I have seen many strange things, and I think I can’t trust my eyes at this time. Sometimes it is my eyes that deceive myself.

There must be a road around here, and according to my memory, the old man pulled us with a rope. It didn’t take us long to get here after we entered this hole, so I don’t think we are far from the ground now, and the emptiness around us may be an illusion.
"Wait, I think it’s so familiar here." After seeing our present situation, Batu took a look at me and I didn’t pay attention to him, but Batu yelled at me when I was going to move to the side to check what to do.
"Yes, I know where this is. Didn’t we find a passage in our tomb before? After entering the hall from that passage, I found that the square thing we saw in front of the magma lake may be the land where we are now. "Batu didn’t know what was going on and even smiled.
I really don’t know what Batu’s heart does. When he is in danger, he is most prone to anger, but he is often heartless. It seems that he is not afraid of danger. It can be said that Batu has a strict schizophrenia and a serious dual personality.
Just as I was about to express my thoughts with Batukou, white smoke came out of this small piece of ground in our house, and this smoke actually contained a strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine
"Be careful" I shouted out almost at the same time as Batu and my conscious hand covered my mouth.
Batu and I thought of Chen Mo almost at the same time, but when we turned our heads, we found an incredible thing. We didn’t recognize the original Chen Mo whose face was swollen by the old man, but now the swelling of his face is visible to the naked eye, which is like the rapid loss of gas in a small hole poked by someone on the surface of an inflated balloon, and the former insignificant anger is slowly recovering.
"Is it … is it the smoke?" I unconsciously let go of my hand and asked myself.
There was a terrible smell of Chinese medicine in that smoke. I took a tentative breath and immediately felt an urge to vomit. However, after the smoke entered my body, it made me feel refreshed and the injured part was not as painful as before.
"It’s the smoke that is very effective." Feeling the feedback from my body, I cried out in surprise towards Batu.
I don’t care if the smoke can cure the injury, and I don’t think where the smoke comes from. I open my mouth and breathe greedily, hoping that my body can get better soon.
I wish the white smoke didn’t last long, and it disappeared completely after half a minute, and it disappeared very quickly as if it had never appeared.
Although I can’t make a big move, it’s not as difficult as before to turn around and walk. Batu’s ribs are even connected, and he says there is no problem.
The key is that Chen Mo Chen Mo’s face has been swollen except for some blue-black bruises, but he is still in a coma. We can’t know his specific situation for a while, but he looks good and his breathing is very stable.
"What is this fog? More powerful than the hospital? " Batu seems to have some disbelief and kept stroking his connected ribs and asked me.
"I don’t know, but I guess it must have something to do with the old man Zabu." I shook my head and said to Batu.
"Have with them? How is that possible? How can they save us if they want to kill us? " In the middle of it, Batu remembered that the old man and Zabu had disappeared. He looked at me in doubt and asked, "Where are they?"
I don’t know how to explain it to Batu, because many things are my guess, and it’s hard to say whether it’s accurate or not. If I say my guess now, Batu will probably have a nervous breakdown.
Batu is good at everything, but I can’t stand his dual personality. When he is calm, he doesn’t show more than the big brother and the black master, but something is even worse than me. Maybe this is related to his living environment.
After much thought, I still told Batu about the conversation I heard from the old man Zabu, but my own guess was automatically ignored.
After listening to my words, Batu bit his lip, cocked his head and thought for a while, then suddenly slapped his thigh and said, "I know that it is not a lie that the old man said that he would turn us into pets, and he also wants to benefit these magma."
I was startled by Batu’s sudden roar. I was just about to get up and look around to see if I could find a way out. I stopped at Batu’s words.
Seeing Batu’s face without the slightest fear, I was incredulous and asked, "Aren’t you afraid?"
Batu shook his head directly at me without thinking. "I’m afraid, but I feel afraid. What we need now is to find out how to get out of here first, otherwise we can really be a house pet for the old man. I just don’t know what he is going to do." What are you going to make of us? If you turn us into pet dogs then I won’t cry to death. "
I understand that almost all the people outside were furious before Batu’s present state of mind. Why did it suddenly become so good? After much deliberation, the reason was finally attributed to the old man who gave Batu a small bottle of white smoke.
