In this vast Milky Way, there is a huge stone platform with Wan Li and inverted pyramid. The surface of the stone platform is as concave as a bowl, and it is a vast sea. Wang Yang reflects the bright stars, the sea and the sky.

The original calm wave is like a mirror, and somewhere in Wang Yang, the virtual light suddenly flashes and nine times appears in this mysterious vastness.
"Hey!" As soon as he appeared in this piece, he fell directly into the water before he came to look at his environment.
"Shit … play with me again!" Hasty nine-fold conditioned reflex immediately launches boots to crush the virtual effect. Whoever wants to run to the surface of the water promises that the more crushed he is, the faster he will fall.
"It’s a good attribute for his mother to crush the emptiness, but the restrictions are also a little bit. Second, we must play the role of crushing the emptiness when other things are not in a virtual state!" Jiuzhong suddenly realized that the virtual effect of crushing in the water could not be exerted, so he hurriedly swam out of the water with a hand-planer and a dog-planer. "Fortunately, there are always people who wear siren masks to be waterproof, or they will fly into a belly!"
Slap the water with both hands, and jump out of the water to the middle school with the help of the anti-seismic force of seawater.
Stepping on the virtual ground and stopping for nine times is the vast and bright Milky Way at first sight. Although in reality, it is not unheard of to see the Milky Way in the universe through online video or some TV programs, it is still hard to hide the shock in my heart. I can’t help but exclaim "… wow-! !”
After a brief shock, Jiuzhong regained his attention and looked at himself. He saw a vast Wang Yang as deep as the Milky Way. If he hadn’t just dropped it and personally verified it, I’m afraid he would have mistaken this piece of Wang Yang for a part of the Milky Way.
As the eyes can see, there is a vast Milky Way above the head in addition to the Wang Yang, and then the other things are very heavy. I can’t help but blink and say to myself, "The Milky Way is very beautiful, like the Milky Way, and the sea is also very beautiful, but that’s not the point. Where is the old treasure? !”
Looking around, I can see the horizon of the sea and the sky. There is no end in sight in this piece of Wang Yang Root. I don’t know what the vastness is, and even whether it has an end is unknown. This possibility can happen in the virtual game world.
The idea of exploring the edge of this sea was rejected by Jiuzhong as soon as it came to mind. He believed that it should not be much if the Long Mai he was looking for had an end with this sea.
"It’s impossible for us to find Long Mai hidden in this galaxy … if it is true, then this joke will be big!" Looking up at the sky, the universe has temporarily ruled out the possible hiding place of Long Mai, and finally focused on this relatively more practical sea and Wang Yang.
I’ve seen the sea back and forth for more than a dozen times to make sure there’s nothing valuable looking down at the deep water like the Milky Way in Jiuzhong. "If you want to come here, if there is an article … this article should be at the bottom of the water! It seems that we still have to find out! "
Determined the direction of search, Jiuzhong immediately smashed the virtual dive and plunged into the deep sea.
When he first fell in, he didn’t pay attention to the water situation because he wanted to go to the surface. Now when he dives into the water again, he finds that the water quality of this sea is very clear and the visibility is very high. At first glance, he can see things a few kilometers away. If his eyesight is good enough, he can see further.
Moreover, Jiuzhong also found that although this sea area is wide enough to look marginal, it doesn’t seem to be very deep. Perhaps because of the particularly high visibility, he can vaguely see a statue that seems to be dormant at the bottom of the sea … more precisely, it is a behemoth.
This monster twists and turns and stretches as if it were as marginal as this sea area.
Full of curiosity, restart the swordfish cloak and transform it into an effect. A swordfish gets the maximum parade speed and swims towards the behemoth in the deep sea.
Although looking at it, I felt that the behemoth was not far away from me, but when I really swam up and rushed to Jiuzhong, I found that "it’s true that I have traveled for almost half an hour and haven’t arrived yet!"
After about ten minutes, we finally reached the bottom of the sea, and the huge array was more clearly displayed in front of him.<>
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Long Bian
The nine eyes are not a creature, rather, it used to be a creature, and now there is a skeleton left.
Dormant at the bottom of this Wang Yang is the skeleton left by a huge creature after its death. It winds and twists on the bottom of the sea and stretches in Wan Li. You can’t see how long this pair of bones is.
The first thought that flashed in Jiuchong’s mind from the shape characteristics of this skeleton was that it looked like a snake skeleton.
However, on second thought, Jiuchong thought that this place is called Xuanhuanglong Point. Since it was crowned with the word "dragon", I believe that this place should not have the skeleton of a snake, which is as different as a dragon. It is more appropriate and practical to say that it is more like the skeleton of a dragon.
In order to verify my mind’s thoughts, I threw away a "critical eye" and got this huge and unusual skeleton information: "The remains of heaven, the remains of a Chinese statue of Long Mai, contain mysterious power."
"It’s a skeleton … guess all the dragon king to reward me, that is, this Dongdong! But …! " Nine heavy some puzzled look at the remains of heaven on such a horrible scale. "How do you always collect it? Do you want ants to move and Yugong to move mountains a little bit to tear it down and get it into ten levels of hell … This project is a bit huge! Besides … The reward given to me by the Dragon King should be a kind of strength, not just a simple remains of heaven! "
While thinking about it, I looked at Jiuzhong along the remains of heaven, and suddenly my eyebrows moved. "Psst … I seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Maybe I will find some clues about the location of the dragon head and the dragon tail of the remains of heaven!"
