Chapter two hundred and forty-two Thousands of words converge into one sentence. Thank you.

When Maito Gai was separated from Harle, the whole person became soft. For Maito Gai, a person who had no ninja talent and became patient by training, his will was very firm. So Wu Tian did not make a knife cut, but created a kindergarten scene
For three days, Maito Gai was harassed by bear children all the time, which was not enough. After all, Maito Gai was determined to hold back, but these bear children kept pulling Maito Gai besides being noisy, while Maito Gai didn’t resist because he didn’t want to hurt these children. Finally, when he was free, he was soft to the ground.
Look at the people around some fear eyes, Wu day koo shrugged his shoulders and then looked at a face of vacant Gang Shou.
Gang Shou silently woke up behind him and then said, "Well, in that case, there is no need to continue the test. Wu Tian, you will endure it from today."
Gang Shou finished and left, while others dispersed. Finally, there were four people left because Wu Tian defeated Maito Gai, and there was no chance to teach Wu Tian Sarutobi Asuma to stay in Sasuke Uchiha after seeing Wu Tian sharingan. The remaining two were left because of Sasuke Uchiha, two anthomaniac Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino.
Later, Wu Tian returned to his hut, and ten artificial people had been thrown to Gang Shou. Before that, he gave some money to these artificial people. If he didn’t do this, he would be a goof. After all, others had a discussion about how members of the ninja secret organization had no money, so how to carry it out and how to lurk. Then people suspected and pondered, and then the Wu Tian plan was finished
By the way, I haven’t said anything about the Wu day plan yet. The Wu day plan is simply a game. Today, in addition to Wu Tianwai, he made ten people and became a Konoha ninja. After Wu Day, he will keep cultivating all kinds of blood artificial people and then insert them into Konoha.
At first, because Wu Tian planted artificial people, although their strength was strong, they were also of average level and the number was small. When there were more people behind them, even Konoha resisted, there was nothing to do. At most, it was just a big fight.
However, Wu Tian didn’t intend to use violence to levy konoha. Wu Tian wanted to use violence to directly train a large number of ninjas and start working directly, but there was a voice in his mind telling him that he couldn’t do this. If he didn’t do this, he would get a surprise if he could finally levy Naruto.
Then Wu Tian planned to plant artificial people to make all kinds of contributions. When one day Wu Tian didn’t need to do anything, he could easily get Konoha, the actual rule of the whole Naruto world, which gave Wu Tian a feeling of playing strategy and forming a game.
After returning to the Battleship Department, I went to the culture tank for a turn on Wu Day. Natalya has already started the final experiment. Natalya has always believed that there are very few eye-catching forces in sharingan. When this very few people accumulate to a certain extent, they will be able to turn around.
Natalya was watching the changes of a pair of eyes in a culture tank. Wu Tian went to Natalya’s side and took a look at a pair of ordinary jade hooks in the culture tank. After sharingan asked Natalya, "Did Natalya come to any conclusion?"
Natalia frowned suddenly, and then she complained, "Would you please come from the front? In this case, I just got some clues but forgot them because of you."
Wu Tian rolled his eyes without any moral integrity. Don’t say "Natalia, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Can you tell me what you found?"
Natalya rolled her eyes. "Dominating you is as shameless as ever."
Wu Tian smiled. "Thank you for your compliment. Now tell me what you found. I don’t believe you didn’t find anything."
Natalia primly said, "I did find something. Because these findings dominate your eyes, it is estimated that your eyes will deteriorate."
Wu day listened to Natalya and said that there was no response at the moment. After a few seconds, Wu day asked some mywood "what do you mean?"
Natalya looked at Wu Tian’s stupidity, and some Nai later explained, "I found the circle eye part in sharingan, and when sharingan becomes strong, it will exclude this part and dominate your eternal kaleidoscope. The circle eye strength in sharingan is close to that in sharingan’s eyes, and there is no circle eye strength at all. If you want to turn your eternal kaleidoscope sharingan into a circle eye, you need to turn sharingan into the lowest level. That’s it."
"Well, I understand what to do." Wu Tian nodded and said that he did understand the last sentence, or sharingan became the lowest hook.
"The faith exchange system will strip the power of sharingan, and I will give you an upgrade when I find a way."
"Oh!" Wu Tian Oh, after a while, he stripped off the kaleidoscope sharingan ability, but immediately he reacted and stared at Natalya. "What do you mean, when you find a way, don’t you have a way to turn my eyes into eyes?"
"No, I just found it, and I’m looking for how to make a circle eye. I think I’ve figured it out just now if it weren’t for dominating you," Natalya said in a coquetry voice.
Wu day coldly looking at Natalie yana Thalia pursed mouth a face of injustice, then Wu day turned and walked this pot, I back no longer carry the bag, Wu day left despondently.
Of course, the glass kaleidoscope sharingan has not been done for the time being. After all, Wu Tianxian is at the peak of forbearance. Only when chakra has a kaleidoscope and sharingan can the shadow ninja fight, otherwise it can fight against the average ninja.
Or you can hit the belief point and buy disposable props to face the orochimaru thunderstorm bomb before the battle. If it is not because of the four purple inflammation array, orochimaru will be trapped and abused, and orochimaru will not be afraid to slip away directly.
But in the end, he still needs sharingan. After all, Naruto, a ninja in this world, has no blood and bijuu is almost a waste. Look at Kakashi, no matter how talented he is without sharingan, he is just a forbearance.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Handle looters
"Senior, please accept me!" People scattered about after Sasuke Uchiha knelt in front of wu day.
