Too much is shocking!

On the evening of that day, the silent Sect issued a briefing to spread the news all over the world.
The news leaked to everyone’s surprise, and it was confirmed that the first Taidao brother of Tsukiji was too cool in summer this time.
Those indignation, depression and hatred are all
I don’t care what you respect, what race, what power you have!
Taidao three words is strength!
We all talk when we know that this building is the first place. Forget it. We’ll talk about it when we have a chance.
Taidao blocked the five elements in the west, and the heavenly dog pressed Mudaya immortal Mokeshula in the north, and the east enemy wanhua magic clan pressed the five elements in the south. The strength of all the clans was played out, and it was normal for the top cloud heroes to be born one day.
For example, crack day Xuanyuan Daluo Jinxian Jiuyang Yin and Yang Measure Heaven, Zhenyang Tianwu Taiyi Taibai …
These Daimon Masaru factions have done it, that is, who dares to do it?
Therefore, it is also normal for them to continue to look for the first foundation, which is first in Fu Xia Liang’s foundation.
Even if the persimmon in the sky is soft and tender …
However, there is nothing like refining gas first and building foundation first. It is a small realm.
Today’s era is less than 3,650 years ago and 3,650 years later. The first day of the first avatar of the Golden elixir is uncertain!
It’s just that it’s all settled, but it’s only 3,650 years. It’s just a moment for those real bosses.
Yuan Ying, many monks are burning blood every day.
It is common to have a large number of babies and a long layout.
Fu Xia Liang breathed a sigh of relief, and after he came out, he sent out a flying symbol to unite all the people.
Sister Linglong, Sister Qingluan, Sister Linghe, Sister Qingliang, Sister Hazy, Sister Shuling, Sister Qingshuang, Sister Pak Lei …
By the way, there seems to be a master.
Finally, he wanted to think to XinChunFeng also sent a fly.
Someone said in vain
"It’s too cool in summer. I’m Jing Zhen Yun Heng. I’m in charge of your safety.
You are now suffering from both qi and blood deficiency, and your energy consumption is serious. Hurry back to the abode of fairies and immortals to rest and recover. "
Fu Xia Liang is one leng Jing Zhen Yun Heng. This is his grandmaster. Master Huang belongs to his grandmaster.
It’ s really awesome!
Now he is secretly protecting himself?
This is a sound that others can’t hear!
Fu Xialiang saluted and said, "I have seen my father!"
"I didn’t expect Xiao Huang’s child to have a dragon!"
"You hurry back to rest!"
Poor tout, Jiu Zhenjun Huang Jin has never seen …
Fu Xia cool nodded and he was really very tired.
Look at him nodding. Fu Xia Liang has returned to his abode of fairies and immortals.
Direct grandmaster’s casting back to Fu Xia’s cool abode of fairies and immortals will arrive instantly.
A golden spirit appeared in front of him.
"This is the fifth-order heaven and earth spirit cream. Drink it quickly to make up for your vitality!"
Fu Xia cool one leng this five-order spirit of heaven and earth turned out to be to let yourself drink to make up for it?
I can’t get a fifth-order spiritual object for how much I spent before. Now it’s just a mouthful of water to make up for my vitality.
He is very reluctant to part with it, but no matter how good the avatar is, he can’t fall into the root cause. He thinks that he has struggled for promotion in the past five years and said that there are not many hidden dangers.
Let’s drink it all at once.
After drinking it, I immediately felt like bathing in golden light, and Shujin Dan rose.
If it weren’t for the promotion of the law, Fu Xialiang’s direct elixir was double.
Jing Zhen Yun Heng seems to say "No promotion?"
Fu Xia Liang didn’t answer him, but frowned and no one replied.
He couldn’t help but ask, "Did something happen to my master?"
Fu Xialiang didn’t know that Master was going to kill for him, but he knew that someone was going to change himself and asked the room to let himself kill 10 million less.
"It’s your master. On the third day of your accident …"
Jing Zhen Yun Heng spoke slowly about Master Fu Xialiang.
Master was assigned many apprentices, many of whom entered Qing Liu with Fu Xialiang.
Some people stay away from others.
Pak Lei, the elder brother of Li Xumi’s ancient tomb, and his younger sister all went to outland with the broken iron true gentleman.
Hearing this Fu Xia sarcastic statement, he never thought that his cheap master was so heroic.
I was sent to the frontier and could not help but feel a pain in my heart! "
Just then, a flying symbol arrived here.