If you have an idea, you will immediately put it into action. The first choice of the two is the dragon head and the dragon tail.
Seeing that the skeleton arrangement of the remains of heaven tends to be nine times, the direction of the faucet of the remains of heaven is determined instantly, and when it swims along the winding keel, it goes away.
If Jiuzhong thought it was too long to dive from the sea to the bottom of the sea for half an hour just now, then now he has been diving along the remains of heaven for nearly three hours without seeing the end of the shadow. Jiuzhong thinks it was so happy just now.
"He niang … how long is this heaven remains? !” Jiuzhong complained and moved on. Just when his patience was running out and he was going crazy, he finally saw that there were some new changes in his eyes.
First of all, the dragon skeleton road no longer twists and turns, but extends straight into the distance in a straight line; Secondly, although the distance is still far away, he saw the dragon skeleton road as if it had suddenly expanded for several times in front of him.
Obviously, this situation usually has an explanation for the skeleton of a dragon, that is, the place that is several rounds thick in the distance is where the faucet of the remains of heaven is located.
Thinking of this nine-fold spirit suddenly became excited again and followed the dragon bones to swim straight into the distance.
Ten minutes later, Jiuzhong finally arrived at his destination. Sure enough, as he expected, this is really the place where the faucet of the remains of heaven is located. However, watching it so close, it is really shocking to find that this faucet is as majestic as a mountain.
Stunned and stupefied, I swam to the heaven faucet and bowed my head. From overlooking, I found that there is a huge altar like a ladder in the heaven faucet. It is huge here. Think about it. The heaven faucet is as huge as a mountain, and this faucet is more than enough. You can imagine how huge it is in this altar.
Due to disrepair, seawater erosion and some external forces, the altar has been devastated, covered with moss like moldy cheese.
Heaven’s dragon head is located in this altar, and there is a giant weapon with a saw-like pattern all over the face in a pair of dragon horns in the square of heaven’s dragon head. Through the gap of the dragon head skeleton, it can be seen that this weapon is inserted from the top of heaven’s skull into the jaw and has been inserted into the altar, fixing heaven’s skull firmly on the face like a nail.
"Boy … who is this so big? Even this monster can handle it? !” Nine heavy soliloquize this words just came out in my mind has automatically emerged from the image of the Dragon King, except that he doesn’t do it. The second person thought, "Darling … this ancestor is really incredible. Its strength is absolutely beyond imagination! Now that I think about it, it’s really lucky that I met him for the first time and was able to pass the test cheaply from him! "
A sigh nine heavy attention back to the remains of heaven looking at heaven faucet and faucet with the giant blade some vacant at the head "although have found the faucet … but the old for such as inheriting Long Mai power or finished without a clue! !”
Nine heavy while brooding, from the surface to fall on the handle end of the giant blade inserted in the faucet in heaven, I want to make a careful survey again, but as soon as my toes touch the giant blade, it becomes abrupt.
As if the giant blade gave birth to an inexplicable induction, his body ran through a stream, but he didn’t turn into a paste sparrow, but his head dragon reacted greatly in the sky
Stimulated by the huge blade of the foot, the nine-headed dragon buzzed in the sky, followed by the ten thousand golden dragons carving department of the whole helmet.
In a moment, the dragon suddenly disappeared in the sky, and ten thousand golden dragons galloped from the nine heads like a goddess scattered flowers, but in the sea ditch, ten thousand golden dragons galloped from the nine heads to instantly count hundreds of meters of large golden dragons.
Ten thousand golden dragons turn into a real "dragon", and the storm breaks through the surrounding sea water as a mask and rushes through the gap in the skull of heaven into a huge blade.
Like rushing energy, every time a golden dragon rushes into the giant blade, the dense dragon-shaped pattern lights up. When the dragon rushes into the giant blade in Tianhua, all the golden dragons will be golden, and the giant blade will release thousands of golden lights, which will make the sea water as deep as the surrounding universe shine golden.
"Kaka Kaka …! !” There was a sudden crack in this golden light, followed by a continuous dull explosion, just like listening to firecrackers outside through the window during the New Year.
In this series of explosions, Jiuzhong saw the remains of the sea floor split from the leading position and spread rapidly.
It was not until half an hour later that the dull explosion finally subsided, which also marked the collapse of the whole set of remains of heaven dormant in this sea area to dissolve the dust
"Ow! !” The dust fell, but the smell was shocking. Where the remains of the original heaven disappeared, a shape was as good as that seen by Jiuzhong at the beginning. The blue dragon soul of the Dragon King rushed through the wind and waves and finally rushed into the giant blade inserted in the altar.
Chapter five hundred and thirty Long Mai
Instantly nine heavy based on the giant blade to release a foaming at the mouth of the beam through the sea straight into the depths of the Milky Way.
The giant blade in the beam has disappeared and replaced by a blue dragon soul that touches the ground day after day, surrounded by thousands of fluorescent golden dragon souls, carrying nine heavy objects from the bottom of the sea.
"Drink! !” Feel the body being injected with an overbearing and powerful force, as if it had been beaten with chicken blood.
"Boom! ! !” The Great Wall of Wan Li is like a blue dragon soul and a golden dragon soul around it. All of them rush into the nine-fold body. As the nine-fold body roars upwards and explodes, the universe around it seems to be shaking. Like a dead planet, the nine-fold body explodes and blooms in the vast universe. The most dazzling brilliance is as bright as the sun.