At the same time, I have increased my interest in the old man, and I feel that he seems to be very good at everything. Although he is probably a person like Fayun, he is also a real person.
"Xu Ping? Why didn’t Xu Ping get hurt by them? Didn’t the former Xu Ping be taken out by the Wolf King? " I was once again frightened by Batuyin while I was meditating.
"Don’t be surprised. When we confronted this old man, the Wolf King had taken Xu Ping away. Now no one knows where they are, but the old man said that he would go to find them tomorrow." I said to Batu with a frown.
Batu smiled and said to me, "I didn’t mean to know anything after smelling the old man’s things just now. I don’t know anything and it seems that many things have been forgotten before."
I don’t know if the old man’s smelling things for Batu is harmful to Batu, but it seems that everything has not developed in a bad way, but it has calmed Batu a lot.
I told Batu everything I had just heard and my own guess when I saw that Batu was still smiling without losing his mind.
Batu’s brow wrinkled after hearing it. "It seems that Xu Ping and the Wolf King have left here. I hope Xu Ping can get better soon and then come and save us."
To tell the truth, we didn’t believe Xu Ping much before, but Zab used to talk about Xu Ping as a really nice person. Zab lynched him, and he didn’t betray us. He didn’t reveal a word about our information. Judging from this, he is really a nice person. I also believe that if he is settled, he will definitely find a way to save us.
Before, I thought that it would be no good to put Xu Ping alone, regardless of how long it will take Xu Ping to wake up. Even if he is safe, he may not be able to get us out. This old man is horrible. We know that even Chen Mo and Batuga Wolf King have joined hands to hold his hand for a blink of an eye. I don’t think he can do anything with Xu Ping alone. Even if he comes with a submachine gun, I don’t think he has the ability to beat this old man.
"Batu just now, this old man and Zabu are also in this strange way. They also walked from this side. I think there should be a way out here. We can’t put all our hopes on Xu Pingshen. We should also explore it ourselves. If we can find a way out while the old man and Zabu are not here, it will be wonderful." I shook my head and said to Batu.
Batu nodded at me after listening to my words. "Now we don’t know what’s the situation in Xu Ping and he doesn’t know what’s wrong with this old man. I think he’s seen Zabu. If he barges in rashly, I think not only can he not rescue us, but he may even take himself in."
When I saw Batu figured it out, I didn’t bother about it. "I just lay flat and couldn’t see around, but from the sound injury, Zabu and the old man should have disappeared from the right. Let’s look for it from here."
"Ouch, it hurts!" Chen Mo shouted as Batu and I were about to find a way out, sitting up from the ground and touching the back of his head.
Chen Mo, are you awake? Batu and I immediately gave up looking for a way out and walked quickly towards Batu.
Chen Mo didn’t react much when he learned about our present situation. It seems that it’s nothing different, but his face turned pale after seeing the rolling magma around him. Besides, Chen Mo also found something that Batu and I ignored before, that is, since it is so close to the magma lake, we don’t feel too hot, but we have a warm feeling.
Chapter 25 Special’ Prison’
Batu and I have never found this huge loophole before, but now we become confused after hearing Chen Mo say it.
"Isn’t this magma something similar to magma?" Batu looked at the magma lake and asked us without blinking.
"No, what could it be if it weren’t for magma? Even if it’s something similar to magma, how much financial and material resources does it take to make such a big lake? And before I heard Zabu talking to the old man, there was also the word magma. "I shook my head and disagreed with Batu’s idea.
A few minutes later, Chen Mo’s idea was recognized by us, that is, this is indeed a magma lake, but the old man should have used some means to transport the surrounding hot air to other places, and we left a small part here so that we could feel warm but not hot.
"Well, it’s meaningless to entangle this question now. Even if we want to try to see if this is real magma, we can’t do it. Let’s find a way out from somewhere else first." I agree with Chen Mo’s point of view that there is no need for too many waves. After all, we are at least ten meters away from the magma lake.