bombs everywhere.
"This way …!" Old Wei hid in an alley and waved at the little white tiger.
At this moment, the little white tiger fell down the street and roared bitterly, "I’ve been shot!" !”
Old Wei dazed a "get up and rush over"
"I can’t move, I’m going to die … Old Wei, please run away and leave me alone." The little white tiger shouted in a pale voice. "I’ll cover you and fight with them!"
Old Wei saw that he was covered with blood and didn’t get up with his hands on the ground several times in a row. Suddenly, he was in a hurry and gritted his teeth and rushed over from the alley.
The little white tiger was stunned to see this scene, and the police officers next to him had already rushed over. This person was much more sloppy, and someone who had nothing to do with himself rushed out.
"Dadada …!"
A row of bullets came and old Wei was crushed again in the alley. His forehead was sweating and he shouted at the little white tiger again, "Don’t get up and don’t move. I’ll save you!"
The little white tiger looked at the eager old Wei, and there was a warm current in his heart for a moment, but he was soon trampled by the head-on foot.
Small tsing lung blunt come over and swung his right foot like a penalty kick general peng kicked the little white tiger head "you pack nima! Get up and run! "
Old Wei was stuck when he heard this.
"Get up!" Small tsing lung staring eyes roared
The little white tiger ran with the edge, and the thief quickly shouted, "Run!"
Thirty seconds later, all the people got rid of the patrolman temporarily in the complicated alley. After that, Lao Wei and Xiao Qinglong blocked the white tiger brothers’ walls for more than a dozen consecutive punches.
The little white tiger was beaten black and blue and kept shouting, "I’m nervous, I’m shot … you misunderstood that I didn’t pretend to be dead and want to escape … Stop fighting, fuck you, stop fighting and I’ll fight with you!"
Chapter DiErLiuYiJiu big clues
In the seventh district, Ke Hua’s military personnel plus Xiao Qinglong, Xiao Xiaobaihu, Xiao Zhao, Xin Lei, Guang Lao Wei have a total of 40 members, and these people directly lost 12 in World War I.
What is military service? In this case alone, the military exploits are that people are waiting for awards, such as Ke Hua, Hai Wang and so on
Everyone evacuated to the outside of Iraq by car as planned, and then changed buses again to go directly to a Wang port around Area 5.
Rogge’s identity is very important, and there must be a close political office in the fifth district. After he was tied up, he mobilized a lot of military personnel to pursue it. However, there is no special zone wall in the fifth district, and his ability to control the area is a little weak. Once he wants to catch it from the main city, he is no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.
Kehua sneaked into Wang’s harbor with all the people, and found a hiding place for the time being by arranging to meet the personnel on the floor.
After staying here for a day, everyone boarded a small fishing boat and left quickly around 12 o’clock the next night.
Little white tiger sat on the deck in the foggy night, drinking white wine and eating salted fish, turned to look at Lao Wei and said, "You say … are you a little tiger?" What the hell … I told you … I’m dying. Why do you have to come back and save me? Aren’t you afraid you can’t leave? !”
Lao Wei is older than Xiao Zhao and others, and he speaks very bluntly. "You are more important and can’t die … but I will protect you whenever I have the opportunity."
"How much does the psycho Chuanfu give you a month? Why do you work so hard?" The little white tiger turned their eyes.