"I have nothing to teach you," Wu said and left. For Sasuke, this guy, Wu Naizhen, doesn’t know what to do. Now Sasuke’s life has obviously gone wrong, but the No.2 hero must be able to teach himself to be a genius even without adventure.
After returning to the battleship, Wu Tian went directly to his room for dinner and ate hastily. On that night, Wu Tian did not meditate with a younger sister rolled sheets, but sat cross-legged all night alone. Wu Tian tried to communicate with the clouds, but when the night passed, Wu Tianlian made no progress at all.
Maybe the fog will be manipulated after the hokage world is marked according to the sound in your mind.
What shall we do next? Open a hot pot restaurant. Wu Tian set a goal after turning over the bed. This year, hot pot restaurants can be fired and won’t lose money.
After the decision, Wu day began to prepare for the belief exchange system to directly exchange the magnetic furnace and the magnetic furnace pot. Anyway, the Naruto world has left the warship on Wu day.
Wu Tianyi Lela bought a house face to face. The house is not big enough, but it is more than 60 square meters. Wu Tian’s direct earth-dun-ninjutsu sank the house, saying that this ability of the earth is still quite good
Later, I exchanged a house for myself, and moved to a small building in the style of ancient Chinese architecture, with a floor of 6 square floors and 64 square floors.
Barely enough, and then a group of female artificial people were brought in as officers. The average strength was especially forbearance, that is, endurance was achieved in one aspect of body art illusion, but his ability was still moderate. This is called special endurance.
In this way, Naruto, the most luxurious hotpot restaurant in the world, opened. On average, one person can eat ten bowls of food and enjoy Lamian Noodles, and it is still luxurious and the price is luxurious.
The staff are especially tolerant of a few people, or they are tolerant of arranging luxury. What’s left is food, such as dragon meat and phoenix meat. Everything is real, that is, snakes and chickens are mutated after being processed by faith exchange system.
However, there are no eggs in luxury, and no one comes except Naruto Uzumaki, who is eating rice. I don’t know anything about hot pot!
Why don’t you go soliciting? Ok, let’s do it. Wu Tian made up his mind and went to Huo Ying’s office. He was going to take over the official business. After all, the official is not short of money, that is, making money.
Then Wu’s face was dark, and the office in front of Huo Ying’s office actually locked the door. Is there any law? But this is not important. What matters is where Wu Tian should go to pull people.
Then Wu day left the hokage office and began to hang out in Konoha Village.
"Lord Wu, can you give me an autograph?" When Wu day walked not far from the office of Huo Ying, a beautiful woman in her twenties respectfully said to Wu day and handed a small one at the same time.
Wu Tian was quite happy after he took it. Since Sarutobi Hiruzen died, the villagers will recognize themselves as Sarutobi Asuma, who is the culprit in killing Sarutobi Hiruzen.
Wu day immediately felt an impact after opening. At this moment, Wu day’s eyes began to spin wildly. Two lines of blood and tears flowed down his cheeks. Nagi Wu was just a few seconds, and Wu day’s eyes were already blurred.
Wu day turned to look at the place where the girl was just now. There was no girl thing in situ, but the explosion operator was not so powerful that it could turn people into ashes. It was said that the girl just attacked Wu Tianren.
Wu day again carefully recalled that he didn’t remember the girl’s face. This situation is very strange!
Two people appeared in the blink of an eye near Wu day, wearing animal masks. There is no doubt that the dark part is dressed up. One of the two dark parts said, "Lord Wu just happened, and Lord Huo Ying knows that Lord Huo Ying is now. Please go there."
Wu day in front of it, but his body is still a little staggered. He should say, "Let’s go! Take me to my present situation, as you can see. "
Wu day glanced at the two dark places. They had problems. Wu day had seen this dark place. Their body momentum was wrong. Compared with the general dark place, one of the two dark places was darker. Speaking of it, there was a root that met this characteristic, but the root Wu day had also seen the root. The feeling of personal darkness was much worse than this person.
In another end, there is no ability at all. These two people may be in the same group as the former woman, and Wu Tian did not reveal it. Anyway, there are warships that can’t walk at any time, and there are faith exchange systems and recently accumulated beliefs that can save lives. It is better to go out and fight them head-on
Then two guys dressed up in the dark don’t talk anymore. They walked with Wu Day. As the two guys got faster and faster, Wu Day was taken out of Konoha Village by two people.
Not far from konoha, in a cave, two fake dark places released Wu Day, and two people surrounded Wu Day with a left and a right.
"Now it’s a showdown with you. Hand over the master handle or we can take it ourselves, but it’s not clear if you can live in that case," said Wu Tian, who was threatened by the dark part with dark breath.
"Oh, I’m so afraid of feeling! Come and give me a try, "Wu day quipped when it comes to how beautiful it is to imagine two masks.
"He’s so calm, he should have something to save your life. You should try it." The guy who doesn’t have a mysterious breath said.
"Yes" guy with dark breath should then think about Wu day and then be blocked by Wu day limit Xuanwu shield. What is the limit Xuanwu shield? Come on, turtle shell is limited to Xuanwu shield. How can Wu Tian take such a name as turtle shell?
The dark man’s legs sank and stood still. On how Wu Xuanwu Shield attacked him, he did not move.
"Let me wait for you. Don’t forget that the person who killed you is called crazy war (friend 500 meters giant bit player)."
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