A purple official in the forefront came out.

"Qi Taitai thing if it’s really a plan that the king of Qi is going to blackmail the court. If I follow his mind, wouldn’t I be bullied? The seven kings may not really dare to be tough instead of compromising this time. "
"If the seven vassals really want to do the opposite?"
Some people questioned
"The imperial court can now enter and cannot retreat!"
Courtiers with different views quarreled.
"Zhao is wrong, you said"
The empress dowager empress calmed down the dispute.
Many courtiers looked at the handsome man before leaving with different eyes, and they knew that the ten-year-old Zhao Xiaogong had such a blessing as soon as possible when he came to see the queen mother reprimanding punishments Shang.
"I see that it is absolutely impossible to cede territory."
Zhao said the wrong words carefully
"Cut five cities today and ten cities every day, and you will die."
"That makes sense!"
The old official who just advocated taking tough measures against the Seven Kings nodded with a smile.
"But if the seven kings really fight against our own people, I’m afraid we’ll die in the end."
The punishments still say that it’s just a change of dynasty to kill the country, but it’s not a death to let the demon court occupy the land where the Terran has been born for generations.
"The palace has made up its mind."
Gao Dayu queen mother suddenly said.
"Please ask the empress dowager to be arbitrary!"
The courtiers immediately went to the palace in a uniform way, according to the queen mother’s centralized statement. Can they discuss or not?
"Six departments are still listening to the order to prepare for the trip today. The Palace will make a southern tour!"
"This …"
Full Chao Wenwu froze in hindsight, and someone immediately jumped out according to the queen mother’s intention.
"Empress can’t risk herself. If the seven kings do, they will seize Jiangnan. If anything goes wrong, it will be over!"
"Jiangnan Jiangbei Mansion is an important place for the imperial court to collect money, food and taxes. Once it falls, the consequences will be unimaginable. This move will not only shock the kings, but also clear up the malpractice of the two places, strengthen the dangerous city and defend the city. You don’t have to persuade them again."
Empress Dowager said slowly that courtiers dare not say more because the terrain of Jiangnan House is really dangerous.
The king of qi can seal the country near the two rivers
This side of the couch has let the tiger sleep for hundreds of years.
"When you leave Beijing after the Palace Year, the ministers of the Privy Council will assist the emperor in supervising the country. Do you have any suggestions?"
There is no objection to her words, and no one will recognize that the queen mother left Beijing, so the emperor will have a chance to regain the political cause. The Privy Council is the devil wears Prada who formed a small court of cronies after dissolving the cabinet that year.
"Draw up another purport"
As the queen mother said, a Tang envoy sitting in the gallery immediately picked up a pen.
"Order the Governor of Jiangnan, Zheng Guogong and Zhao Gan, and the Governor of Liangjiang, the Ministry of Military Affairs, to control the armies of Jiangnan and Jiangbei."
As soon as this order appeared, the civil and military ministers were numb and felt that the Zhao family was worthy of being defeated for 400 years, and this generation was even more burdened by the father.
The Governor of Liangjiang is one of the top ten government officials in Dayu! It is also given special soldiers, which shows that the Zhao family is deeply trusted by the Queen Mother.
This imperial decree directly turned Zheng Guogong into the "king of the south of the Yangtze River" who mastered the military and political affairs of the two governments.
I didn’t say that my father was relegated to Jiangnan because he was restless, did I?’
Zhao wrong increasingly feel the devil wears Prada unfathomable.
"Do you have anything to play?"
Big danger queen mother continued