"How good is it?" Smoke asked

"Just getting married."
This a smoke field secretly breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
Your granddaughter-in-law
So poisonous?
So fierce?
Trying to kill grandpa as soon as we met?
However, there is no such thing as a single-minded thinking of the Eldar, which poisons the granddaughter-in-law. You can change it if you don’t want it
The problem is the second point of the key.
"Did he control your life and death?" This is the most important.
This smoke posture didn’t tell a lie.
Since she was just captured, Xu retired, not only deeply hypnotized her many times, but also branded her mentally, and she can still feel that brand now.
That brand has now stunned her for a moment, but it can destroy her body for a moment, so I have to retreat.
Besides, Yanzi believes that it is too easy to make a retreat and want to kill her.
I’m sure about the smoke posture.
Smoke field is stunned.
At present, this granddaughter-in-law is so poisonous that she directly controls her granddaughter’s life and death
How strong is this means of controlling life and death? Don’t ask, don’t ask.
If you want to see the current situation of oak, it will be white.
Can oak this fellow before more arrogant a person with Sir Zhong’s support, daring to do evil.
But now his vicious granddaughter-in-law becomes very good and obedient at a glance.
This absolutely has the means to absolutely control the life and death of Quercus variabilis.
Otherwise, we can’t control the evil law of Quercus canker and make Quercus canker so obedient.
Smoke domain was happy just now.
The wicked always poison others!
But now the smoke field is worse than suffering, and his granddaughter is controlled by the same means as this poisonous granddaughter-in-law.
He would rather die than let his granddaughter die.
Their family has only one blood, Yanzi.
A moment’s change of mind in the smoke field
"We can take risks first, borrow Sir Zhong’s hand to deal with the enemy against us, and then choose the opportunity to escape." The anxious horse in the tobacco field first threw a choice to Xu tui.
There’s nothing he can do to save his granddaughter.
Make a refund and hesitate
If you don’t kill Bluestar, there may be a big crisis in the future, but killing the brothers of Tongtian Expeditionary Force will inevitably ruin the Eldar!
To tell the truth, Xu retired Cai Shaochu’s training has the so-called overall situation, but it is not the Virgin.
Hesitation and retreat have already made a choice.
As far as the present situation is concerned, killing the brothers of the Yanyu Tongtian Expeditionary Force, including An Xiaoxue, will go home by law, and there is a 99% probability that they will be discovered and wiped out by the Elves in the near future.
And it’s still ambiguous whether he can escape after killing the tobacco field.
If we don’t kill the brothers of the Tongtian Expeditionary Force, it is very likely that they will go home. In the future, the sun may have a big life crisis because of this technology.
But when the future will come depends on the progress of this technology.
After all, a new technology, especially when it comes to the volume delivery channel, will have to go through many pressure tests before it can be formally applied.
Death is still a brother crisis, and the future is the whole blue star mankind.
And everything is possible in the future.
As soon as I read this promise, I will make a decision.
Not for the time being
It’s just the mouth of the smoke field
Smoke domain words make Xu back dazed, and the old man may already know his identity through smoke posture. This is what the old man thought he hesitated just now.
"Is your technology ready-made or do you need to improve and experiment?" Xu asked back.
"Theory and technology need a lot of experiments and stress tests," said Yanyu.
"You, your granddaughter, make a guarantee of life and death. If there is a half-sentence false statement, your granddaughter will inevitably suffer from a hundred poisons and sorrows before she dies!" Xu tui consciousness communication way