The medical staff murmured, "400 billion tons … isn’t that big?"

"No, not at all," Xiaoyun said. "The mass of 400 billion tons is only one-third of the mass of Pluto … There is an asteroid with a diameter of more than ten kilometers. What impact will such an asteroid have on the sun? -it is not as much as the energy released by a large solar flare. "
"So that’s it." The famous doctor nodded his head and was relieved.
As time goes by, an hour flies by. Due to the interference of sunlight, the detection satellite has captured the real picture of the robot army. The workers have optimized the picture several times and finally managed to see some small black spots.
At this moment, those little black spots merged into the sun one by one and finally disappeared.
Xiaoyun’s thoughts have also drifted to the sun with those little black spots. Although he can really see those scenes, Xiaoyun can imagine that kind of picture.
There is no clear dividing line between the sun and the universe, where the matter will gradually become thinner with the distance from the sun. This is a slow process, and so is the process of the robot falling into the sun. After being close to the sun for a certain distance, the robot will move forward quickly, and they will have severe friction with the outer atmosphere of the sun, and the degree of friction will increase with the proximity to the sun. At the same time, the degree of temperature magnetic interference will increase rapidly, and the robot will eventually die before falling into the sun, and their bodies will continue to move forward and eventually burn the thick solar atmosphere.
Their roots have no chance to go deep into the sun, because the sun’s atmosphere is too thick. In a vague sense, the thickness of the sun’s atmosphere can exceed 1 million kilometers. Even if the coronal layer is not calculated, the number will be 2,000 kilometers, which is still far more than the earth, not to mention the extreme environment there.
Xiaoyun knows the body structure of robots very well. Xiaoyun knows that with the properties of robot body materials, they can’t even wear the corona layer, but they can’t even reach chromosphere, let alone some places.
Exhausted robots will pull out bright fireworks in the sun’s atmosphere and die in splendor. Their impact will not affect the sun except for slightly changing the elemental composition of the sun’s atmosphere.
"They are scattered individuals, and they will all burn the sun’s atmosphere," Xiao Yun said to the doctor. "If they are clustered together … robots in the core area may still have a chance to touch the sun’s surface, which is different from asteroid impact because asteroids are a polymer and robots are not."
The impact lasted only a few minutes. After a few minutes, the monitoring satellite had already photographed the robot, so Xiaoyun knew that this robot army that had almost destroyed the human base … had gone to heaven.
However, the subsequent impact is not over. At most, the second impact from the Mars Robotics Corps will come in one day, at most, the impact from Jupiter Robotics Corps will come in ten days, and Neptune Robotics Corps will come in fifteen days. In these large-scale impact events, there will be small-scale wandering robotic corps hitting several times. After the large-scale impact event, the scattered robots from the outside sun will continue to hit.
The whole impact process may last for years.
It’s not just the sun that will be hit by the robot legion. After the deception plan is implemented, all the stars in the universe will be hit by the robot legion. They will choose the nearest star to hit, which means that the Nanmen Ertianyuan Sirius Luhrmann star … every star system will have an impact event.
Xiaoyun doesn’t know the specific impact of the afterstar, but Xiaoyun knows that … all stars will not be affected by these impacts, no matter how violent they are, the stars will continue to operate according to their own orbits and continue to radiate light and heat as before, as if the impact had never happened.
Robots are demons, but they are also ants. They are not even ants in front of the huge stars.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Death
Xiaoyun’s health is getting worse and worse. After the execution of the deception plan, Xiaoyun didn’t go to accept the doping plan again. Without the drug support, Xiaoyun’s spirit and physical strength were like being taken away, and the whole person collapsed.
The latest physical assessment form of the medical team: Xiao Yun can maintain his healthy spirit as before at most if he continues to receive drug injections, but Xiao Yun has at most five days to live. If he does not receive drug injections, Xiao Yun will be very weak, but he can live for several months to a year.
If the choice is obvious, things have dominated the deception plan and saved the whole mankind. No one wants Xiaoyun to die like this, even if he dies and can live for a few more months.
On the contrary, Xiaoyun doesn’t care about death. Xiaoyun has always looked at life and death very lightly. He hates it more than Xiaoyun. At this moment, he is so weak that he can even travel in a wheelchair. He always thinks about himself normally. Xiaoyun once thought about receiving another drug injection and then spending the last few days of his life in a sober way, but he wants to come to General Cherff and will not agree, so he can.
As time goes by, the great goal of rebuilding the homeland led by General Cherff guides more than one million disabled people to try their best to repair the earth’s ecological environment, and in a few months, they have received initial results. Less land is no longer bleak and yellow, but appears, which means that green fields are full of vitality, dead bones are buried and new life is reproduced.
The atmospheric structure is also slowly being adjusted. If it goes well, it will be restored to its original state in five years, and the marine biosphere is slowly being repaired. Everything is full of hope.
However, Xiaoyun’s life has reached the end of his life. Xiaoyun’s health is getting worse and worse. Now he can even ride in a wheelchair, but he can lie in a bed surrounded by various medical devices.
People are doing their best to delay Xiaoyun’s death, but this day is inevitable after all.
Early in the morning, General Cherff hurried to the ward, and some attending doctors dared not look into General Cherff’s eyes, but shook their heads sadly, and then stepped back. General Cherff’s eyes were a little desperate.
"Did Zhenfa save Xiaoyun?" General Cherff’s words trembled a little. "I can do whatever your medical team needs at all costs … can’t I really save it?"
"General, I’m sorry, we really tried our best," the doctor whispered. "Long-term drug injection has taken away all the vitality of Xiaoyun, and his organs are inevitably weakened. Even hibernation technology can prevent him from dying … we really have no way."
General Cherf’s look darkened.
"If you want to see him … go and see him. He doesn’t have much time," said the doctor.
General Cherff waved his hand and said to the people around him, "You guard the door and I’ll go and see him."
There was no sound in the neat ward except that the medical machine occasionally dripped. General Cherff came to the hospital bed and looked at Xiaoyun, who was trapped in the bed and was dry and thin for a long time.
"Xiaoyun, I’ve come to see you," General Cherff said.
Xiaoyun didn’t respond is eyelid beating slightly.