If you don’t break through to the small universe, you won’t be eligible to make a withdrawal.

Not at all.
Can obediently hand over the five-party ghost emperor seal in his hand.
Xu tui did the same thing
Minutes later, the processing is over.
After the official seal of Mount Tai, the number of soil wills increased from 73% to less than 79%.
All the ministries with been-changed will in this Xu’s hand are close to being equal.
Theoretical retreat already has the absolute control quantity of reincarnation small universe.
After the remaining 21%, the will of the soil should belong to three parties
Chu Ling and Yuan each have a seal of the Five-Party Ghost Emperor, and each of them has a will to be changed to nearly 10%, that is, 90%.
The residual amount should be seriously injured and respected in seclusion.
Chopping Sendai with the great powers of the two emperors’ seals slowly withdrew from the clouds, and the seal of Taishan Mansion gradually showed a virtual shadow of the Emperor’s Palace.
It’s much more solid than a palace of Emperor Houtu.
With the influx of Xu tui’s spiritual will, Xu tui’s spiritual will extended to all directions through the seal of Taishan Fujun, but it was not extended for the time being due to the rules of cutting Sendai.
In an instant, Xu retreated and gently stepped forward.
The willpower of the earth after the seal of Taishan Fujun was accumulated in an instant extended to all directions like a storm, and fell all over the corner of the reincarnation universe in an instant.
At this moment, Xu’s control over the small universe of reincarnation has reached an extreme.
It can be said that from thousands of years to now, no one has reached this level except the one who created the small universe of reincarnation
It’s just a moment to retreat, and a position is sensed to be abnormal.
Found the target
This time, the first strategic goal of entering the small universe of reincarnation was achieved-finding a serious injury and seclusion.
And this is the only way to find respect-that is, to control the reincarnation of the small universe to a very high degree.
Now Xu tui meets this condition.
Close to the mastery of the will of the earth can make Xu retreat to sweep the whole reincarnation universe in an instant.
Or the magnifying glass scanning kind
I found the breath of serious injury and seclusion when I retired for a moment.
It was found that the spirit was withdrawn in an instant, but it was re-injected with the seal of Taishan Fujun, and then the seal of Taishan Fujun was directly wrapped by Erila, Qu Qingshan, Li Qingping, Wula, Wen Xinglun and other eleven people.
In an instant, these eleven people disappeared instantly.
This is another manifestation of the ability to control the reincarnation universe to a very high degree.
It can be sent, banned, broken and so on anytime and anywhere in the small universe.
This is the main ability of a small universe
Before the Buddha, he used a small amount of phase ability.
Nowadays, Xu tui, who is close to becoming an afterlife will, also has this ability.
It’s just a moment where the eleven blue star elites appear and hide.
Almost at the same time, Zun was forced out again surprised and angry.
But Xu retreat didn’t even look at the eleven men fighting, but instantly focused on the reincarnation of the small universe door through the seal of Taishan Mansion.
Just one word reincarnation, all the doors and channels of the small universe will be closed.
And at the same moment, the distant Milky Way stayed in its own small universe, and the early spirit and Yuan woke up at the same time.
At this moment, they sensed that the small universe of reincarnation had undergone tremendous changes.