But if it’s an elemental creature, it’s a little restrained by Xiao Jin

On ice, looking at Jin, who is constantly approaching himself, his face is very calm.
Although this golden monkey is interesting, it is also interesting.
It still has a huge gap with itself.
So thinking about the moon ice directly raised his hand in the direction of Xiaojin.
A large number of Xuan Bing suddenly appeared on the moon ice surface, and many snowflakes floated the day before yesterday.
Ice crystals and snowflakes fly in the field, which instantly melts the world of ice and snow.
And each of these absolute Xuan Bing contains terrorist power.
Watching this battle, the kings have compared it.
If they can’t solve these Xuan Bing problems then.
Most of the heavenly kings shook their heads after the simulation.
The answer is obvious. It’s hard for them to fight against Xuan Bing just because of the moon ice.
Because in the previous battle, Yuebing did not display his Xuan Bing once.
And her Xuan Bing has a more horrible effect besides the extremely low temperature.
That’s her, Xuan Bing, but even the force of law can be frozen!
Xuan Bing, who can freeze the law force, is suspected to be the bane of most platinum pets.
And I also know about these little gold.
Lu Yuan also showed it many times because of the moon ice battle video.
However, even knowing that Xuan Bing is powerful, Xiaojin face is still full of confidence.
This let on ice suddenly had a bad feeling.
Where does this monkey come from?
Just when this idea just came out, the moon’s pupil shrank instantly.
Because Xiao Jin disappeared from her face in a flash!
Where did you go? !
Looking at the disappearance of Xiaojinyue ice is very shocking.
Because of that moment, she didn’t perceive the fluctuation of spiritual force.
It is not a psychic skill to say that Xiaojin’s instantaneous disappearance means the root.
Suddenly, Yuebing found himself hit by a terrible hurricane on the left side of his body.
Body art konoha whirlwind!
Jin a leg whip mercilessly toward the ice in the past.
But it didn’t kick the moon in the end.
Because it almost attacked the moon ice, a Xuan Bing shield appeared next to it.
A huge collision immediately sounded in the venue.
However, after a blow missed, Xiaojin didn’t disappear instantly.
Just when Xiaojin left, several Xuan Bing spikes appeared in front of it.
These Xuan Bing spikes are intertwined, and you can imagine what the consequences would be if Xiaojinli were slower.
And after the distance between the ice and Xiaojinla that month, she finally realized what the instantaneous disappearance ability of Xiaojin was.
This is not a law or psychic skill, but a simple body technique.
There is nothing wrong with Xiaojin’s ability to disappear instantly is six-type shaving.
However, it’s not a concept to display the six forms of eye gold before shaving and making peace.
Body art The so-called body art is the art of exerting one’s potential to the extreme.
Xiaojin’s physical strength is dozens of times stronger than the gold grade.
The body-changing technique is displayed in six forms, and shaving is naturally dozens of times faster.
And because it is purely physical, it is generally difficult for opponents to predict by spiritual power dialing.
This is a very difficult ability for most extraordinary creatures.
After all, most extraordinary creatures are used to fighting with psychic powers.
It is also logical to predict the enemy’s actions through the fluctuation of the enemy’s spiritual power.
And Xiao Jin, the Ministry, relies on the way of body fighting to doubt whether it is unconventional or not.
For the first time, many opponents will not be used to it.
January ice is caught in such a disadvantage.
And Xiao Jinxian also knows what his advantage is.
After discovering that ordinary attacks can’t hurt the moon, Xiaojin also became serious.
Door Dunjia, Sixth Door, Jingmen …!
The sixth door makes Xiaojin’s physical strength rise to a horrible level again.
The breath is visible to the naked eye, the speed is rising, and the staggered energy makes Xiaojin’s body sparkle with terror.
A strong sense of oppression immediately spread in the venue.
It was originally a platinum one-star gold.
Now almost have comparable to platinum six-star pet beast physical strength.
However, this huge golden body is also running at high load.
This scene is very similar to the mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex power running kindling engine.
But Jin is a physical runaway. Tyrannosaurus rex is a mechanical runaway.
On the ice, Jin was also serious when he saw it.
If she was a little relaxed before, now she feels a lot of pressure from her childhood.
It’s hard to imagine that such pressure should be felt from a pet animal with platinum star.
Think about it carefully. Liu Yuan’s pet animals seem to have this kind of similar explosive means.
That seemingly low-ranking little white cat has the ability to summon purple giants.
The silvery white toad also has the ability to incarnate the golden monster.