However, whether Liu Qingyun is two different people in the world, Liu Qingyun or she still believes that this wishful thinking will come to an end, but a beautiful misunderstanding has caused today’s result.

Yu Menglan closed her eyes and her beautiful eyelashes flew in a dream. "I really didn’t expect your brother-in-law to become an immortal. If I had known, I wouldn’t be such an unfilial girl!"
"Brother-in-law is great, and you saw it!" Next to Yu Yan Xue, she encouraged her sister. "He knows magic now!"
"But I don’t want to … I don’t want to …" Yu Menglan tied several Qian Qian knots in her heart. "I’m not ready for this!"
"Besides, I’m going to drag her down before I get well!" Yu Menglan’s soft heart answered her sister’s question, "I can remember without him!" "
Yuyan snow-white Yulan’s heart, but her tears also flowed. "Sister, you are not afraid to carry all your hardships on your shoulders!"
He lifted the car curtain and shouted at the front, "Liu Qingyun can’t marry my sister without three hundred and twenty gold!"
Three hundred and twenty gold is just an episode in this trip. A man and three women walked for more than half a month. After leaving the border of Daqi, Ling Bo saw that the rain sisters were all weathered before deciding to change their ways.
He sent two carriages away in the wilderness. "I’ll take you to Biyunzong!" "
"fly?" Everyone is thinking about what kind of spirit sword flying car is in Ling Bo. When they went to Biyunzong, the water Ling Bo played a finger and turned red, and Zhu Bird appeared. "This is my spirit pet!"
Compared with the beginning, the Zhu bird has gained a circle of weight and can feel the heat she gives off from a distance. "Don’t underestimate me, the Zhu bird’s ordinary gas refining brother, who is no match!"
Zhu bird rested for more than half a month, and after a series of beautiful songs, she entered Liu Qingyun’s ear. The rain sisters over there were curious and afraid of such a big bird.
"Go! We can go to Biyunzong in two days! "
"Two days? Two days? " Yu Menglan said, "Didn’t you say there are still four or five thousand miles?"
"Yes, this is a rest!" Water Ling Bo questioned that "you might as well have never heard of Zhu bird, a god bird …"
Yu Menglan didn’t answer positively, "Then let’s go!"
This Zhu bird’s wingspan is more than three feet wide, and riding four people doesn’t seem to be crowded with water. Ling Bo rain, geese and snow, Liu Qingyun, can still look at the rain, Menglan finally jumped off the bird’s back. "Menglan be careful …"
Water Ling Bo stared his one eye back behind the rain, geese, snow and fire, but also poured oil on his waist. The whole person stuck his back. "Sister sticks to me …"
There are beauties before and after, and finally, there is a first love object of her own who smells fragrance. Is this called Liu Qingyun’s enjoyment?
Water Ling Bo glanced back. "Ring me tight!"
She patted Zhuniao Zhuniao, and it was already a moment when a strong wind was coming. Liuqingyun tightly encircled the water. A pair of beauties behind Ling Bo’s waist had already issued a burst of exclamations.
Looking down, I feel that the mountains and rivers are soaring higher and higher, and the mountains and rivers are getting smaller and smaller. A pair of beautiful women behind Liu Qingyun’s eyes are constantly encircling Liu Qingyun. Listening to her, she exclaimed that even though there is a wild goose and snow, he has never been so close to Yu Menglan.
Zhuniao flies higher and higher, and the mountains and rivers fly higher and higher, and the cold wind gets stronger and stronger. He unconsciously runs the tunnel emperor’s tactic, and the innate spiritual force turns a little warmth. The rain sisters thought the wind was biting, but now they feel that the spring breeze is coming from the east and consciously hugging Liu Qingyun.
Hugging the water tightly, Liu Qingyun, a small waist of Ling Bo, felt that there were many flaws, but he heard the water in Ling Bo cloud saying, "This Zhu bird has been with me for seven years. Do you think it’s okay if I give you?"
"Send me?" LiuQingYun didn’t react at the moment "water girl didn’t you have a pet instead of walking …"
"So what!" Water Ling Bo smiled like a silver bell for a while. "When I get into an elixir of heaven, I can’t go anywhere, and I need a pet instead of walking!"
"Besides, if I don’t give you a proud pet, how can I show my friendship for you!"
Rain’s sisters bite their silver teeth and know that water Ling Bo’s words are aimed at them, but now they can protest silently at the mercy of Zhu Bird.
Chapter 23 Blue Cloud Sect ()
Zhu Bird made another sound of god, and then Ling Bo patted Zhu Bird and said, "Although this Zhu Bird is still young, Brother Jian Qi is no match for her. In time, Brother Dan will build a fund, and I will give her to you when Biyunzong arrives!"
Liuqingyun was just about to refuse, but she felt that Ling Bo was leaning against the fragrant wind, and she couldn’t say anything. May this Zhu bird fly slowly and stay here for this fascinating moment.
Biyunzong, one of the three gates of the Floating Cloud Mountain, attracts hundreds of scattered clouds every year.
Although Biyun Sect can be ranked as a side door, the disciples all agree that Biyun Sect will even join Biyun Sect as a registered brother to do a very glorious thing.