"Head" Zhang Xian face a change.

"What do you mean? I am not white. "
"Ahem …" Zhou Yi aside gently cough a way.
"Zhang elder you didn’t escort the goods? When will you come back? "
"I have been today" Zhang Xian looked blank and immediately stared at Zhou Yi with eyebrows.
"Zhou Yi today is not you follow Zhang Guan escort goods? Is it reasonable for you to give up on your first day as a deputy? "
"Zhang Xian!"
Chen Long stuffy drink.
"Don’t pretend. I ask you to smuggle military prohibitions?"
Said the big hand a jilt two armor-piercing arrows landed heavily refining pulp practitioners juli arrow shaft broke into two pieces on the spot.
He didn’t believe that Zhou Yi was lying.
It’s not good for two people to hate each other and lie. The only possibility is that there is something wrong with this warehouse.
"Forbidden device?"
"This is … sunder armor arrow?"
Zhang Xianchuishou looked at the ground armor-piercing arrow’s eyes and was confused, then shouted and flexed.
"Boss, we’ve worked together for more than ten years. I did this when I was young."
"If you don’t believe me, just search and find an armor-piercing arrow here. I’ll pick my head and put it in front of you myself!"
He stamped his foot with a face of anger and curse, but also frequently looked at Zhou Yi nu way
"Is it you?"
"Did you frame me?"
At this time to search widely has been returned fuels hand way
"I don’t have it here!"
"I don’t have it here!"
Although the warehouse is large, it is mostly open. It is clear at a glance what is in the room. The nursing homes have returned one after another without shaking their heads.
Zhang Xian’s eyes opened wide and sounded.
"You also heard that there is no such thing as the imperial court’s forbidden weapon and armor-piercing arrow here, but someone slandered me and wronged me!"
"wrong?" Chen Long frowned at the side head.
"How do you explain Zhou Yi?"
It is more likely that Zhou Yi will lie if things are unnatural, but it makes no sense. He will slander Zhang Xian for his sake.
It is also necessary to fight for the situation.
It won’t be long before Zhou Yi will be picked up by the mountain and left in the outer court, which is a bad future.
But …
Zhang Xian and Chen Long have also worked together for more than ten years and have letters with each other.
a short while
He is also hesitant.
"Senior Zhang"
Zhou Yi chuckled and stepped forward.
"You’ve been escorting the goods with Brother Zhang, but suddenly you come back. You must have received the news. How can there be no clues to get things away at such a short time?"
Said the guard a finger in the yard.