"I look forward to your performance."

The figure in Demogorgon’s mind also goes with it.
And [Demogorgon] looked at his boss’s famous [Demogorgon] inexplicably knelt on his knees and knocked on his head, and even learned to bark on his stomach, and he gasped.
However, the law can explain what magical event just happened.
after that
Don’t wait for their reaction.
After the dog called [Demogorgon] leng leng, his expression ushered in a new change.
Extraordinary complex changes
Unexplained change
It is hard for human beings to imagine that all kinds of emotions are gathered in the middle.
Like grief, like despair and like joy …
That’s a rather abstract expression.
Sadly, I dare not show it, but dare to show my happy expression for my master. [Demogorgon] has already realized the high meaning of acting.
Even if the best actor comes, he will never perform such a complicated expression.
Even his hands are a little inexplicable after watching it.
I feel sad from my heart as if I were experiencing human suffering!
Then I saw Demogorgon crying with a smile.
Laughing excessively and crying sadly _ _
The hearer is sad, the listener is crying, and the whole palace is shaking all over the salt marsh.
The huge wail made the earth tremble, divided the sky and made all the monsters cry silently.
Even the blood pole [Barlow efreet] heard his pants wet.
Although they are not very literate, they usually don’t wear pants.
Urine is the magma that affects the environment too much.
In the face of all this incredible development
"Great [demon king-Demogorgon] is really crazy? ?”
[Demogorgon] Many genera are at a loss
Besides, some people are wondering whether they want to show loyalty.
Others think it’s true. It’s a little small. Maybe they need to moisten themselves …
Sad interest retreated to the door …
before long
Howl finished [Demogorgon] finally raised his head.
The sprawling huge deformed body also slowly got up.
Two skulls
No matter whether it’s the relatively rational one or the relatively violent one, only the violent emotion of Lun Bi shows poor and fierce light at this time, and the huge pressure in his eyes is constantly overflowing from that strange body, which brings great pressure to every guy in the palace.
After swallowing saliva
One of his genera trembled and tried to speak.
"Positions …"
But in an instant
I haven’t said a few words yet
[Demogorgon] The thick long tail behind him is directly biting and smashing the strong body of the other party.
Make a number of broken meat sauce spread all over the field.
"I’m … very sad, very sad, very angry and desperate …"
In that cold tone
[Demogorgon] Words are jumping out word by word.
At the same time
His figure disappeared in situ.
Beyond imagination!
The speed is much faster than the reaction speed of the guys outside the field.
And bloody and crazy killing also directly targeted at the brutal slaughter of every guy in the field …
[Demogorgon] Never allow yourself to be seen by this group of guys in front of you. They must die!
Chapter 174 Inevitably need to face things
[Demogorgon] Is that possible to hide from Olga?